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'You've never heard of Gaikai? Find out how PlayStation Network and the Gaikai technology will change the way you play forever.'

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supremacy2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

man...with geee features one must up its game in order not to look foolish, at the same time glitches and cheaters can and will most likely be exposed more often.

Just last night, i played uncharted 3 and came against a group of guys who could turn themselves into those spider creatures in the campaign mode. As unrealistic as that may sound, it was one of the worst times i ve had with this game in recent memory.

Uncharted 2 had the guys shooting from the walls, man i cant wait for next gen already.

KUV19772038d ago

Isn't that a perk or whatever it's called in Uncharted. I only played the mp very briefly but I think that is not a cheat or glitch at all.

Skate-AK2038d ago

The spiders are a kind of killstreak in Uncharted 3.

sourav932038d ago

Lmao those aren't hacks! They're part of the game.

seanpitt232038d ago

Hahahaaha That cracked me up.

supremacy2038d ago

Well what do you know, a cheat made perk. Thats worst the the power play feaure that shows the world where you are, i guess ill go back to playing Uncharted 2, i can deal with a few wall shootings here and there.

Uncharted 3 just feels out of character and imbalanced to say the least, but the spider wasnt the only thing i found crazy in that, like a merlow who can nightwolf there through shots its a bit much for me even if it turns out to be a perk used by a team of power weapon huggers.

But, aside from all that, my point was with these new features most will feel like they have to play better just because they are being watched. And thats not a problem at all, i am sure thats not the only thing that would come out of this; sony could in theory use this feature or something along the lines to monitor on complaints/reports, which again will do more good than harm.

Mookie2038d ago

Throw a grenade and there dead...

HammadTheBeast2037d ago

What? Have you ever seen how unbalanced other games are? In said other games, a perk allows you to jump 10 m and instakill someone.

Sandmano2038d ago

Lmao!! It's a perk !! Try it out, LOL!

CandyCaptain2038d ago

He may not be able to if he is a f2p player. Still it's pretty funny.

ILive2038d ago

I still dont understand the play a demo of a game before you buy it concept. Is it free for everyone? Or do you have to be a plus member? It sounds like the former to me. But its still not quie clear.

thechosenone2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

"Uncharted 2 had the guys shooting from the walls"

Yeah I remember that, they would glitch themselves high up on statues and behind walls and even under the map.

And I can't stand the noobie perks in UC3, give me the old gunplay of UC2 before ND started messing with damage/health levels.

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BABYLEG2038d ago

This is features for simple folks. We have most of these features now.

MikeMyers2038d ago

Everything seems to be more streamlined and much faster to access. So far so good.

DEEBO2038d ago

yeah but just because the automobile was made didn't stop man from trying to perfect the next model.

BitbyDeath2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

I wonder if they'll let us use the share function on movies.

EDIT: Sony need to add a Gif capture