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Submitted by Phil32 1030d ago | opinion piece

How the PlayStation 3 Beat Out the Xbox 360 and Won Over Our Hearts

SuperPhillip Central writes, "Now, we know what you're thinking. 1) Sales between the PS3 and 360 are very close, so we cannot say with a straight face that the PS3 beat out the 360. That's not what we mean when we say Sony's system beat out Microsoft's, and 2) Saying a gaming system won over our hearts is incredibly lame and something a fan-thing would say. We are most certainly not fan-things at SuperPhillip Central, but saying "won over our hearts" was the briefest way to put that the PlayStation 3 was a console we used to not care about to one that we now cannot get enough of. To go back to point #1, what do we mean then when we say that the PlayStation 3 "beat out the Xbox 360"? That's an excellent condition, so let us elaborate." (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Microsoft, PS3, Sony, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Xbox 360)

Muerte2494  +   1030d ago
The PS3,...
While not being Sony's ps2, managed an incredible feat the generation. Those doom and gloom articles where every from 2007-2009 with this "is this the year of the ps3?" headline. Outselling your closest competitor at a higher price point and launching a year later is definitely something to take pride in.
wenaldy  +   1030d ago
God bless PS3 and her successor..
Army_of_Darkness  +   1030d ago
I have one issue with my PS3...
sometimes my pS3 c@ck blocks me cause it makes me forget that my GF is next to me, which means no booty afterwards:-(....
--Onilink--  +   1030d ago
well yes and no, even though the PS3 launched a year later and with a higher price, Sony(and Nintendo) have a huge advantage over Microsoft with the fact that they have an extra territory (a very successful one also) that Microsoft will never have no matter what they do.

So just as we should praise Sony for what they were able to achieve launching a year later and higher price, we could also praise MS for matching PS3 sales without a very large marketplace
--Onilink--  +   1030d ago
well its not like I wasnt expecting a bunch of disagrees for that comment on this site, but seriously people. Just in Japan Sony has an advantage of 7-8mill consoles, Nintendo has an even bigger advantage over MS.

And its not like they didnt try to do something over there is Japan, its just not going to happen for MS, and that is a disadvantage
ado908  +   1030d ago
Okay... But you can say the exact same for the ps3 and the U.S. so it balances out
--Onilink--  +   1030d ago

Well not really, the PS3/PS2/PS1 were all very successful in the US and they actually have higher sales in the US than in Japan.

In Japan its more of a cultural thing, they simply prefer Japan made products. In the US or other countries for that matter that is not really an issue
CEOSteveBallmer  +   1029d ago
So if we are going to follow your logic that sony and nintendo fares well in japan because it is its homeland, Then same can be said for Microsoft in the U.S. and still nintendo and sony managed to get a very big fanbase there. Bottomline is "All of them are on equal footing". but still sony and nintendo won because microsoft cant get a very big fanbase in japan.
oldassgamer  +   1029d ago
"...they have an extra territory (a very successful one also) that Microsoft will never have no matter what they do..."

I agree that Sony and Nintendo have an advantage in the Japanese market, but you can't say that it's an extra territory when MS has access to the same market.

MS has full access to the Japanese market, but has failed to deliver a product that is appealing to the Japanese buyer.
ado908  +   1029d ago
Griever took the words right out of my mouth so yes what he says
loulou  +   1030d ago
going from one generation where you sell 20m a year to a generation where you sell 12 - 13m a year can hardly be considered a victory!

then take its competitor. which went from a generation where it sold 5 - 6m a year, to 10 - 11m a year..

now tell me which company is the most pleased?

also, who honestly thought that the ps3 wouldn't destroy the xbox 360 is less than 2yrs,
NastyLeftHook0  +   1030d ago

what you said was so true.

anyways its about the games and i know who has them in spades. my little japanese sony ps3.
TheTwelve  +   1029d ago
Don't forget Sony getting hit by a nuclear earthquake and the Anonymous hacking that took a month overcome.

deanobi   1030d ago | Spam
josephayal  +   1030d ago
PS3 won my heart right after 360 did
Knight_Crawler  +   1030d ago
My heart belongs to Jesus...and bacon :)
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   1030d ago
PS3 has had my heart since day 1!!!! Just like the PS4 will lol
_QQ_  +   1030d ago
Consoles don't win my heart, only Games can do that.
Williamson  +   1030d ago
It did it with a lot of games.
CerebralAssassin  +   1030d ago
Neither console is a ripoff. Ps3 certainly isn't because it has free online play. Which has gotten much better over the years. I'd still play my Xbox over my ps3 any day of the week but that's personal preference. I don't mind paying for my Xbox live and I don't feel ripped off in the slightest. I still feel like ps3 should have had a better start then it did but at this point that's pretty much irrelevant.

Add on: and the ps3 doesn't bring anything to the table to win my heart in the slightest. The ps3 is my biggest disappointment from them.
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kreate  +   1030d ago
- comment no. 1 -

i enjoyed reading ur comment until ur add-on comment came into play.

"Add on: and the ps3 doesn't bring anything to the table to win my heart in the slightest. The ps3 is my biggest disappointment from them."

while my disagreement to ur comment is irrevelant, but to say that ps3 didnt bring anything to the table is pure ignorance. and if u dont understand why that is considered ignorant, than i really dont think u gave the ps3 a chance or ur xbox fanboy with closed ears.

- comment no.2 -

i dis-agree with this article to a degree. i live in america, the country where most of the xbox fanboys live, and sony didnt win very many hearts here with the ps3.
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CerebralAssassin  +   1029d ago
Well I didn't really care to go into detail why I felt that way. But since u seem to think I'm narrow minded I guess I will. I know that a lot will disagree with me. I'm ok with that. I stand by my disappointment in the ps3. I never once said I didn't like Sony or the playstation. Quite frankly at one point I loved playstation. I played the hell out my ps1 and ps2. Ps3 rolled around I was excited as anyone else. At the time I already owned a 360. Which was awesome. I owned 360 since day 1. I knew what it could do. What it couldn't. Worked great for me. Then the ps3 came out. A year later. I expected for it to take over the market. It was Sony. Why would you expect less. The. You saw games that were released for it. Then u saw the games that were on both systems and how the Xbox version most the time was better (Let's not split hairs here).
Everyone's argument for ps3 being relavent at the time was free online play. The online play was shit. Don't deny it. It was on par with the original Xbox. In some ways it still is despite the upgrades. Then everyone talked about bluray. Who the fuck cared about bluray back then? Sure its great now but Bluray movies were $40 then. Not a selling point. Not even a little. Most people didnt even have a tv to even take advantage of it. Especially someone of my age at the time of 16-17. The technology was too new and too expensive for being a graphical upgrade and nothing more. Ps3 is and will always be overrated in my eyes and nothing can be said otherwise. Not while something as simple at party chat is stil MIA.
All the PS3 is, is a stepping stone to something much better like the Ps4. So maybe you shouldn't be so quick to point fingers and accusing me of being a fanboy because you don't know shit about me.
kreate  +   1028d ago

Ur 2nd comment is talking about how u felt in 2006 when u felt blu ray was irrelevant and psn sucked and how u were a poor 16-17 yr old kid.

How do u know psn sucked in 2006 when u couldn't afford to get one?
Yet, u could afford to get a 360 on day 1 and pay for gold?

Ur original comment isnt talking about a launch ps3. Ur telling us ur feelings towards the ps3 now which is 2013. And ur 2nd comment is talking about how u felt about the ps3 capabilities of 2006.

Ur suppose to state ur reasoning behind ur original comment. We already know what the state of the industry was in 2006. In 2006, the 360 died out from RRoD and scratching ppl's disk MS was getting hit by multiple lawsuits.
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monkey602  +   1030d ago
Blu ray discs, built in wifi and hdmi are all things the ps3 brought to the table.. The 360 pioneered the achievement systems and both consoles are now stronger for these
stvn_k26  +   1029d ago
haha you dude are hilarious! As a xbox360 and ps3 owner I gotta say that PS+ was the biggest achievement that Sony brought to the table. The xbox360 is just a copy-paste of the ps3 (one just has to take a look at the 360 slim model), MS is just playing catch-up with Sony; that's why they have never wun a generation, not even this one they were supposed to. And do you wanna know what the xbox360 pioneered with? RROD, there you have it!
GamerElite  +   1030d ago
@ CerebralAssassin-
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violents  +   1030d ago
Playstation from day one!

Microsoft never had a chance with me, I don't like the company, the owner or their business practices and if I can avoid supporting MS in any way I will. Paying off publishers for timed exclusives because you cant keep up with the tech, paying even to go online at all, sub par equipment, the list goes on and on, and I haven't even touched on MS's PC operating systems. No way MS is just not for me.
matrixman92  +   1030d ago
sony pays off publishers for exclusives and timed exclusives....bf3 and the AC series being the big two they have
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violents  +   1030d ago
Ive seen way more of this type of thing from MS than sony. And that kind of thing never was a big issue until MS started doing it to nearly every multiplat game.
CerebralAssassin  +   1029d ago
You can't just sit there and call a party foul on MS buying exclusive rights then try to back pedal and try to justify PS doing the same by saying MS does it more. That's just childish.
violents  +   1029d ago
Im not trying too, I honestly dont ever remember seeing stuff like that from sony until it started to happen on 360 for like every other multiplat game, MS was getting timed exclusive on like every COD, skyrim, RE6, TMNT, homefront, gta4, and tomb raider. PS3 has BF3 and AC3, two relatively new games, its obvious MS's tactics forced sony to pull the same dirty tricks MS have been doing for years. Look it up man, you can't deny the facts.
#8.2.1 (Edited 1029d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
violents  +   1029d ago
honestly just go on google right now and type in "timed exclusive", go ahead, I'll wait

Like 99% of the articles say xbox 360 gets timed exclusive for X game.

Now I think I am being being childish. LOL
Kietz   1030d ago | Immature | show | Replies(2)
Karpetburnz  +   1030d ago
I got a PS3 day 1 and will be getting a PS4 day 1 awell. Playstation will always have a special place in my heart.
o-Sunny-o  +   1030d ago
PS3 249.99$ vs Xbox 360 99.99$
Funny PS3 out sells Xbox in most parts of the world at 2 and a half times the price...enough said.
lovegames718  +   1030d ago
Wheres Kayle aka micro milker.....

Of course Ps3 took my money. I would never support a company that cheaps out on hardware and then rushes it out knowing the whole time they were shipping faulty hardware that would die out shortly after the one year warranty. Ppl had to spend hard earned money on new ones or deal with the grief of shipping it back. Its beyond me how anyone would even support this. They screwed all these consumers for the first 4 years just because they wanted to beat Sony to the market yeah i see where the consumer loyalty comes into play lol hahahahaha

You have fanboys like Kayle on here spitting gibberish and lies about Sonys hardware for ps4 (meanwhile all the devs are ecstatic by it lol) yet your crappy system of choice would die out the first 13 months of its life hahahahaha Yeah keep thinking Micro is going to give you these high end parts in their hardware. What they are going to give you is a cable box foremost, then a kinect shovelware outputter and lastly a game system and thats now how things should be.
MonkeyNinja  +   1030d ago
I always to try to be as objective as possible, and despite the risk of sounding like a Sony fanboy, I have to agree with you. You just said what I've always wanted to say for years now, but didn't bother because fanboys are deaf to reason.

+ Bubble
Phil32  +   1030d ago
We're already getting comments on the site from very angry (most likely fanboys of other consoles) gamers. And some of you wonder why this industry isn't taken seriously when we have people who get their pants in a wad over something that isn't for once a negative article in the game industry.

EDIT: And this article's intention was not to make people angry for the minority that is. Sorry about that.
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SlapHappyJesus  +   1030d ago
I take it you are referring to Kietz.

If so, seems to be commentary regarding this site. Not fanboyism.
#13.1 (Edited 1030d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Phil32  +   1030d ago
No, I am referring to commenters on SPC. Kietz is just fine. He didn't call anyone names, act fanboy-ish or be totally disrespectful.
from the beach  +   1030d ago
Something really tacky about authors commenting on the threads for their own articles.. I dunno.
Captain Qwark 9  +   1030d ago
still didnt win me over. i much prefer my 360
MetalProxy  +   1030d ago
Not surprised.
I can say the same about the 360. They (MS) tried hard to win me over but failed big time. I would say better luck next time but not wasting my time and money again.
MAULxx  +   1030d ago
will online be free on ps4?
Big question.
Gamer Muzz  +   1030d ago
Beat out the xbox? even if they mean it figuratively and in their own mind/
Seriously, Sony has done just the opposite for me.
I was a HUGE fan of the PS1 and PS2. Really, The PS1 and PS2 are two of the greatest game consoles of all time and the PS3 has been nothing but a letdown in comparison.

It has cost Sony a huge chunk of the market share they had before it's release back in 2006.
The PS3 caused Sony their first operating loss in 14 years.
In it's first year alone the PS3 took a 2.3 billion dollar loss and continued to lose billions more over the next 4 years total.
The PS3 console itself wasn't profitable until June of 2010 and still has not made up the loss it took in those first 4 years.
America is now the largest and most profitable Game market in the world. The PS3 is behind in the states by 16.4 million consoles (and just over a million worldwide)

Today we're still paying $250 for a console packing 7 year old technology.(respectively the PS1 was a $99.99 console and the PS2 was a $129.99 console after 7 years.)

Each new version of the PS3 has been stripped down and made inferior to the original one. (they took away Backwards compatibility, Linux compatibility, 2 USB ports, and the Multi card reader) and anyone who has laid hands on a super slim knows it's junk compared to the first (or even the second) PS3.
And now I find that None of my PS3 or PSN games or content will play on or be transferable to the PS4.
Sony took my money this gen and are not giving back. How could they have won my heart?

Sure, I have played some great PS3 exclusives, but I can say the same for the 360 and Wii too. That's no big deal and it's certainly not enough for me to say It's "Won over my heart"
matrixman92  +   1030d ago
finally!!! someone said something smart on this website about Sony and the ps3...well said bubble for u
Captain Qwark 9  +   1030d ago
i could care less about its operating cost and whether it was profitable or not but i do agree with a few of your other points. the reality is, all consoles have had their ups and downs but at the end of the day ps3/360 have more ups than downs and whichever you choose is more preference of games, the controller, and interface.

for me, ps3's exclusives have been pretty good but ive played few i couldnt live without. same could be said for xbox. 3rd party titles tend to be the better games to me so exclusives dont factor into it as much as they used to.

i much prefer the UI on the 360 because it has so much more going on. sales and special, new game releases, etc all right there. when i log on i have tons of friends, i see what they are doing, its easy to join them or just party chat to party chat. navigating to find games, movies, music, or other apps is easy as pie. kinect may be useless from a gamin perspective but its nice to navigate with. lastly i much prefer the 360 controller. i also dont need to install demos and wait 2 days for them to download. its quick and easy, same with the updates.

ps3 has its perks too but just not as good to me. blu ray is nice but i really dont care if its regular dvd or blu ray. both look fine. the IE on ps3 is better than 360s only because i can watch videos on it. the exclusives are a perk since there are more and tend to be better, still not as important to me as most. i dont care for the ps3 controller and its UI is shit. its boring, its hard to navigate, its just not good.

sooooooo ill get both as i always do but i still prefer xbox. if the latest rumors are true too that wnt change with the 720
Gamer Muzz  +   1030d ago
I can agree with that. As a rule, I've always owned each console. there are always going to be exclusives worth playing for each console, so it is what it is, but I really do feel alienated by Sony this gen.
otherZinc  +   1030d ago
@Gamer Muzz,

Your 1st post: Post of the Year!

Nothing wrong with the 2nd. The 1st post was just so damn accurate, and very well said.
#16.3 (Edited 1030d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
SoapShoes  +   1030d ago
Who cares about operating costs? If you actually knew your history you would know Sony lost money on all of their consoles it's just the PS3 lost money longer.

In terms of games I'd say it darn well nearly has matched the PS1/PS2 and the games aren't stopping anytime soon. And that is why it has won many gamers over, the GAMES.

As far as the newer versions of the PS3. Yeah it'd be cool if it still had those extra features but most of them aren't needed. Linux was slow and gimped on the PS3 and usb flash drives can be used instead of card readers. The superslim isn't junk either, it's made out of the same plastics as before and I much prefer it to the 2nd PS3 that I personally thought looked horrible.

It's not like Microsoft didn't make as many mistakes either and I'd say they made worse mistakes on their console, but you act like it's such a horrible thing like it's carrying over to the next gen... Well it isn't both companies are rectifying their mistakes next gen. PS4 is already way more promising than PS3 was or even PS2.
Dogswithguns  +   1030d ago
I was a big Xbox fan once.. I now PlayStation.. nuffsaid.
Phil32  +   1030d ago
I think there's some confusion with this article, and people are just reading the headline and nothing else.

We're not saying the Xbox 360 lost to the PS3 in sales, or that Microsoft is the loser in the console wars. What we're saying is that the PS3 had more features and games that appealed to us personally, and that's how it won to us. Just our opinion. The fact of the matter is that the 360 did phenomenally and Sony stumbled quite a bit compared to last generation.

Sorry for any confusion.
sway_z  +   1030d ago
The Sony PS brand is etched into the minds of every gamer in the World...

I do credit MS for being able to take a bite into the market share though. for Nintendo, I see the handheld market as the only future for them. Either that or they turn software publisher like Sega did.
#19 (Edited 1030d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Gamer Muzz  +   1030d ago
That sounds like an awful idea. Nintendo is the greatest innovator in the home game console market. Always have been. Nintendo going strictly software or handhelds would be sad for and even detrimental to the industry as a whole.
There's no real reason for them to end up like Sega anyway. They are nowhere near financial ruin.
The Wii has turned them many billions of dollars in profit and the Wii U which has sold over 3 million units so far, was profitable from day one. That combined with their 86.8% market share of handhelds and their continued sales of the DS, will keep them in the running for a long time to come:)
sway_z  +   1030d ago
Thanks for responding to my comment.

It's not about being in financial ruin. I commented what I did only because Nintendo has had very little (comparative) mass market success (with exception to Wii) since 90's console SNES.

Arguably, the N64 had seminal success mostly due to Goldeneye, Gamecube was so-so, and after the core fans purchased Wii, the rest of the sales were purchased by the kind of people who buy (and hardly use) late night TV products, exercise equip etc..

It's difficult to argue Nintendo have faired poorly (-Wii) compared to the PlayStation or Xbox brand. Sure, Nintendo are innovative and the games speak for themselves. But they are reaching a limited audience.

Yes, I'll admit I secretly envy not being able to play Zelda, Mario and Metroid because I do not wish to invest in a console brand that is woefully supported outside of Nintendo's own amazing output.

This is why I believe going multi-plat would be good for not just myself, but all gamers in general. Nintendo's strengths are (obviously) in handhelds. But (sorry to be blunt) their fully fledged consoles suck.

I realise (majority) Ninty fans won't see my point, but then, I know better than to comment on N4G for popularity.
Gamer Muzz  +   1029d ago
It's definitely true that they didn't sell as many consoles as the competition, but remember that Nintendo always made profitable consoles. so even though the Gamecube (for example) did not sell as many units as the Xbox, it still made a whole lot more money (the xbox lost MS about $5 billion by the end of it's life cycle.)
The same will hold true with the Wii U. I don't imagine it will be the number 1 console this coming Gen. but I know it will be profitable:)

One thing I can say is that I'm always willing to buy a nintendo product and play the Nintendo franchise titles. they never disappoint. the Wii for example is worth the price if you were to only play Skyward Sword. Although if you wade through the shovel ware (which we all know is abundant on the console) there are a lot of really stellar titles worth playing:)

But I respect your opinion:)
Mkai28  +   1030d ago
"Our hearts" what is the ps3 to you, a woman? Whatever I want to play I play, I don't pick one console over the other but the PS3 did step it up with exclusives not really with features but strong exclusives and that's what matters.
#20 (Edited 1030d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
SirBradders  +   1030d ago
I dont want to sound like a fan boy but sony do cater for the gamer a hell of a lot better than ms.
People say about the xbox price but the original required a wifi adaptor the new ones still require battery packs, docking stations and gold so yeah the initial ps3 cost is more but ps3 owners have paid alot less if they have owned their console for a year.
Ps+ is an absolute steal and i can see ms copying this at some point when they've milked xbox gold owners.
Gamer Muzz  +   1030d ago
Most of that is pretty irrelevant.
The 360 has had built in Wi-Fi for 3 years now. Why bring up something that hasn't been relevant for 3 years?

Battery packs? For controllers? They are not "Required". for the record, I replaced the battery in my original sixaxis a couple months back and it cost me as much as a rechargeable battery for the 360 controller.

Docking stations? For what? There is no system that requires a docking station. How is that even a factor?

Why would MS copy PSN plus? aside from showing favor to PSN users that pay extra, it does nothing else of great significance, including making it as good a service as XBL gold and I think that most people who have both (as I do) would be willing to tell you that much.

A PS3 owner with PSN plus, pays more than a 360 owner with XBL Gold. Without PSN plus, they're about equal.
To me the real problem with that is the PS3 that's on store shelves today isn't half as good as the one they gave us at launch. Instead it's a stripped down, poorly built, version. I think after 7 years both Sony and MS are asking too much for their consoles, but at least the 360 was improved when they redesigned it rather than stripped down.

In the end, Sony doesn't "cater" to the gamer more than anyone else does. It's all about business and all about the dollars. (I'm talking about all the hardware devs. Not just Sony)
So, for me, as a gamer, I feel that Sony stripping down their console and charging us $250+ for a system that's totally inferior to it's launch counterpart 7 years ago and then releasing a console/successor that will not play the PS3 games or allow me to transfer any of my PSN content or games doesn't seem like something a company that "caters" to me would do.

People STOP BELIEVING that ANY hardware developer CARES about you. You all act like you work for these companies or you're personal friends with them or something. They would just as soon kick you in the face for an extra dollar.
Just take the industry for what it is, and look at it all objectively.
Captain Qwark 9  +   1030d ago
"People STOP BELIEVING that ANY hardware developer CARES about you. You all act like you work for these companies or you're personal friends with them or something. They would just as soon kick you in the face for an extra dollar.
Just take the industry for what it is, and look at it all objectively."

this^^^ truest statement ever which is also why i cant understand fanboys lol play what you want, swear no allegiance to either manufacturer. buy whichever product is better in your opinion or both if your like me
SoapShoes  +   1030d ago
" Why would MS copy PSN plus? aside from showing favor to PSN users that pay extra, it does nothing else of great significance, including making it as good a service as XBL gold and I think that most people who have both (as I do) would be willing to tell you that much. "

Plus is way better than Gold, Gold is not a great service at all and I've felt that way since the original Xbox.

"In the end, Sony doesn't "cater" to the gamer more than anyone else does. It's all about business and all about the dollars. (I'm talking about all the hardware devs. Not just Sony)
So, for me, as a gamer, I feel that Sony stripping down their console and charging us $250+ for a system that's totally inferior to it's launch counterpart 7 years ago and then releasing a console/successor that will not play the PS3 games or allow me to transfer any of my PSN content or games doesn't seem like something a company that "caters" to me would do. "

Just stop. You talk about bringing up stuff that isn't relevant in the article, yet you are bringing up so much irrelevant stuff here. Does it matter what the system costs, what few features that have been removed(you fail to mention the features that were added with the new models), or any of that if they are delivering in services/games? No it does not. Would it have been better if they made no mistakes? Sure but they have and continue to deliver quality games whereas the competition(Wii is all but dead in favor of the WiiU and 360 has had only one exclusive this year) have halted to a slow trickle.

*edit* Forgot about Gears, my bad!
#22.2 (Edited 1030d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Captain Qwark 9  +   1030d ago
pretty sure gears of war judgement came out a little while ago but this year.
#22.2.1 (Edited 1030d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
GABRIEL1030  +   1030d ago
Xbox broke my heart with Kinect and later, PS3 won my hearth with PLUS. =)
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1029d ago
Xbox still has larger market share and I still prefer gaming on my xbox then my PS3 Just am not a fan of most sony 1st party games. They just seem to designed for younger audiences.

Not saying their games are kid games, just when i compare the gameplay to other titles like Killzone to Halo, the gameplay just seems to be a few notches down. Also I recently bought MLB The Show 2013 and it's terrible. Why does the ball stop over the plate on every pitch for a brief moment giving the batter extra time to swing? When compared to MLB2k13, the ball is a fluid motion into the catchers mitt. No stopping and hovering.

Uncharted also feels more designed for kids when compared to titles like Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider just has a more adult feel to it along with the story.

I am personally very disappointed in Sony's 1st party titles. They just don't seem to cater to my adult tastes. Multiplats and MS's 1st party titles (the ones designed for the same target market as Sony's) just feel like they are better made and designed for adults.

Sony just feels like their titles are still living in the past with their game mechanics. We all know how the Japanese don't like to change, all Sony has done is just given better graphics, but the gameplay is still no on par with other western developers. Not a big fan of ANY of Sony's 1st parties and going by the sales of their AAA titles excluding GT5 which again was a half assed developed title, it appears I speak for may of the gamers.

I prefer my 360 and XBL.
#24 (Edited 1029d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Skips  +   1029d ago
"Xbox still has larger market share"

PS3 outsold it. -_-

"They just seem to designed for younger audiences."

I'm sorry but if there's anybody trying to appeal to KIDS. It's Microsoft. Literally EVERYTHING you just wrote is complete bull. lol Nice try though at attempting to reverse the roles. XD

Sony's first party > Microsoft's first party

Oh yea, just look at what Microsoft's own CEO had to say about it's Xbox brand and what he wants to market it towards.... XD

"They just don't seem to cater to my adult tastes."

If Halo, Gears and Kinect is YOUR definition of "ADULT" then I definitely think Microsoft has been successful with their brainwashing. lol

"I am personally very disappointed in Sony's 1st party titles."

Just as everyone else has been with Microsoft's ever since 2008-09...

"I prefer my 360 and XBL."

So you prefer a casual gaming machine meant for families and small kids then?

#24.1 (Edited 1029d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
CEOSteveBallmer  +   1029d ago
Yeah and other exclusive PS3 games are not good for you like "Heavy Rain" and "Demons souls" if youve ever heard of them. Just like what the guy above said, "NICE TRY" but you and other hardcore xbox fanboys are the only ones convinced. Im sure and will bet when were going to ask or survey neutral gamers, They will prefer 1st party sony games not only because it caters to everyone, adults, teens, kids, but also the word "Innovation" "Artistic" "Immersive". Heavy rain, the journey, Metal gear solid 4, unfinished swan, flower, heavenly sword and bunch of others. Dont get me started on upcoming the last of us and heavy rains spiritual successor "Beyond: 2 souls". Even your fave game creator "Cliff bleszinski" praised Heavy rain!! He loved it saying that it created a new genre in games. How do you like that. the mastermind of gears of war himself praised a sony title?? This gives me the impression you dont own a PS3. I dont own an Xbox but i dont bash it and also praise its exclusives. The only time I bash the xbox and say its negative sides is when fanboys like you start the bashing. or lets say "Subtle" bashing in your case.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   1029d ago
No need for articles like these. It already won me over despite a slow and heavy start. I believed and it came true for also millions of fans out there for not abandoning the system they once love. PSone and PS2 really dominated the gaming world. Nobody stays on top forever yes thats true, But nobody said and proved that you cannot make a comeback. Im not here to bash another system or insult another fanboy. I respect nintendo and microsoft fans so long as they don't talk crap about the other.
Max-Zorin  +   1029d ago
The topic was supposed to be about why people thought the PS3 was great, but it turned into a argument over sales. Smh the gaming community have no unity.
Dilligafdillic  +   1026d ago
Im addicted to my PS3, I would never buy an xbox. 54% faliure rate for the first two years. not a great way to treat customers. I wonder why they did'nt sell in Japan? PS3 all the way!!!

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