Details on next Call of Duty “should be here no later than E3″

Activision is due for a new Call of Duty reveal soon. For the past few years, the company has announced new entries anytime between late April and mid-May, with a more proper blowout taking place at E3.

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Plagasx2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

Who cares.

The sooner CoD dies, the better for the industry.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2066d ago

You do.

Or else you wouldn't of wasted your time crying about COD. Ya, because millions of game sales, and millions of people that enjoy something is so bad for the gaming industry.

Go play Angry Birds.

claterz2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

If it wasn't CoD it would be something else in it's place. People like you would always hate it no matter what it was because it's popular. Activision aren't doing anything wrong other than giving millions of gamers exactly what they want.

By the way I don't actually play CoD but I hate seeing people on here go on about how it's ruining the industry. There are loads of other games to play other than CoD, and if developers try to appeal to CoD's audience then that's their problem for being stupid.

Rai2066d ago


wonder if it'll come out for the next generation of consoles.

iGamerZero242066d ago

I just don't care about COD any more this gen to be honest , I'm enjoying the rest of great games this year and then I'm focused on PS4 , Next Xbox and so on ! COD has become Madden to me , hopefully they add the rumored duck n cover shooting feature that's on the PC version and so on......just over the yearly iteration as AC is falling into the same stale rehash year after year

outsider16242066d ago

well, if its next gen COD, then i care! otherwise black ops2 for me, for now.

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