How Luigi got his moves back

"A look back at the green brother's journey from flutter-jumper to mario clone and back again." - Wii U Daily

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overlordror2014d ago

Glad to see Nintendo giving him front star billing.

KosmoCrisis2014d ago

quite the add-on, redoing all the levels just for Luigi.

3-4-52014d ago

It's a brand new game, that is pretty forward thinking for Nintendo or anybody.

Gamer19822014d ago

The fact luigi is getting pushed just shows how much Nintendo is trying to squeeze every last penny out of the mario series and every franchise. He started as a character for 2 player mario a green mario if you will and now they trying to make him his own character to make more money off him instead of working on new unique IPs.

PopRocks3592014d ago

Or perhaps they're just doing a fun promotion for fans of the character and Mario series as a whole. Just a thought.