Predicting Nintendo’s E3 2013 Conference

Jayden Williams at writes: "E3 2013 is almost upon us and in the face of increasing competition from the likes of Microsoft and Sony, all eyes are on Nintendo and what they may bring to ‘wow’ gamers worldwide."

Aside from an onslaught of new Wii U details last year, as well as the official reveal of Pikmin 3 and other first party games, Nintendo’s 2012 conference could be considered lacklustre – though compared to those of the other two it was marginally better in my opinion.

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kirbyu2063d ago

What I'm hoping for is Nintendo announces that they've bought back Rare.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2063d ago

There is much to look forward too.
-But I worry that Nintendo may fail in making the news exciting or fail at focusing on the right bits.

-I also hope that they don't try to overcompensate for last year and think, "Maybe we should hire Justin Bieber..."

I like Miyamoto's Geekiness- if Zelda is shown I want to see him Mega-Geek-up the stage in Link garb.
But I think they would do well to show some pizzazz.

If say, an Eternal Darkness game was in development.
They could play to the "nostalgia" (word of the day) built with in the game.

Like maybe announcing the game by having Reggie pretend to say some long drawn-out versions of facts about sales---

After the important information is said about 2 –5 minutes in:

A quick strobe of light
The light darkens as he continues as if nothing has changed.
The Big Screen changes revealing eyes and a then a face peering out at the audience...
A Heavily shadowed Maximilian Roivas babbles on the dark screen above.
They hear, "The Darkness is coming!”
And then with another flash, the trademark sound, and a "This isn't happening!"
Reggie's mic volume returns, the lights come up, and he keeps on talking as if nothing happened.

In the applause and questions (not everyone will understand), he could even make a joke about how fired-up the crowd is about sales figures.

Stuff like this could get them hits, tweets, and publicity.
– And I would scream like a Bieber Fan.

WeAreLegion2063d ago

Wow. Great ideas!

I'm not sure fanfare will sell a mass audience on games, however. :/ Just look at Sony's PlayStation Meeting 2013. The amount of fanfare there was unprecedented. However, many weren't impressed. I certainly was, since I've been with PlayStation since the beginning. It's a real shame, too.

Who knows though? I REALLY hope they pull off some cool stuff at E3. I want some more quality titles for my Wii U! :)

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2063d ago


I enjoyed the Press Conference and I am a Nintendo fan.

And I also like Sony's E3 show 2012. I thought it was the best show of the console makers (Ubisoft was the best show, IMO).

I even liked the Wonderbook Presentation because I kept thinking of ways they could use that tech in novels and education textbooks.

WeAreLegion2062d ago

Agreed! I really enjoy Book of Spells, by the way. It got my girlfriend into gaming. Not even kidding.

If Sony can push a tech like this as a learning tool within the classroom, it will be found money. To be honest, I'm surprised the big three haven't focused on education more. Interactive electronic learning is growing exponentially!

Bubbles, sir!

RTheRebel2063d ago

I pray to the heavens that Nintendo bring it E3 and, I better see a shit load of Bayonetta 2 type announcements.

Dj7FairyTail2063d ago

not happening.

The New Zelda was already stated to take a long development time.

It just be in the same situation as Skyward Sword just some teaser art and release two years later.

Kevlar0092063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

I will be expecting Retro Studios to be the Ace in the Hole, their final showing (provided they do show something)

The fact we will get to see Smash Bros. footage, new Mario and Zelda updates, and a Bayonetta 2 showing is getting me pumped (not to mention "X").

Surprises will be F-Zero, StarFox, GTA 5 for WiiU, anything from EA. A new 3DS model might be announced.

Dj7FairyTail2063d ago

GTA V get that off you list.

EA isn't supporting Wii U any more

3DS doesn't need a new model.

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