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Submitted by pierce 1032d ago | news

Capcom: DmC will only sell 1.15million units

Capcom has revised the sales forecast of its games for a second time, saying that "excessive outsourcing" has caused a decline in quality. (DmC: Devil May Cry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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bicfitness  +   1032d ago | Well said
Wow, take a niche, Japanese game that has built up a loyal fanbase over the years, strip out everything campy, familiar and cool about the series and turn the main character into an emo-a$$hole and somehow it doesn't sell?

Who would have thought?


P.S. Any fan of the series - myself included - was shouting from the rooftops that this was going to happen, but Capcom and the Ninja Theory enamoured journalists tried to convince everyone otherwise.
Hufandpuf  +   1032d ago
No, DMC fans thought that the game would not sell because it would be crap. However, the game is pretty good. How can you condemn a game even though it isn't bad?
kreate  +   1032d ago
I never played this reboot. But 90% of the gamers online said this would be crap and it was a crap.

So u must be the 10% who liked the game.
At least, this was my observation.
Godmars290  +   1032d ago
Because how it was introduced, which was badly and for the wrong reasons.

They didn't change things up to make them new or fresh, to change them to change them, but because Capcom got rid of the original dev.

They changed things for business reasons, not creative.
Baka-akaB  +   1032d ago
Says you . I mostly said it didnt look up to the standards , especially gameplay wise set by the serie (who cares about dmc2 ? it was eons ago and some would argue its still better gameplay wise) , then it was playable on floor and wasnt up to standards , then a demo was released it still wasnt up to standards , and the final game was there and still wasnt .

"Barely ok" doesnt cut it when you expect better , even more so when your artsyle and story is already controversial . Dmc4 had plenty flaks , deservingly so , but was still a success and couldnt be criticized much for its core gameplay .

How can you even go lower than that and expect to succeed ?

And why so many hellbent on pretending a lesser sequel/reboot is usually ever seen as ok ? It never is accepted , and people shouldnt request otherwise from Devil may cry fans .

If anything it's the non dmc fans that "let down the game" by not supporting a game made with them as a target . They didnt bite , and it's on NT and Capcom . Dont oversell the abitility and powers of us "forum whiners"
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LostDjinn  +   1032d ago
It's not just original DMC fans that are calling it crap.

""excessive outsourcing" has caused a decline in quality." - Capcom are blaming NT for it being crap. What more can one say?

Edit: Sorry I had to fix something. I couldn't just leave it. I'm sick of seeing what some people on this site do to the English language on a daily basis.
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andrewer  +   1032d ago
I started to play DmC with this game, and I liked, so I think its because I'm not a fan haha. But I understand what it is to have one of your favorite game series become trash, so I can't say they are overreacting.
Root  +   1032d ago
Reviews don't mean crap

They said FF13 was amazing and Resident Evil 5 was better then wrong were they

Something went on behind closed doors with this game with some reviews, while others had probably never played a DMC game before.
OmegaSlayer  +   1032d ago
The game is not good.
It's worse than Darksiders 2 and MetalGearRising.
By far.
It's just better than DevilMayCry2.
And I had more fun with Asura's Wrath storywise.
ThanatosDMC  +   1032d ago
Gameplay is crap. Style system is crap. Combo system is crap. Absolutely no cancels. It's a downgrade from the series. DMC4's combat system perfected Dante's gameplay then they come out with this casual herpy derp easy mode crap.
princejb134  +   1032d ago
I didn't play the game
But it just didn't appeal to me at all
I played the demo and got bored before I finished it
The art style, the character just looked so boring to me

Another reason why I didn't pick it up is because ninja theory developed it
The best game they've had is heavenly sword
After that their other game enslaved sucked
Qrphe  +   1031d ago
Capcom got what they had coming.
N311V  +   1032d ago
It's impossible to know how DmC would have sold if they simply released a sequel rather than a reboot. One thing that is certain, and you said it yourself, this game appeals to a niche market. I doubt sales numbers would have been large either way.
Minato-Namikaze  +   1032d ago
DMC4 sold about 3 million copies. I feel a proper sequel would have sold at least that.
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wishingW3L  +   1032d ago
DMC4 = 3 millions

DmC = 1.5 millions at best

Dante and Vergil are literally the 2 most popular characters on MvC3. People want more DMC, real DMC games not this garbage reboot.
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Baka-akaB  +   1032d ago
It's obvious a proper sequel or reboot more in line with the franchise could do better . Hell while not setting the world on fire is doing better . As it is DmC is as slow a sale as Enslaved , a frickin' new ip .
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Godmars290  +   1032d ago
But after all this would Capcom now what a proper game in the series would even be? Would they continue Nero's part in the story or just drop Virgil back into it?
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Baka-akaB  +   1032d ago
Quite frankly , while i wont say that i dont care - i actually rather enjoyed most of the plots from the old series , as campy as it was - i mostly wish for a return to better deep and intricate gameplay and fighting mechanics , whatever its form (like i crappily suggested a few times , i couldnt even fathom some open world kind of Dante/virgil/new guy demon hunting experience)

And as long as a more fitting psyche for most of the core characters , and more fitting design comes back . Cause it still does count .
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Dno  +   1032d ago
this is why gamers will always be treated lik little kids and nerds. Because a good game (yes this was a good game) gets no sales because a bunch of little brats did not like a new hair cut.

Silly kids you are.
IRetrouk  +   1032d ago
Have to agree the game was enjoyable, yes i miss original dante and didnt like new dante at all, now that i have played the game hes not so different, still cocky and sure of himself, still a bad ass, combat is a little different but still enjoyable and the story is ok too, i would give the game an 8 all day long.
alegolo  +   1032d ago
it was an alright game but not a good hack n slash one, it was too slow and lacking in combat depth
FunAndGun  +   1032d ago
sorry, wrong reply.
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IRetrouk  +   1032d ago
Like i say, good game if you look at it for what it was, as a dmc game it definatly is not up there with 3 but it wasnt bad. I stand by my 8/10
Statix  +   1032d ago
"Brats." "Nerds." "Little kids."

Care to throw anymore extraneous, child-like insults in there and prove how much more mature you are? You sound a little bitter.
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hulk_bash1987  +   1032d ago
And here comes the haircut argument again. You people are seriously thick headed. A simple haircut is the least of this games problems. And I fully blame Ninja Theory for its failure. Please stop giving these ass hats anymore franchises, they'll just ruin them.
Sketchy_Galore  +   1032d ago
I never was a fan of the original Devil may cry but I would never buy this one despite the seemingly good fighting mechanics, simply because the plot and characters are CLEARLY for silly kids. Silly teens anyway.

I think knowingly tongue in cheek campy melodrama is less childish than a swaggering teenage douche punching out a nightclub bouncer then writing, 'f-ck you' on the guy's sign in sheet. That's the kind of fantasy a Jersey shore jock has in their head before they make a drunken ass of themselves.

It wasn't so much that the hair was different, more that it was perectly styled to look like what businessmen think kids think is 'hip and groovy and rad and totally phresh' and was sat on the head of the same kind of douche you see in hair gel ads, full of undeserved self confidence and preening vanity, being a dick to people for no reason because that's totally how you look like you're all rebellious and cool.

This game's defenders act like they're defending Alan Moore's changes to Swamp thing. Like Ninja theory really tried to mature the medium by pushing these risky and passion driven changes into the series. In fact it's more like defending Michael Bay's current butchering of TMNT. People are arguing against cynical businessmen coming into their cult franchise and turning it into the something the kids will think is cool until their pocket money is gone and will look back embarrassed in five years at how they were exploited by cynical market researchers.
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ILive  +   1032d ago
Yeah, I agree. They whine about everything, not seeing the flaws in their argument. Either shut up, or go make your own game if you can. Its definitely not a crap game since effort was obviously put into it. If something stays the same too long, they complain. If something changes too much, they complain. I am generalizing a bit, but its far more complicated than that obviously. One thing that does annoy me is how they spew their dribble like its a fact. Devil may cry 3 was the best, and this, which is actually better than dmc 4, stands in second place. Anything after these two were just okay, really.
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gunnerforlife  +   1031d ago
What's your favourite game?
Dno  +   1031d ago
@ gunnerforlife
My fav games are the FF series, and street fighter. both games that change a lot every now and then.
aCasualGamer  +   1032d ago

Not sure if you're a DMC fan or not. I respect your opinion.

My opinion is this, though, the developers were arrogant and naive to think that DMC fans would just jump on this game without any consideration to the mistakes they made during development, gameplay wise.

I played the demo and it was the worst game i've ever played. They took so many things out from the series that in my honest opinion it was like they raped the series. No consideration to the fans, atleast not what you would expect.

I hope Ninja Theory never gets a license to an existing franchise, ever. They should stick with their own games and not bother anyone elses work.
j-blaze  +   1032d ago
well said bicfitness, from 5million to 1.15million.. i don't think the game will reach that number either lol
i'm happy Capcom finally realized that outsourcing their franchises will never do them good
thaking155  +   1031d ago
Reading this article and seeing that Capcom says that due to "Excessive Outsourcing" is why this game declined in sales. Original Dante has something to say about that....
16 Sec-25 sec

What in the world has the fans been saying since you've announced the game. Oh and DmC is near the bottom of the barrel in the series. DMC3, 4, 1, DmC, DMC2. Outsourcing to the wrong developers (Ninja Theory) and trying to make it "westernized" was also a huge cause of why it failed.
MaideninBlack  +   1032d ago
They also said that its "previous policy of outsourcing work to third-party studios is no longer desirable".
Rai  +   1032d ago
I thought it was a fun game, unfortunately the story was stupid. I kept telling my friends before they bought it, if they watched all the trailers for the game you would know the whole story since the trailers showed most of the important parts. The ending didn't take much to figure out since Devil May Cry fans all knows what happens to Virgil and it didn't help that they came out with that DLC.

Gameplay was fun story was dumb.
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mediate-this  +   1032d ago
This game is awesome, i think capcom along with alot of other japanese devs are stale and need to re-invent them selves.

There are pf course great japanese devs, but alot of japanese devs stop innovating after awhile and then competition(western devs) catch up and exceed.

Its not only game devs, happens with alot of japanese companies, car companies, game devs etc.

Capcom will learn from their errors and they could be top tier again.
Baka-akaB  +   1032d ago
Meh , obviously you wont convince me and i wont convince you . Still I just ponder at the idea of it considered as inventive and innovating with :

-a run of the mill licensed engine , the least original you can find . Even if at the end of the day it's what you do with it that count .

- Pretend yet tedious platforming

- A similar yet simplified gameplay with missing basic features .

- Mostly corridors but "hey its ok they morph and write creepy message on walls "

- Diminished challenges .

- No actual new gameplay features , besides color coding the effects of your weapons .

- Core modes of the franchise being a dlc after thought

- The most boring boss fights possible with barely an ounce of novelty . Mondus is basically stuff we did at the start of God of War or darksiders (and still better done)

- The plot , the so called direct benefit of the reboot , a far cry from NT's own usual offering . And it's superiority to the usual DMC mediocre stuff being quite unproven and open to intense debates
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FunAndGun  +   1032d ago
"Its not only GAME DEVS, happens with ALOT of japanese companies, car companies, GAME DEVS, etc."

just thought that was funny.
aviator189  +   1032d ago
Hmm...are you Phil Fish??
Baka-akaB  +   1032d ago
Lol it's not even sure it will sell that in the long or mid term .

It isnt breaking a million so far and completely dissapeared from the radar .
DragonKnight  +   1032d ago
"Capcom has revised the sales forecast of its games for a second time, saying that "excessive outsourcing" has caused a decline in quality."

BAHAHAHAHAHA! Crapcom is blaming Ninja Theory for this. Newsflash Crapcom, you're just as much to blame if not moreso for giving Devil May Cry to such a mediocre developer.

DmC is just another example of what happens when you don't listen to fans and make a game accessible. Poor game is poor. On its own, it's an average hack and slash with nothing special about it. As a DMC game it's absolutely horrendous. Way to go Crapcom, you continue to fail at every turn.

*And Tameem is uncharacteristically silent*

**EDIT** Just checked and Tameem's twitter is gone. LOL.
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zerocrossing  +   1032d ago
"**EDIT** Just checked and Tameem's twitter is gone. LOL."

No surprise there haha, he really upset a lot of fans and against all odds carried on only to fail miserably, he's probably embarrassed or at least should be.
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ILive  +   1032d ago
Again, dmc games were never that difficult compared to something like demon souls or dark souls. Dmc 3 presented a challenge, but thats it. Honestly, you all just need to shut the hell up because you will use random things to defend your claims. As a dmc game, it tramples most other entries in the series. Not every game is for everyone. But dont try to use your opinon as a voice for the majority as many fools on this site tend to do. Like I said earlier: if you can make your own game, do so. If you cant, then shut the hell up because people actually put hard work into these things. Let the obvious downvoting begin.
DragonKnight  +   1032d ago
You obviously don't know what you're talking about if you think that when people talk about Devil May Cry the first thing they discuss is game difficulty. Devil May Cry is about challenge. About having to be skillful to pull off the best combos. About rewarding actual effort. It's all about the deep gameplay.

"Again, dmc games were never that difficult compared to something like demon souls or dark souls."

Different types of difficulty. The Souls series punishes the kind of gameplay that the DMC series would ask of people to use and the DMC series wouldn't be fun played the same way as the Souls series.

"Honestly, you all just need to shut the hell up because you will use random things to defend your claims."

You mean like facts? Experience? I think someone needs to STFU but it isn't the fans of Devil May Cry.

"As a dmc game, it tramples most other entries in the series."

By trample I assume you mean trample on the pedigree of excellence by being mediocre, sub-par trash because that's what it is as a DMC game. As its own game it's worse than generic and has nothing special to mention about it.

"Not every game is for everyone."

Who said it was?

"But dont try to use your opinon as a voice for the majority as many fools on this site tend to do."

Given that the majority hated this game, as further proven by it's abysmal sales, no one is doing what you claim.

"Like I said earlier: if you can make your own game, do so. If you cant, then shut the hell up because people actually put hard work into these things. Let the obvious downvoting begin."

You act like an a$$ hat and then wonder why people down vote you. Gee I wonder why anyone would do that? /s
NYC_Gamer  +   1032d ago
Capcom just needs to move on and create new franchises since the original developers are no longer apart of the company
WhyWai88  +   1032d ago
I am glad it didn't selling well
Hanso  +   1032d ago
as am i XD
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1032d ago
Another DMC in 5 years maybe?
wishingW3L  +   1032d ago
the franchise is dead just like Megaman. Capcom is too stupid and for them these bad sales mean that we don't want more DMC. But if the reboot would have sold better then it would have had sequels so it was a lose-lose situation for the fans, either way we were going to lose DMC. I rather prefer they kill the franchise than wasting resources on garbage though, this might force them to make new IPs which is good too.
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aman84r  +   1032d ago
I thought game was great and deserves better.
GABRIEL1030  +   1032d ago
I like more the original Dante. I don't bought the new game for the principal character change. =(
My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante  +   1032d ago
That's why I didn't buy Infamous 2. I didn't care about playing as some imposter version of Cole with tattoos slapped all over him and a new voice. This is why the first Infamous is the only good one.
Inception  +   1032d ago
Ok capcom, i hope you already learnt your lesson. Next time just give DMC 5,6,7,and so on to Platinum Games, ok?
Don't give one of your franchise again to mediocre dev such as NT.
wishingW3L  +   1032d ago
Kamiya created DMC but then Capcom gave the franchise to Itsuno. Why they did that? Not even Kamiya himself know... The point I want to make with this is, if Capcom took the franchise from Kamiya when he was still working with the company do you really think that they will now ask Platinum to make sequels? There are reasons why Kamiya left the company you know... He wanted to make DMC 2, 3 and 4 but for for unknown reasons, Capcom didn't let him!
#12.1 (Edited 1032d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Inception  +   1032d ago
Yes, it still a mystery why capcom treated Kamiya like a garbage after DMC 1. Even capcom not telling Kamiya when they developed DMC 2, not even included him as a creative director in DMC 2.

But, just like i said in my post: hopefully capcom learnt their lesson. And Platinum Games recently got their top spotlight with Kojima (MGR) and Nintendo (Bayo 2, The wonderful 101). So after capcom learnt their mistakes, hopefully they reconsider their decision to give DMC back to Kamiya and work together with him/Platinum for DMC 5. Just a wishful thinking from a DMC fans...
zerocrossing  +   1032d ago
I was really against the reboot but I gave DmC a chance and played it from start to finish (I didn't pay for it though, god no! I didn't want Capcom or NT getting any of my cash)

Anyway, I thought it was OK, that's the best I can give it, it's an OK game with some interesting ideas, however the characters are dislikable, the plot is stupid and the writing is atrocious, we're talking video games here mind, so Im not expecting Shakespeare just something that doesn't seem like it's come straight out of some angsty teens fan fiction.

DmC failing has nothing to do with the "fans" not giving it a chance, after all we were told the game wasn't being made for us "fans" but for some mysterious other demographic that was going to make the reboot worth it and pull in sales to liken GoW... Needless to say this whole endeavour was a waste and an insult, if they ever make another DMC they best remember the fans were the ones buying it.
#13 (Edited 1032d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Baka-akaB  +   1032d ago
Precisely , the intended target didnt care , and i'm actually sure more older fans gave it a chance and purchase it , than the mass market . Their curiosity is what probably even fuelled most of the poor sales , wich make it doubl a flop imo .

But hey i'm bitter , cynical and revelling in it :p .
impet25  +   1032d ago
U people need 2 grow up dmc was far better dan any of da dmc games since da original.those old games got so cheesy da reeboot was refreshing and now dey trying 2 blame NT freaking crapcom.
FunAndGun  +   1032d ago
Please learn to spell and not type like a 12 year old before telling me to grow up.
Nerdmaster  +   1032d ago
As much as I agree with his point, I also agree that he needs to learn to write properly to be taken seriously.
#14.1.1 (Edited 1032d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report
Darrius Cole  +   1032d ago
Man, did they throw Ninja Theory under the bus.
MaideninBlack  +   1032d ago
Sounds like it.

Last time it was Ninja Theory blaming Sony for Heavenly Sword failing, then they blamed Namco for Enslaved failing. Looks like Capcom beet them to the finger pointing punch as to why DmC flopped.
josephayal  +   1032d ago
Good numers
MilkMan  +   1032d ago
To bad game was awesome. The old Devil May Cry's where horrible.
I hated those things.
This new one was a much better, technically, artistically, and superb game mechanics.
To bad Capcom. Go back the other way and count me out.
Ninja Theory did a fantastic job and you should be giving them a bonus. Not blaming your lack of sales on them.
Take a note from Square-Enix when they did the same thing when Tomb Raider didn't sell to their expectations.
People in the biz didn't take kindly to what they said.
Hanso  +   1032d ago
lol are you mad? DmC better than DMC are you SERIOUS?
Color coded enemies in DmC kinda stop you from being able what you do in DMC in the first place..
pro tip: using your own style!
Also Bosses were all lame in DmC except for Vergil
though he still was ass for an "Last" Boss

Credo from DMC4 could take all Bosses from DmC at the same time on and pound them to dust
#17.1 (Edited 1032d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
NobleRed  +   1032d ago
Poor Crapcom /sarcasm
Realplaya  +   1032d ago
1.5 million sold as sir charles barkley would say.

" That's turrible"
DragonKnight  +   1032d ago
Frank Caliendo does an awesome Charles Barkley.
#19.1 (Edited 1032d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Nerdmaster  +   1032d ago
It's funny how people say "games never change, we're tired of playing the same thing over and over!" but when they try to change something, these same people cry "we wanted the same old games but with better graphics!", "how dare them change anything?"...
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   1032d ago
Honestly I'm one of the few people who think change is generally stupid. Look at Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed. Those series have yearly entries barely anything changes and they sell millions. Why? Because they cater to their fans and that's what most games should do IMO. Not try to be different or unique(unless it's a new IP).
DJ  +   1032d ago
Didn't it get good reviews? How come nobody bought it? It's funny that Capcom is blaming Ninja Theory. Maybe NT should just do a Heavenly Sword sequel for Sony.
thaking155  +   1031d ago
Because pretty much all of the reviews focused and primarily started with them talking about the hair color change, how the fans always cried and complained for almost 2 years over nothing and all the negatives that the fans have complained about. Every review barely actually reviewed the game based on the gameplay mechanics, crappy platforming, color coded enemies (which is a heavenly sword mechanic ugh) and how color coded enemies actually took away the freedom to do whatever you wanted as long as it was stylish. Oh and the lack of new melee weapons and new guns.
alb1899  +   1032d ago
Why so angry?
The game was good, at least I enjoyed, you don't have to compare it with nothing, just play it and then talk........I'm almost sure that a lot of people that are talking shit about this game have not even played it!
Max-Zorin  +   1032d ago
And Capcom wonder why Shinji Mimaki and Keiji Inafune left.
yewles1  +   1032d ago
" a "decline in quality due to excessive outsourcing" and poor overseas marketing and development."

...under the bus you go, Ninja Theory.
baldulf  +   1032d ago
One million too many.
crazysammy  +   1032d ago
I have a question for everyone here. If NT had made this game but it WAS a sequel would you be complaining?
fsfsxii  +   1032d ago
Isn't it enough crapcom? RE, and you ruined it, now DMC is gone too, Megaman and he's dead, seriously, whats left?
As for DmC, one of the most horrible games i played this gen, Horrible, writing, characters are generic and uninteresting, gameplay was OK but it had an appeal, and don't get me started on the story.
I liked the reboot when they announced it, but then i got the HD collection, and beat it, after i beat DMC3 i said Fuck you capcom
nofallouthero  +   1032d ago
thank god
RazMaTaz0121  +   1032d ago
Well, its no surprise. Capcom released a report to why their games have done crap lately:

3 main reasons:

Insufficient coordination between the marketing and game development divisions in overseas markets

Decline in quality due to excessive outsourcing

Losses resulting from the discontinuation of development of certain titles outsourced overseas that are no more compatible with the current business strategy

All applicable to DmC, as it was a less of a quality game, NT didnt handle PR at all well, and its backfired in Capcoms face. An estimated of 5 million target to this, all I can say is HAHA to Ninja Theory, and Capcom, BUCK UP!
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   1032d ago
I think the real problem is this;

Devil May Cry 4 sold what...? 3 Million copies? In 2008.

The new DmC has sold only 1.15mil in 2013.

There is a huge disparity here. Given how large the fanbase that owns ps3 and 360 has increased. This simply means they lost A LOT of fans. To remedy the situation now...? I don't think it's possible frankly. It's a shame, DmC would have been a great stand alone game with a different title, but as a Devil May Cry entry, well Capcom should have known that fans would be upset.
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