Capcom Cancels Games, Plans to Sell More DLC, Shifts Development Back to Japan

Do you think Capcom sells too many DLC? Well, too bad, because if the documentation following the Earning Forecast Revision released today is to be believed, we’re going to see more of them, and that's not all.

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booni31734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

The answer to the sales shortcomings? Selling even more DLC. Capcom never ceases to amaze.

Abriael1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

they're increasing Japanese development, not cutting it back.

That's the only good part of it all (IMHO), now for the rest..

aCasualGamer1734d ago

Agree with you. Increasing Japanese development is a good thing.

Hopefully, they'll go back to the glory days of RE 1, 2 and 3.

Qrphe1734d ago

I don't care about the DLC since I wouldn't be buying most likely, however, this is the best bit out of all the news.

miyamoto1734d ago

Its about bloody time they go back to their roots.

Zezo1734d ago

Soon we'll have to purchase DLC to access the second half of a game,ridiculous capcom.

GamersRulz1734d ago

Going back to Japan = higher game development costs(leading to higher sales estimates) increasing loss probability = loss for Capcom = happy gamers


sobekflakmonkey1734d ago

I love how people disagreed with GamersRulz, when in all reality that's the truth, and I find it funny that people like aCasualGamer think that they're gonna go back to the glory days of RE 1,2 and 3 when in all probability their games are just gonna get worse, you have to remember that a majority of their games have been made by Japanese devs in Japan, the only time people admitted (or just started saying they sucked) is when they gave them to western devs, but to be honest, I liked the new DmC, and I'm gonna be pretty disappointed if it doesn't return...that being said, I can only HOPE that the next RE is decent, because 6 was absolute garbage.

tee_bag2421734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )


I disagree because he states opinion and amature logic as fact.
Going back to Japanese development doesn't mean higher costs!

showtimefolks1734d ago


When some of the biggest talents in Japan have left for western publishers why are you so excited about Japan development? Unless I am missing a point

Japanese development is lost and still live in the past

Also some of these Japanese Publishers like Capcom and SE need to bring their expections down, they release a game than expect it to be the best selling game of all time

Tomb raider selling 3.4 million at launch is considered bad when most games don't get to those sales lifetime, maybe manage your budget better during development

Ans please please please truly understand what your fans want instead of forcing crappy games down our throats

SE you want to make money here is an idea

FF7 remake
Kingdom hearts 3
Where is dues ex sequel?
Stop releasing bad HD collection like the upcoming KH 1.5 why not make it simple one collection has KH1-2 and the next one other games?

Also HD collection or sequel yo legacy of Kaine could help too

Capcom stop trying to rip off your consumers with bad DLC,

And capcom fanboys yes there are bunch of you on every site, realize the fact capcom has fallen off from grace and have done a lot wrong.

Asura wrath is a good game but guess what the actual ending can only be achieved via DLC, what gives? How does that makes sens?

Only Kojima understands when it comes to Japanese developers and also platinum games

MattS1734d ago

@tea_bag242 actually it does. The strength of the Japanese yen means for export-heavy businesses (such as Japan's game development industry) to product content internally is more expensive than in markets where the currency is depressed (such as the US and Europe).

Capcom was essentially outsourcing to reduce cost. It didn't work and so it's stopping that practice. Which is fair enough, but it does mean more expensive development cycles for Capcom.

sinjonezp1734d ago

If they can provide quality dlc while keeping the price down, I do not see an issue with it. Capcom needs to focus on quality products so people would want to even consider DLC.

DeadlyFire1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

This to me means that old Capcom is coming back to the surface.

EA is returning to its roots as well with a new CEO to be on board soon. Guy running things now is the former one that led during EA's PS1/PS2 era pretty much from EA's good old days.

Square Enix I don't know. Hopefully they see the light of day as well. For a reboot Tomb Raider has exceeded all other reboot games. Which makes it the most successful reboot ever. Sales expectations are on par if that game was a sequel, but to be a first title in a new series 3.4 million is no small number. Sequel could hit 5+ million easy on next gen. They definitely made a profit from Tomb Raider.

Capcom outsourcing games = less sales and profit due to bad game direction and decisions. If they have longer cycles and higher costs and earn 3 times as much money with better games for the consumers then its worth it to keep them that way with maybe only 1 IP licensed out every now and then. Not all of them.

Winter47th1734d ago

I didn't support Capcon this gen because of their DLC policy so their answer is more DLC? They'll go THQ soon.

ThanatosDMC1733d ago

Yay! Crash and burn Capcom! Hopefully they learn something. Though releasing more DLCs isnt right.

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Godmars2901734d ago

What would be amazing: people NOT buying the DLC. Or rather not enough of them buying it so that it fails to make a profit.

admiralvic1734d ago

No, what would be amazing is if fans didn't defend awful DLC. I never thought I would see anyone say it was okay for Gearbox to sell the level cap increase, simply because "it was free with season pass".

Root1734d ago

This is hillarious...

I mean it's good they are not going to outsource their games anymore (hopefully) but they can't admit that DLC was their main problem, cutting stuff out of their games to sell later. Come on Capcom

Capcom are like Square Enix or most Japanese developers...they can't admit when something has failed or is p****** off their fanbase, instead of fixing it they decide to do it more to try and get us to warm up to their ideas or decisions.

Sqaure Enix with Lightning and FF13

Capcom with trying to please both audiences in Resident Evil and trying to make each game more action like

It's what's ruining them....they're ignorance and arrogance

vallencer1734d ago

I knew you'd be here root i'ts the only reason i clicked on this article :). Hi how are you?

I wouldn't call them ignorant or arrogant. They are more than likely just doing things they feel are right and they haven't panned out like they though and at least they can admit it and cut back on things they are doing.

Root1734d ago

Awww Vallencer defending Capcom


<pinches cheek>

zerocrossing1734d ago

The real problem is that Capcom are morons, they weren't always mind you it's just that most of their talent have either left or jumped ship, so they are all in a fluster to keep their populer franchises going even though those who originally created them (i.e. the talented ones) are no longer present.

rainslacker1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

For the longest time I thought that them selling DLC the way they did was not going to return as much as just turning out a quality game. Maybe more profitable considering development costs, but overall, if people don't buy the games in the first place, they aren't likely to buy the DLC either.

Sadly, it seems that for them to come to this decision, there must be a lot of people buying the DLC. I know we scoff at it on a daily basis, but realistically, Capcom wouldn't be going this route if they didn't see a significant return on DLC content.

Turning out the new games(whether existing IP or new) doesn't seem to return the profit that they more than half according to this article.

I'm not sure if this new route is the way to go though. It seems that if they trimmed development budgets and still put out stellar games, maybe with some DLC worth buying(ie. not nickel and dime crap like they do now), then sales would rise.

Capcom games used to be something to look forward to. While they still have a few gems here and there this gen, I can't say that I've ever eagerly anticipated anything that they have or are releasing. Real shame that considering some of the talent they have in their Japanese studios.

I find it rather ironic that the Japanese devs doing well this gen are the ones that have stayed true to their roots, and continue to provide the things that their fanbase wants. Namco seems to be doing well, and they even manage to have Micro-transactions that aren't annoying. Some smaller devs just continue to do what they do, and seem happy with modest profits that their current fan base provides, while also gradually bringing in new fans. Gust or Falcom for example.

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Blaze9291734d ago

i hope to gawd one of those cancelled games wasn't a new Onimusha...

gaffyh1734d ago

I hope so too, anyone who disagreed with you is an idiot.


you say that but the thing is given capcoms record this gen, do you really want them making another Onimusha ? I mean do you think it will be the same Onimusha ?

I would rather they not make the game, let them suffer and come to their senses and then when they have got their act together let them make a real Onimusha game on next gen systems.

I would not trust capcom in its current state to make an Onimusha game that is worthy of it's title!

wolokowoh1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

It is obviously those Megaman games they announced. Capcom loves to troll Megaman fans and hate on Inafune these days.

j-blaze1734d ago

DLCs don't bother me, the only problem was them outsourcing their franchises to western devs man i'm so glad it got solved! Japanese made games should always be made by Japanese

grailly1734d ago

it only bothers me when I end up buying it, I feel so dirty after D:

I only bought their asura's wrath DLC and I was so angry when I did.

BozoLoco1734d ago

When CoD releases a game every year, we all bitch and moan and say, "why can't they just release it as DLC for the old game!?!?"

Now Capcom wants to release DLC to expand an already-popular experience, rather than release a full-priced sequel, and it's, "Capcom never ceases to amaze me."

Gamers can be such entitled pricks.

-GametimeUK-1734d ago

Whilst I agree, Capcom have put themselves in a position where it is hard to look they are doing something credible.

IAmLee1734d ago

The majority of the DLC is probably already on disc too... :')

SnakeCQC1734d ago

tbh vergils downfall was pretty good i mean as long as their doing dlc that actually extends to story etc and not costume packs im happy

manjizz19951733d ago

Capcom never ceases true but it will eventually fail.

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taz80801734d ago

Selling more DLC? Don't they make enough off of ripping gamers off already. I guess not. :/

Apocalypso1734d ago

Makes no sense, if few people bought the game, who's gonna buy the DLC?

Knushwood Butt1734d ago

Bub up for, 'Intelligent'. Makes perfect sense.

Knushwood Butt1734d ago

What I mean is, your comment makes perfect sense.

I posted before my morning caffeine....

papashango1734d ago

Would be nice to think that way but in reality if they are upping the DLC it just means people are buying it. A LOT of it.

I blame the idiots buying it and not Capcom.

Myst-Vearn1734d ago

Outsourcing was always a bad idea. Even new IP that they developed in-house like Dragon's Dogma was better than DmC .

thirtyandnerdy1734d ago

I <3 Dragon's Dogma. I was a little peeved that they decided to essentially resell it in order for fans to grab the Dark Arisen content ($40 vs $60, yes), but after selling it off and putting the cash towards a Dark Arisen reservation, it's only gonna cost me about $20, which I would have paid for DLC anyway.

Long story short: Yeah, DD is awesome, I I hope the upcoming "version" of it helps generate an even larger fan-base for the title.

Hanso1734d ago

I will get Dark Arisen because i skipped the first Version. I knew Crapcom was gonna make a super ultra GotY Gold Edition again xD

And i even got from my friend his Dragons Dogma Save file so i can grab these extra Items with my game then :D

Xandet1734d ago

DD is the best new IP they've released in nearly a decade. While the game had its fair share of flaws (poor storytelling and character development in particular), it made up for in bar-none the greatest open-world combat I've ever experienced. The pawn system was brilliant, as was the element of a day/night cycle that influenced gameplay and tone. If Capcom really dedicated some resources to a sequel it could be a mega hit. All they'd need to do is improve the storyline, continue to bolster the pawn system, and, most importantly, implement co-op.

kagon011734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

I don't worry about it, to me the company is already dead...

Autolycus881734d ago

Glad they decided to wake up and stop pretending to be what they are not. They can keep their dlc too while they are restructuring.