The curious case of the missing Wii U games

"A look at how retailers are hurting themselves and Nintendo by treating Wii U games like a red-headed step-child." - Wii U Daily

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jc485732038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

retail stores besides Target always had problems organizing their games. There was lengthy period where I started doing my shopping at Kmart "mainly" because they had this coupon marathon going for the games ranging from 15-30 dollars that you can use towards future purchases. Deals are good, but Kmart had this lady running the department who simply had no idea how to organize the games. I've never purchased anything from Wal Mart because they brand the games with their logos.

KosmoCrisis2038d ago

My Target has had next to no Wii U games exposure aside from a huge section reserved for Skylanders.

Donnieboi2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

The article says: "A look at how retailers are hurting themselves and Nintendo by treating Wii U games like a red-headed step-child."

Oh yes, of course--the retailer, who put space aside for the games in their already crowded stores, and would lose potential profit if it didn't sell, CHOSE to conspire against Nintendo :/

This sounds like it's in line with the kind of crazy stuff Nintendo fanatics like to say (not Nintendo FANS--but the fanatical ones). First they blame everyone who doesn't want to buy a Wii U, then they blame those who make articles that critique the Wii U and bloggers/forums/commenters who are full of skepticism towards the console, then they blame the stores. Lol, aw man I love reading stuff like this lololol.

NastyLeftHook02037d ago

nintendo needs to bring out the first party soon or there screwed.

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PS4isKing_822037d ago

Pretty sad most of the wiiu games available are still the same launch games from last year. Except for a couple of 6 month old ports that have trickled out. I know things will get better eventually with wind waker hd and bayonetta 2 but those games don't even have a release date yet so hopefully Nintendo provides a lot at E3.

Plus there was a story on here a couple of days ago that said a brand new dbz game coming exclusively to wiiu this holiday season so while not huge, is still pretty cool.

admiralvic2037d ago

At least give Capcom / Monster Hunter some credit... regardless of how you feel about the game, you can easily get 100's of hours out of it and the free DLC is constantly giving you new places to go and things to kill. Obviously 1 game isn't enough to save a system (at least not a third party one, I think SSB might be able to turn some tides alone though), but it's 1 exclusive that isn't a port and can last you till something new comes out.

admiralvic2037d ago

For a second there I thought I was reading a Kotaku article @[email protected];;

The sad truth is that plenty of these companies just don't care and is far from unique to the Wii U. Like when I preordered PS All-Stars Battle Royale from BB, it was not only still in the back room on release, it took them an HOUR (60 minutes!!!) to find them. After complaining to them about the situation and getting a discount on a purchase, I found the Vita section of that store was haphazardly arranged. Not only were the games arranged in no logical order, I found the copy of Persona 4 The Golden behind a copy of "Smart As..." and it was under the card for Madden. On another preorder adventure with BB, I picked up Dead Space 3, which was also not stocked when I picked it up, nor were they able to find it in the back room in less than 10 minutes.

Besides Bestbuy, it's far from uncommon to see new releases / bundles stocked slightly before release. Typically the employees will even try to sell you said game if you ask for it, but most times the computer will reject you. I am pretty sure just about everyone has seen / experienced this and honestly, better shelving isn't going to sell a console any hype surrounding it.

Snookies122037d ago

Wow, thought it was just my area. The Bestbuy I go to had games all over the place. Two employees had to go through every single game on the shelves (looking behind and going to other sections and whatnot) to find my game that I was looking for. Took them 20 minutes to find it...

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