Xbox NEXT, revealed logo, symbols and hashtag for the expected event of May 2013? written:

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The rumor about Microsoft and its Spring Showcase 2013 event dedicated to the presentation of the new Xbox NEXT (or 720 if you like) back today thanks to a template found on the net.

The set of logos and symbols that underline the versatility of the Xbox to several other devices was discovered in a document shown as a template for the PowerPoint presentation.

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Munky2065d ago

Logo seems a bit "meh"... I thought they hired some some hot shot indie designer to create the new logo.

_-EDMIX-_2065d ago

I would take it as a rumor. But still, understand that a leak last year and this year stated it would not be called 720 or Xbox 3, etc. It would be re-braneded just Xbox. (I think its quite weird too)

sikbeta2065d ago

I think XBOX alone doesn't work, should be like any product, "XBOX ___" Idk, I worked great for years and there is no need to change that, loved the rumored Xbox Infinity with the idea of the eight turn into the infinte logo

Zhipp2065d ago

Yeah, I really like the Xbox ∞ idea.

RyuCloudStrife2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

If you see the controller on those slides they apparently switched the D-pad and buttons, and tilted slightly, also they brought the two analog sticks down like the DualShock.

Is this the new controller??

Cryptcuzz2065d ago


Yeah I noticed the difference in the controller as well.

If these pictures are real, why would they show the controller with the analog sticks in the same position as the Dualshock controllers?

On top of that, the controllers D-Pad and face buttons have swapped positions? That is most odd considering everything seems backwards.

lsujester2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

I think it's a reversed image. If you notice the other items, they are reversed, too. The camera button has the shutter on the opposite side, the speaker is opposite of what you actually see on Windows. The people and the hand on the button are oriented left-handed when you always see them right-handed.

EDIT: Also the cursor is flipped. While that may be the new controller, it's almost definitely flipped around.

SkyGamer2064d ago

Kind of makes sense to me. Remember AMD saying that the next Xbox could do "Avatar" like graphics? Just maybe....

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Erdrick2065d ago

i think the indie designer was creating a new logo for windows related projects, not the xbox brand

bangshi2065d ago

What new logo?

It is the same as the current logo...

dontbhatin2064d ago

BU BU BU.....there is no "360" in it. lol

bangshi2064d ago

They already use this logo to refer to Xbox as a brand - and whilst the 360 branding almost always carries the 3D 'X' symbol, the flat style is used on other Xbox services.

Godz Kastro2065d ago

I wish people would stop leaving comments as if this is an official word from MS. Billy Gates has said nothing, absolutely nada.

For all we know a nextbox doesnt even exist; i know it does just saying we know not a thing.

Godz Kastro2065d ago

I guess MS made an announcement and I missed it based off disagrees.

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UnholyLight2065d ago

I haven't read the article yet, but everyone should recall the updated Xbox design on the game cases and new Xbox 360 were somewhat confirmed by an Italian source. I can't remember exact details but I just thought I'd mention it haha.

Syntax-Error2065d ago

No one still knows sh!t. I am sure that is not the real logo or font. It was generic font they used to outline their presentation

zerocrossing2064d ago

I hope that's not the logo O.o

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TheKayle12065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

that images brainfuck codes...(programming language)

and if u traslate on here

all the codes...every image mean

Storm Clouds (1 image)
More than now (2 image)
Deep Computing (3 image)
Petaflops>Teraflops (4 image)

enjoy it

r212065d ago

Wondering what those symbols were. Thanks for that. Wish i could translate them myself but I dont do 'codes'.

Munky2065d ago

Petaflops>Teraflops .... interesting

MasterCornholio2065d ago

1 Petaflop = 1000 Teraflops.

The PS4 is only 1.7 Teraflops so how the heck is Microsoft going to produce a console with 1000 teraflops?

This is the main reason why i think this is fake.

Good_Guy_Jamal2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

Cloud computing. It makes sense if you factor in the other hints, storm clouds, more than now, deep computing.
Always online confirmed?

DeadlyFire2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

Cloud gaming basically OTOY is supported on X720. Why partner with Agawi cloud service then.

OTOY + Octane Render =

Why else would you need a cloud service? API built for Cloud service = unlimited graphical, physics, and so on as long as the bandwidth is in place. Which would indeed require always on internet for that to function. So it fits the rumors.

PS4 can do this as well with Octane Render API on Gaikai servers or with their own API on Gaikai servers.

These images I deem to be real. I am betting AMD/OTOY push the Octane Render API onto X720 or PS4 or both while Sony with Gaikai and Microsoft with Agawi supporting it. Why else would one shrug NVIDIA away. Even Nintendo could have a monster console if they supported this cloud tech and had the bandwidth to back it up. NVIDIA says look we have GRID, but they lack the API to do what OTOY does.

Bandwidth I see is the only problem for it. OnLive burned itself by launching early. Is it still to early to support these type of games? Another question I could propose is if based on Cloud tech in the console will there be discs?

r212065d ago

Im going to have to doubt this piece of news considering they dont have the infamous layout of the xbox controller in the image. Heck, the sticks are symmetrical and directional buttons are on the right side of the controller image. UNLESS MS has decided to switch up their controller layout for next gen and that doesnt seem likely as it'll alienate the xbox fans.

Nalaboy2065d ago

All reports are the controller will be the same with an improved d pad. So i too agree and doubt this too.

sourav932065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

Agreed. The images below explains what r21 is trying to say:

xbox 360 layout:

The logo from the website: (Bottom right)