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Submitted by Rashid Sayed 955d ago | news

“Next-Gen Consoles Won’t Offer Some of the Things That Make PCs So Appealing” – ARMA 3 Lead

"Project Lead Joris-Jan van‘t Land offers his take on the market for PC games." (ArmA 3, PS4, Xbox One)

Magnagamer222  +   955d ago
This is the same argument the last generation of console systems. That's why they're consoles! to keep comparing them to PC's is ridiculous. PC Gamers love to point the finger at Consoles and call them antiquated. The next console should be made with nano-tech that assimilates new technology so we don't have to cycle every 3-5 years.

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Maddens Raiders  +   955d ago
"Next-Gen Consoles Won’t Offer Some of the Things That Make PCs So Appealing” -
and conversely PC's don't offer PlayStation® exclusives which make it so appealing.
Roccetarius  +   955d ago
Thing is, for every PS exclusive, there are also plenty of PC exclusives. The freedom is much more desirable for devs.
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sengoku  +   955d ago
it's there loss really if they think a 100+ million install base
(over the entire next-gen cycle)
is not worth there time.
then it not worth there time.
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papashango  +   955d ago
no offense but with the entirety of the ps3 install base. The exclusives don't sell well at all compared to Multiplats
hiphopisdead  +   955d ago
here we go... another pc vs console article

I expect such topics to come from fanboy gamers... it's unfortunate when it comes from a fanboy lead developer.
IcyEyes  +   955d ago
I can also add this :

ps no offense ... its only for joke :D
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thechosenone  +   955d ago
"flexibility, tinkering, modding and customization"

didn't I hear the devs saying something about that it because of the level of access that Arma permits with mods that it allows hackers to exploit the game?
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MuhammadJA  +   955d ago
That's the only arguments consoles gamers have: "exclusives" They don't even sell as much as people making them out to be.
SilentNegotiator  +   955d ago
You know that someone is going to retort with a link to a massive list of PC exclusives that are 90% half-baked indie games, right? Every time someone says "(specific) exclusives" as a reason that some people like consoles, someone always does that.

As if someone liking exclusives on one system negates that others like exclusives on another.
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Aaron Colas  +   955d ago
I'm fine with consoles not having the same features a PC offers; otherwise they would all be boring copies of each other.

And honestly, it seems the next gen consoles are very well on the way to warrant their very own appeal.
ijust2good  +   955d ago
Nope, as a console gamer i dont like Arma. Shades of operation flashpoint. Nope, the game has no chance of selling well on the bigger market that is console busines. Console gamer's will not shed tears for this game not coming to console market. It don't even look that good either. I hope i haven't offended PC gamer's. Im just stating my opinion.
Yeah day z could not exist on console. But it could now after pc.

But maybe sony will allow mods? lol Publishers will jump ship maybe. DLC rules all.

"Nope, as a console gamer i dont like Arma. "

I remember when the lead devs literally said Arma is to hardcore for consoles.

Arma3 would sell like crap on console imo.
Needs kill streaks & perks for u guys.

Also as of now pc has the best browser for controllers made by valve.
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Mr_Writer85  +   955d ago
I own a PS3 and I hate kill streaks and perks.

That's like me saying all PC games are shit as they all need mods.

But we both know that isn't true is it?
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   955d ago
User mods are what I find most appealing about pc gaming.
If I could afford it, I'd game on PC, alas I'm too thrifty for that.
That plus nothing beats couch co-op gaming and PC is a bit anti social in that regard.
gazgriff2k12  +   955d ago
mods arnt all there cracked up to be for all the good ones (that eventually become games) there's a ton of crap
cyguration  +   955d ago
Never heard of Big Picture Mode, eh?

You'd be surprised at all the budget priced couch co-op games for PC.

Dungeon Defenders, Borderlands 2, Serious Sam, Trackmania, Shank and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing are just a few games off the top of my head that support couch co-op play.

The more you know...
Magnagamer222  +   955d ago
User mods is what makes games on consoles suck.
sourav93  +   955d ago
So wait, you're saying, if a game does not have MOD support, it sucks by default?

Wow. Said it like a true gamer. /s
Magnagamer222  +   955d ago
I'm saying games that allow or permit mods in competitive play is the reason why gaming on console suck. That's one of the main reasons you don't see cross platform competitive gaming too often. Ex. GOW mods ruin the online experience for truskill gamers.

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Somebody  +   954d ago
nothing beats couch co-op gaming...

Have you heard of LAN parties and Counterstrike? On my last night at my previous workplace, we had a 12 (6v6) players match between the new workers and the old. How can the PC be anti social when I get to meet new people?
Majin-vegeta  +   955d ago
Oh boy this won't end good.

*Slowly backs out of the room*
Gimmemorebubblez  +   955d ago
WARNING: Potentially explosive comment section. When console fanboy atomic particles and PC Nazi's atomic particles collide, it causes a massive chain reaction that blows this little article out of proportion .
sway_z  +   955d ago
"We're all in this thing together...we gonna work it out, we gonna work it out".

Love that song :0)
LOL_WUT  +   955d ago
Sony should add mouse and keyboard support on the PS4 problem solved? ;)
papashango  +   955d ago
If M$ or Sony allowed mouse and keyboard out the gate no restrictions.

I'd probably buy their console.
iPad  +   955d ago
Some games on PS3 allow mouse and keyboard support. Counter Strike is one of them.

Edit: But then again, Counter Strike is a PC game.
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Peanuts110  +   954d ago
Let me correct your spelling....
M$ or $ony......8D
They should stop crippling developers creativity and let them run wild and free...The way things should be.....
Godmars290  +   955d ago
It was on the PS3. And Epic proved that mods could be applied to UT3.

So the problem *WAS* solved, and nothing was done.
Bathyj  +   955d ago
Ive wondered why they dont do this myself. Its not like its a technical issue, they just have to want to do it. It would be a big plus for the shooter crowd and even draw PC gamers into consoles. In fact if one console had it and the other didnt, it would be seen as a big advantage.
gazgriff2k12  +   955d ago
I cant arsed to release my game on consoles so please buy a $1000 pc and play my game please please
sway_z  +   955d ago
Way I see it....

PC gaming is like living in a luxurious mansion.

Console gaming is like living in a nice cosy 3 bedroom house.

....I used to live in a mansion once, but I fell behind on the mortgage :))
sdozzo  +   955d ago
People Only Buy ARMA for Zombies So Shut It.
trenso1  +   955d ago
That's why I bought it I haven't even played the actual game only the dayz mod
talisker  +   955d ago
Modding is a good thing but it also means hackers have an easy job. That's why I prefer a closed ecosystem where I can play competitive MP games and be sure everybody is equal.
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Cirehpsa  +   955d ago
Braid  +   955d ago
That's nothing new. Consoles never did offer some of the things that make PCs the way they are. Gaming consoles have always been focusing on the ease of use, and I don't see that changing in the future.
NegativeCreepWA  +   955d ago
And ARMA and DayZ are full of hackers.
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Kratoscar2008  +   955d ago
Porn games :/
BrianC6234  +   955d ago
PC gaming has more problems than benefits. I use my computer for more important things than gaming. I'm not going to mess it up just to play a game. Every game seems to require hours of work to make the game run properly. On a console you just play the game.
Ducky  +   955d ago
"Every game seems to require hours of work to make the game run properly."

What am I reading?
MikeMyers  +   955d ago
A comment from someone who should just stick with console gaming. It doesn't take hours to get a PC game going. There are so many myths out there it's sickening.

This is what happens when you have a site that covers all platforms. You get your diehard gamers who support system A that will conflict with gamers from system B, C and so on. I don't understand why so many choose sides when we all share the same interests, games.
trenso1  +   955d ago
Maybe he means downloading it cause if that's the case then yes it takes awhile to download and install when you buy digitally but with console you buy the disk pop it in and go
TomSawyer187  +   955d ago
You're reading a comment from someone stuck in the 90's.
Mr_Writer85  +   955d ago
To be fair he has a point.

My mum has a PC that pisses the specs needed to play the Sims3 (I helped her pick it) but it keeps crashing and she doesn't know why. And she isn't tech savy, now I know a bit, but I wouldn't know exactly what to do.

So it's not as easy as 'put disc in tray and start' or click on icon and the game starts. All sorts can go wrong.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   955d ago
Yeah And PC's also don't offer Exclusive games on Wii, PS3 and 360 that makes consoles appealing plus the cheaper price, same multiplat games and more easy to use system just plug and play. yes PC have exclusives also but compared to the exclusives of all 3 consoles. Enough said. I really hate gamers or developers bashing other system. It's like they're pretending that PC's only have pro's. Everything has pros and cons like consoles have pros than PC and vice versa.
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n1ko_117  +   955d ago
I already know that the next-gen consoles won't offer some of the stuff that the PC has, but I am still excited for the PS4! I have a gaming pc, yes it's great but I do miss being able to talk to more of my friends and want to give Sony a chance next-gen. I like the exclusive games on the PC and the consoles.
mrmancs  +   955d ago
he makes obvious valid points , but come now , what console game needs mods when they are more likely near to perfection , finished product to begin with? The fact is pc sales worldwide are down a massive 14% i personally put that down to people sticking with there pc they have had 3 years or so that is still adequate for there use and the constant upgrading of pc or the constant sales pitch for the new and improved chips are not that tempting to the potential buyers any more, and, i am afraid to say, Next gen consoles will bite into pc sales further due to the catch up in graphical finesse which will appeal to the plug and play gamers out there like myself. Good luck with arma 3 sales, but the fact is if it was on console release also they would be getting a much larger money pie return.
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Reefskye  +   955d ago
PC sales are down yeh from companies like Dell, HP etc who the hell buys a gaming PC from these companies, no one PC sales are down for general use not GAMING more PC gamer's build their own rigs or go to places like and overclocks to buy their units at cheaper prices. Using global Retails sales doesn't = PC gaming is dying.

most of these sales are general use sales people are buying tablets instead. any PC gamers who likes to PC game aint trading their PC's in for tablets
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panbit86  +   955d ago
Who cares about the Arma series?
hobohunterz  +   955d ago
People who like walking Sims, who else!
kingduqc  +   955d ago
"flexibility, tinkering, modding and customization"

I think it's pretty big of a deal, console fans don't get but but w/e.
MrDead  +   955d ago
That’s why I own both, it seems that not many game sites or N4G users realise you can do that.
BattleAxe  +   955d ago
The ARMA devs really don't matter. They have yet to make a good game.
Bonerboy  +   955d ago
Hey there console X, want mods?
Sorry cant have em. PC can...One example is Skyrim, there are thousands of mods, many are utterly amazing that make it even more beautiful and a brand new experience, the list of great games and great mods is endless. Sure some suck but at least PC has the options. Sorry console x you get to be the same ol vanilla game over and over again. Booooooring. Oh but wait a new installment is coming so you can pay full price for the same old experience but supposedly "new" game (looking at you CoD) instead of just being able to add a few mods for free and get a new and better experience.

Want new content for free? Nope cant have that either, you have to pay through the ass to Sony and MS.

Want an online community that isnt full of foul mouthed annoying little brats? Nope sorry console x You definitely got that covered. Few and far between on PC. We'll just 'kick' you.

Want to EASILY tweak your settings like pc can? Want to change something simple like your FOV so you can actually see more than 6 inches of environment? Nope, you get to play in the standard ultra-cramped view consoles are famous for. Sorry consoles you get basic and crappy options like 'sound' and 'brightness' Oh boy! Nothing improves a game like these two useless options pfft..That is what the TV remote is for.

Tired of those crappy imprecise thumbsticks for shooters? How about a decent accurate control interface like keyboard and mouse that offers dozens of interface options? Pretty much non-existent for consoles I hear. You can keep your ultra limited imprecise controller. Pc can use it all. choices choices.

How about the same game that you can find on pc for 10-20 bucks more? Alright! Console gamers love PAYING MORE FOR LESS! Its all yours console x.

I could give a shit about the "ps3 or xbox exclusives so consoles are better" weakassed defense. Each platform has them (Even PC has exclusives! wow!) so this argument is moot.

Its just so damned easy to make a pc game so much better than their console counterparts. The options are in PC's favour hands down. (And furthermore one DOES NOT have to upgrade their pc hardware ALL the time to make the same game look better on pc, sorry console x)

When all is said and done it is cheaper for me to upgrade my pc than flush a bunch of money into a console and its abundance of overpriced crap. From overpriced games to "special" peripherals and cables etc etc, consoles soak the shit out of gamers.

I might buy a utterly annoying 'closed architecture' and highly restrictive console again, after a few price drops and if the exclusives actually make it worth the purchase but that remains to be seen.
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LordOfAdmirals  +   955d ago
Skip comment. Sorry
urwifeminder  +   955d ago
I have only got one game this year arma 3 alpha one of the best games ive ever played it takes a long time to learn but is worth it,the amount of mods will be huge best value for money ever next gen consoles wont even come close.
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MAULxx  +   955d ago
I love laying back with a controller & I choose that over sitting in a chair for hours.

I play mostly on console now. I've tried the whole connect your PC to your HDTV & with it looks nice you still have to have some sort of keyboard & mouse option if your actually going to use it.

I can do everything on my console with the one controller.
It's not the best at everything but I can navigate & start up a game & play it with one device.
Also, I'm not a tinkerer, I don't want to have to spend hours figuring out how to get an old game to work.

That said, I love the graphics on PC. I was going to say I loved the freedom too but with games that freedom really is fading away. Steam requirements, uplay, Origin all adds up to a bunch of nonsense & just not worth it.
Not saying consoles aren't leaning that way but it's not that bad.. yet.
Scroticus  +   954d ago
I guess you're not aware that most PC's meant for gaming have HDMI out, right? Because right now I'm laying back, typing this comment.

Origin I have to agree with you on, though. It's a pain in the rear. Steam is less intrusive, and is more of a overseer that everything is running right. Origin is a "Let's see whatcha got downloaded...." type program according to EA. So the Battlefield series is all I get from them now, but ARMA 3 is quickly whisking me away.

You oughtta look at pricing on building your own gaming rig. In the end it's WELL worth it, it's fun to build, and you learn more while you do it.
MAULxx  +   953d ago
Yeah I am aware of it cause mine has one.
I have a gaming PC but prefer to play on my console. The main reason is my back. I had a driving job for years & sat in a truck day after day. I just can't sit very long anymore without my back killing me. I lay back with a controller.

How do you lay back with a mouse & keyboard. Seems to me mouse & keyboard is cumbersome without a desk. I have tried a wireless mini keyboard with a track pad & it worked ok but you just can't beat the console in terms of simplicity & the fact of the matter is that all you need is a controller.

I lay on a bed & play so using a full size kb/mouse isn't prefered. Even though it works, the mini kb/mouse combo really can't be used for games but can be used to start up games that have controller support. On a console I can use one controller to start up a game & every game supports it.

Consoles are much less of a hassle for playing games most of the time. If you wanted to buy Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon (which I do) on steam then you must also deal with Uplay as well. Now if you just buy it on steam without any research then you wouldn't know this but would quickly find out when you went to play your game. Now you have not one but two log ins just to play your $15 game. This is ridiculous to me.
At least on the console I can play the game without even signing in th uplay or XBL.
It's really not too much of a hassle to open steam it is a bit depressing that I'm required to run it just to play a game. I've bought a few games on steam that would not run on my system. They might would run if I wanted to spend hours googling & reading forums & tinkering but I don't.

So, for me, console = ease of use & the controller facilitates me laying down & many different positions which is more comfy for my back.

PC = beautiful graphics & smoother gameplay.
Cumbersome for my desired playing position.
May require tinkering.
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DivineAssault  +   954d ago
PCs arent appealing to me.. I like home consoles much better.. Sure the graphics wont be as nice but i like buying, selling, trading my games.. I also like the exclusives they get MUCH more than PC.. The PC can keep ARMA 3, ill be playing much more than that with my PS4.. Plus it seems as if blizzard may be jumping back into the home console market

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