PC Gamer: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Hands-On

There's something inherently sensible about the Brothers in Arms games -in the nicest possible way. Despite all the bullets and drama they never lose their head; they always seem a few steps ahead of you. Case in point: the first proper level begins with an airdrop of the 101st Airborne Division. Immediately Games Radar imagined the same night sky filled with transport planes and flak fire that they have played and seen in a good dozen games and movies.

Instead, the cutscene opened on a sunny day with squads packed into gliders being tugged through the air by other planes, before their cables were detached and they drifted to Earth. The whole thing looked so calm, even peaceful. Which made it a bit startling when Games Radar saw that some of the gliders were on unavoidable collision courses with trees. But the reason this is great isn't just because it plays with your perception of WWII. It's great because it actually happened. While other WWII games tend to pilfer their set pieces from films, Gearbox care deeply about authenticity and this gives them a wealth of ideas to play with.

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Lol, i had forgotton about this game.