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God of War, Twisted Metal creator, David Jaffe, doesn’t understand game journalism

GZ's Josh Wirtanen writes: "David Jaffe is a man who’s carved out a pretty important piece of video game history, having his hand in phenomenal game series like Twisted Metal and God of War. So, on some level, I respect the man, if for no other reason than that he’s kind of a big deal in the industry. But sometimes, he just flat out makes it impossible for anyone to take him seriously." (David Jaffe, Industry)

maniacmayhem  +   685d ago
The guy should seriously just stop talking and maybe I don't know...produce a game.
VonBraunschweigg  +   685d ago
Yeah, less talk more work would be better for all of us. But this guy just loves games like we do, only difference he created God of War, we only played it. So if we can bitch about videogames 24/7, so can he.
maniacmayhem  +   685d ago
I understand, but his bitching and complaining is becoming whining and nauseating.
Spend this time making a killer game instead of blogging and tweeting.
This concern about game journalism I feel is so misplaced especially with the bigger problems of the video game industry like huge companies over budgets and over staffing of AAA titles that bomb.

I guess how I really feel is "Get over yourself Jaffe and bring out another hit instead of looking for hits."
VonBraunschweigg  +   685d ago
I would like him to come up with a new killer like God of War or Twisted Metal as well. With a cool name. I mean Twisted. Metal. God of...War! Gotta hand it to him:)

But I know what you mean. I think his blogging and tweeting only takes little of his time, and that he's using the rest to come up with a new hit and that he's twisting his mind right now on that new awesome name to match the new awesome gameplay...at least I hope:)

It's just we never get to read about that. So I don't mind him tweeting & blogging, I usually like his opinion, but I agree, perhaps a bit more focused on his own work, his new game would be better. It's N4G, not housewifes.

So I hope he's quitely developing his next game, but have no clue for who or what. And if he isn't working on anything we need to take matter into our own hands. Now that we've become a PS fanboy infected stronghold over the years and a powerfull force to be reckoned with, can't we demand a budget for this guy somewhere?

I demand a budget for David!
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admiralvic  +   685d ago
While I don't agree he has the RIGHT to complain, but his complaints are treated different than the average consumer.

Unlike most of the people that complain, he can ACTUALLY make something of a difference. He has the status and the knowledge to do so, which is something most complainers lack. So when someone like him complains, it is looked at a little harsher than some guy on Gfaqs being angry.
Enemy  +   685d ago
Never mind this nonsense! That's Kratos in a fedora!
cleft5  +   685d ago
Tell you what, when you produce something on the level of Twisted Metal or God of War, than you can start saying that David Jaffe needs to get over himself.
maniacmayhem  +   685d ago
I have done my own levels of excellence and spouting BullSh** no matter what you have done or accomplished in the past doesn't give you a free pass. So I think i am more than qualified to tell him whatever.

How about he come up with another game now that is on the level or surpasses the greatness of the original God of War and Twisted Metal:Black instead of complaining on blogs.
rainslacker  +   685d ago
I don't understand. First off, I found his idea kind of dumb, and impractical for many of the reasons stated in this article.

However, his reasons for having this idea were no different than what many people on here say every day. The tired routine of shifting through crap articles to find the good ones is a problem in the community, and by extension the industry. While we may understand why it's done, it doesn't make the routine any more tolerable.

Why is this guy not allowed to express his opinion to the community? Are we some sort of slave drivers that have a mentality that his only purpose is to create the content that we consume for our enjoyment?

I personally do care what his opinion is. He is a very influential game developer, and as such his thoughts on a topic do hold more weight to me than any random user on here. I may not agree with them, but I believe he does have the right to express them...the same way I believe anyone on here has the right to express their opinion...even if I don't agree with it.

This guy creates games. Games that we all enjoy. If he wants to take a few moments, or a few hours, or a few days to formulate an opinion and put it out there, I believe he is more than entitled to given what he has given us gamers over the years, and he should not be dismissed so readily.
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sypher  +   685d ago
I actually think Jaffe understands journalism much more than most of these 'game journalists'. Increasingly journalism is turning into basic PR for companies. With journalists all trying to please publishers, developers and platforms in the hope of gaining 'exclusive' tidbits of info.

That is PR, not journalism. You are meant to be scrutinizing all those whom 'pay' you to the nth degree. As you are meant to be the consumers (us) best friend. Our gateway of what we should be focusing on.

Instead it has turned into little more than a lapdog industry for whomever pays.

What Jaffe is offering is no different than a Pulitzer prize, except aimed just at the games industry. When the very people you are trying to scrutinize, are offering up idea's of how to improve an industry which is meant to be 'against' them you know something is wrong.

The point of would be to make 'games journalists' compete. As developers do, to become the best they can be. A competing industry creates much better content and in turn a more knowledgeable consumer base.

And don't get me wrong. This is happening to the world of journalism as a whole. It's all going down the toilet.
hardcorehippiez  +   685d ago
i agree , in this world nowadays people would rather discredit someone to make themselves look better rather than doing quality work of their own that builds their own rep and it is so sad. not a bit of wonder why everyone in the world hates and distrusts everyone else .
rainslacker  +   685d ago
I think the word your looking for is "integrity". There is an apparent lack of it today in journalism as a whole, and gaming journalism particularly.

There are good ones out there who don't play the lap dog, but how often do you see their stories up in the heated section of N4G. On top of that, how many of them would even create their work differently because of this reward? Book writers don't set out to win the Pulitzer, they create their work because it is their passion.

The truth is, the news in general, is rather boring, because in truth, life is rather boring. The need to entice a populace so hell-bent on being entertained instead of informed has allowed companies to use the press as their lap dogs. We as consumers(mostly) allowed it to happen. It's reciprocal, and while many have great disdain for these practices, the majority seem to far outweigh the sensible.
RandomDude655  +   685d ago
Look at dog poo....
Look at Games "journalism"...
I understand
VonBraunschweigg  +   685d ago
Pooch took a dump on your monitor again?
grassyknoll  +   685d ago
The thing is, it's rarely journalism, it's just regurgitate press releases or flamebait articles. Eurogamer & Edge are about the only websites to get interesting thought provoking pieces.
cleft5  +   685d ago
This is precisely the problem and Jim Sterling is the king of flamebait articles/reviews. The problem is that he is a respected game journalist, yet he releases reviews and articles that are primary intended to draw a bunch of attention to him and the site he works at by using the most outlandish statements.
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kevnb  +   685d ago
the only website I actually enjoy is giant bomb. Everything else is just the same bs with a different template.
cleft5  +   685d ago
Jaffe's idea isn't bad. But it does kind of assume that the only barrier to good journalism is money. I don't think all journalist are created equally and some of them are constantly positioning themselves for the next big thing. Of the journalist he listed, I would only think that Garnet Lee is the actual good one. The others are big names, but not anyone I would trust.

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