Prey 2 Details, Concept Art Emerge

The follow-up to Human Head's first person shooter Prey has been officially confirmed to be in development via the website for a new middleman company Radar Group.

While 3D Realms' Scott Miller Miller made mention of a sequel following the original game's release, today marks the first update on the project in nearly two years.

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InYourMom3475d ago

So this is console exclusive to the 360?

Will be picking this one up.

Blademask3475d ago

Now i guess things are "console exclusive" while being out on PC as well.

"Take a look at this one of a kind exclusive diamond that you can also find at the store across the street."

So are we going to go ahead and accept Microsofts latest contribution the the gaming world, the term"console exclusive" Never before heard in the gaming community.

AngryHippo3475d ago

....seriously messed with my mind all the topsy turvyness, but was a great game. It'll be interesting to see the improvements in the second game. Should be quite a big leap in my opinion. As for consoles it will appear on, is this a 360 exclusive?or multiplatform?! interesting to see, but props to microsoft if they do keep this exclusive to the 360 console.

MK_Red3475d ago

Awesome. Original had some seriously great ideas that will hopefully have stronger presense in the sequel.
Superb find and news.

Dr Pepper3475d ago

I can't wait. The whole atmosphere of the original was awesome and it had some great gameplay features. I also loved listening to those little radio clips.

MK_Red3475d ago

So true.
Those radio calls and the whole show. It was hilarious most of the time and overall the game was uber awesome. The only real flaw was it's length and minimal use of it's awesome mechanics that Portal borrowed later.

ElementX3475d ago

I love Art Bell. I used to listen to him back in high school. It's fun to hear him in a video game.

Monkspade3475d ago

I just hope the multi player will be much better than the one of the first game.

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The story is too old to be commented.