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Hands-on with The Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2 - the surprise 3DS sequel - Pocket Gamer

Pocket Gamer's Kristan Reed writes: "The arrival of any new Zelda game is always guaranteed to send millions of diehard fans squeeing in unison. The arrival of an official sequel to 1991's legendary Link To The Past might well have caused a dangerous serotonin overload. And at Nintendo's hand-on event today in London, we got an unexpected early opportunity to sample one of the game's levels ahead of the title's release, later this year". (3DS, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2)

Starfox811  +   953d ago
Actually can't wait for this!
swice  +   953d ago
Oh my god....YES
maniacmayhem  +   953d ago
This is probably the most exciting news I have seen in a while. Seriously I cannot praise Link to the Past enough. I LOVE this game, if this was for the WiiU I would pick up a WiiU at this very moment just to play this game.
playapride  +   953d ago
looks like ima have to buy a 3ds now hope its a good a classic as the first
InTheZoneAC  +   953d ago
what a simple concept to convince me to buy a nintendo

bring back some great classics that stay true to form and make a new one

I will buy a 3DS just for this game

Hey nintendo, if you want me to buy a wii u then release a full fledged pokemon game that plays just like the handhelds

and do another donkey kong, contra, battletoads, double dragon, side scroller metroid, etc.
eagle21  +   953d ago
It's getting purchased. ;p
MooseWI  +   953d ago
Oh man, getting a 3DS now..
ps3_pwns  +   953d ago
this is what real zelda fans wanted all along instead of that phantom hour bs crap that people defended crap touch to attack crap while i bashed those crappy zelda games. now you guys will see a real zelda game. if you guys stop acting like you like every crappy nintendo game that nintedo messes up on and doesnt do the series justice then maybe we would get more games like lttp 2 instead of zelda spirit tracks and paper mario sticker star. i want real paper mario not that crap game. you people need to know when to get pissed at nintendo and tell them to make the game how u want it. thats why we getting lttp 2 and thats why they pushed pikmin 3 release date back so they can make the changes we want them to make. you cant blindly just be like the game will be cool because its nintendo just because u a fanboy you got to say why a games looks dumb or plays dumb every time so nintedo can learn.
swice  +   952d ago
If this goes well, maybe they will give other older franchises this treatment

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