InJustice Creative Director Ed Boon Details Lobo DLC And The Origin Of Gods Amongst Us - GamerHubTV

Creative Director Ed Boon shares the origin of InJustice Gods Amongst Us and the differences between this game and Mortal Kombat fight engines. Ed details his experiences working with DC Comics in bringing Gods Amongst Us to life.

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creHEARTive2067d ago

As soon as the game was announced, I was hoping that Lobo would be in it! Awesome!

Majin-vegeta2067d ago

I hope one day they can make a Marvel vs DC games.That way the DC and Marvel fanboys can duke it out :P.I'm a fan of both so no quarrel for me :P.

CC-Tron2067d ago

I'm waiting for Gorilla Grodd but I'll take Grundy for now.

Dno2067d ago

game is awesome but it need more heroes. i feel to even out the list they added some villains that didn't need to be there.

DarthJay2067d ago

Ares and Killer Frost are those two characters for me. Not quite sure what they were going for there. I mean, they look cool and they have cool powers in the game, but meh.

Dno2067d ago

lol holy crap those are the 2 i was talking about lol

im glad i am not alone on this.

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