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Whether Nintendo Likes It Or Not, They Are In Trouble


When I was growing up as a child, Nintendo was king in the video game space. Everyone and their brother had to have a NES, SNES, Gameboy, and others. This was a different time. This was a time before smartphones and tablets when if you wanted to play games on the go, you had to buy a dedicated gaming device and if you wanted to play at home, you had to buy a home console. Even though PC gaming was big during those days, it offered a different experience.

In today’s market, we have smartphones and tablets that will play games for a dollar or even free. Even though these games do not offer the same depth of a dedicated handheld or gaming console, its enough to scratch the itch. People are now buying their kids iDevices instead of Nintendo gaming consoles, drawing away the market that Nintendo has built their business around. There are many other factors that are leading to the decline of Nintendo’s marketshare. (Nintendo, Wii, Wii U)

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   869d ago
Its going to be extremely difficult for them to compete with the ps4 and 720 who will have every 3rd party game going and they will have thriving online services and far better specs, they will do ok when they release their big 1st party titles but they will lose ALOT of revenue because of third party , the cods and battlefields will only thrive on psn/xbl and not nintendo network as its too new and only starting out against established services.
LOL_WUT  +   868d ago
Totally agree with this article. Good read ;)
Theyellowflash30  +   868d ago | Well said
LOL! You're one of the biggest trolls ever. I post article discusses an objective look on the Wii U situation and you say wait till E3, but a doom article you read and agree before E3.

You're a joke, not a gamer.
mcstorm  +   868d ago
@Theyellowflash30 if Nintendo are in trouble then so are sony. The PSV is selling around the same as the WiiU and the 3DS is selling very well like the PS3 at the moment.

All this doom and gloom is not true. Yes sales are not what they were for the Wii but it is in its 1st year and the 1st console of the new gen.

No one knows if the PS4 or Next xbox will sell well. Everyone said the 3DS was dead and look at what happened. The same was said about the PS3 and that came back. Hell it was even said that the 360 would be walked all over by the PS3 yet it was not.

No one knows what will happen over the next few years. The technology industry is a strange business and just like Android was selling poor at the start and it is now the number 1 selling OS in the world or it was said Nokia cant turn things around and here we are 24 months later with sales growing for them year on year.

Once the Next xbox and PS4 have been out 12 to 24 months and we see who is supporting which consoles and who has what games ect we will then be able to see who is doing well and who needs to worry.
Root  +   868d ago
You know they said with the Wii U that they wanted third party support for the Wii U most likely to get PS3/360 gamers to change their opinion on the company and make them want to buy a Wii U....this is what they wanted, their goal, if it wasn't then they wouldn't be doing such a bad job right now.

The problem is though despite their 1st party lineup this Xmas, what PS3/360 gamer is going to buy a Wii U when they will be saving up or be asking for a PS4/Nextbox instead.

They've just executed all of this poorly. They had the plan they just didn't think it through at all. At some points I feel like they don't know what they are doing or what they actually want.
Shnazzyone  +   868d ago
Whether fanboys like it or not. Nintendo is not really in trouble. They are still sitting on billions upon billions and are in far better shape then their competitors due to intelligent managing of their major franchises. According to the internet Nintendo has been doomed since the gamecube, They've always been wrong. Just deal with it.
R00bot  +   868d ago
Exactly. Sony is in more trouble, especially if the PS4 doesn't do really well (even if it does go well, if they're selling it at a loss they might be in trouble).

Sony is in a pretty bad financial situation, I was surprised when they announced the PS4 because the PS3 was just picking up steam.
I don't want to see Sony go, but if they sell at a loss (or don't sell well at launch) then they're in danger of going bankrupt.

tl;dr: Sony's PS4 has to sell well (and not at a (large) loss).
Theyellowflash30  +   868d ago
Yeah cause Wii needed COD and Battlefield?

This article is horrible and it glosses over the fact that Sony and MS have their own problems.

Nintendo is in trouble? How's Sony doing with that Vita? The Wii U is outselling the Vita and the Vita has been out for way longer. Just assuming Nintendo won't get third party support is speculative and premature.

Battlefield and COD don't run the gaming industry, and neither do shooters.

Everybody was saying the same BS when the 3DS launched. The graphics suck, the Vita is better, Sony will have more third party support.....blah blah blah.

Nintendo is fine with the Wii U, developers aren't stupid, they will put there games on all three platforms to make more money.
G20WLY  +   868d ago
Man, you're hilarious lol

Whenever someone's talking sales and says "Wii U", you just shout "Vita" back! Does that make it okay?

I'm assuming you're at school, so it might help you to think of it this way: if you fail your exams, is it okay, as long as your mate does too? Or would that have nothing to do with your predicament? ...Correct answer is option 2 btw ;)
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Knushwood Butt  +   868d ago
Developers won't port to Wii U if it won't sell.

CoD Black Ops Declassified (Vita) dwarfs Black Ops II (Wii U) in sales.
Neonridr  +   868d ago
Does it make it ok that people claim that the Wii U is doomed after 5 months, but the Vita was out for over a year before sales started to pick up?

Does it make it ok that everyone said, "just wait for the bigger games, then Vita will do better" but they aren't willing to give the Wii U the same slack?

typical Sony fanboys defending one thing, but attacking another..
Realplaya  +   868d ago
@G20WLY If you can shout how the Wii U sales are doing why can't he throw in Vita? They were the last two products released hence forth they are the newest products from there perspective manufacturers.

With that being said Nintendo isn't worried they know the system isn't just selling without any games. They aren't stupid and they know they need to create games but not just any games they have to be high quality games. They purposely aren't talking about there games until E3 which is right around the corner. Reggie mentioned games will pick up and that's because Ninttendo still ask everyone to be mum on big game news. When E3 hits it's expected for a full PS4 reveal and a big Microsoft console reveal they will talk about specs or maybe not and show off glorified versions of the same games. That may be all fine and dandy with there faithful fans because they can brag how much power there system has. IMO it takes a good developer about a year to make a good game even longer to make a great game if you do the math developers have had how much time with the Wii U about roughly half a year. If we expected developers to release a high quality original game and turn a profit in 6 months then we are all crazy.

The unknown is how much of a hardware hit Sony and Microsoft are willing to take because lets do the math at the current specs and hardware package Ninteno takes a 50 dollar hit. The new Xbox and playstation will be more powerful and Sony and Microsoft aren't afraid to pass the cost to consumers. All these people on the forums talk like they know everything but lets see them open there wallets when the time comes.
Neonridr  +   868d ago
@G20WLY - I did not mean the fanboy comment to be pointed at your direction. I was mereley pointing out that a LOT of people defended the Vita left and right while sales struggled and they merely said wait for the price to drop, or wait for the games. But they won't give the Wii U the same treatment. It's been out for almost a year less, but they are already to jump on it and label it a failure, yet no real 1st party games exist on it.

I should have clarified that, my apologies.
G20WLY  +   868d ago
@Neon, no offense taken, thanks for clarifying and acknowledging I wasn't being a fanboy, but neither can I sit back while someone else acts like one - whether Sony, MS or Nintendo :)
Trunkz Jr  +   868d ago

You can't talk trash about one but not the other, everyone wants to attack the sales of the Wii U but defend the sales of the Vita... Stop acting like fanboys and just accept but both will be fine in the long run.
booni3  +   868d ago
What a melodramatic piece. I agree with some of what he wrote but not all of it. The 3DS is doing very well, with Luigi's Mansion 2 clearing sales of one million units, demonstrating a relevant install base. There are also many hot titles that either recently released or will soon be released for the 3DS, such as: Etrian Odyssey IV, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, Project X Zone, Bravely Default, I really could go on.

Apple didn't kill the DS and won't kill the 3DS or the Vita/PSP. The markets are different, video game fans will still want dedicated devices. The article calls out Nintendo in general yet mostly focuses on the Wii U.

I agree that the Wii U is in bad shape right now but name one new gen console that hit the ground running. Many of them took a year or so to build strong momentum. The Wii U's library is what's hurting it, nothing more nothing less. It definitely has a "greater later" factor going for it, what with new HD Zelda, HD Wind Waker, Smash Bros. 4, Bayonetta 2, etc. On the way but not here quite yet.

Finally, this is Nintendo. They've never been "in trouble" and that won't change once the Wii U hits its stride.
Erdrick  +   868d ago
i think new fps games could actually be really awesome on wii u - you've got the gamepad for mini map, and better aiming control with wii remote+ than traditional analog sticks.
AKR  +   868d ago
1.) - SPECS ~ Haven't made a console "come out on top" from since the NES vs. Genesis days. PS1, PS2, Wii and DS all got the most sales in their generations, despite having the weaker specs.

2.) - Nintendo's online services are in their infancy, but didn't XBOX LIVE and PSN start out in an infant stage too? Now look at them? They didn't really go *boom* until the release of the 360 and PS3. Besides, Nintendo Network has already shown it's got the "right stuff" to compete with XBOX LIVE and PSN. You do realize that with the release of the new hardware, everything is also going to start from 0 again, right?

3.) - Nintendo lose revenue from little third-party support? Cute story, my friend. But - Fun Fact for ya. Out of the Big 3 ~ Nintendo has the HIGHEST revenue. Sony and Microsoft have gaming DIVISIONS, outside of the other parts of their companies. And speaking of Sony, it's doing the WORST financially. They even just had to recently sell their U.S HQ. They've been pulling through 8 years of losses, ever from since the launch of the PS3. If anything, you should be worried about SONY "losing a lot of revenue". PS4 is going to be more expensive. The economy still hasn't picked up. Development costs for games have risen. Point is, Sony is the pretty much the only one who literally can't **afford** to sell like the 7th-gen.
Root   869d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(4)
KingKelloggTheWH  +   868d ago
I think they will be better off when E3 comes around,though they waited to long on all the games they are gonna show there.
DivineAssault  +   868d ago
interesting points.. Agreed
Donnieboi  +   868d ago
The article IS on point. I tried to give Nintendo more slack since E3 is coming up, but if the latest reveal of games are any indication, then it looks like more sequels, less new ip's.
Theyellowflash30  +   868d ago
Nintendo has new IP, you just fail to find them.

1. Xenoblade
2. Project X Zone
3. HarmoKnight
4. Dillions Rolling Western
5. The Last Story
6. Pandora's Tower
Ck1x  +   868d ago
They can't read those! For some reason they just look for anything with Mario in the title, because they think that's all Nintendo makes... Silly trolls
Somebody should put out a "Nintendo IP for Dummies" book, I'm sure it would be a best seller:-)
ThePsychoGamer  +   868d ago
Project X Zone isn't a new IP nor is it owned by Nintendo, It's part of Namco's X series of crossovers that includes games like Namco X Capcom, X Edge, and Street Fighter X Tekken.
#5.1.2 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report
Theyellowflash30  +   868d ago

Project X Zone is technically a new game though. Just because you use cross over characters, doesn't mean it isn't new.

For example, PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale. That game is a new IP or original game, even though it uses different characters from different games.

And you need to do your research, Project X Zone was developed by Monolith Soft, which Nintendo owns.
Ck1x  +   868d ago
Lol! As Sony is launching their new system with sequels and a few new IP's that most of you won't even try out. So I noticed that most of you try and diminish the quality of Nintendo's games by calling them sequels, rehashes and the same crap constantly. But reviewers would jump all over this if that was even remotely the case and most Nintendo games score very high... Its not like these people are throwing Nintendo a free pass or something. Most news sites are trashing the WiiU left and right, so I know they aren't going to throw them a bone when it comes to reviews! But before people judge why don't they answer this. What groundbreaking gameplay mechanic did Sony include in GoW3(over GoW2) or in Uncharted 3(over Uncharted 2) that made the games so different?
Limegreen  +   868d ago
I'm glad Nintendo failed so far and I hope it stays that way, hopefully they can start making changes, I hate the stupid path this company has taken with shitty hardware and gimmick controllers. They need to get their shit together.
manaxknight1  +   868d ago
yea man the n64 should had been CD-ROM instead of Cartridge
PopRocks359  +   868d ago
People are still bitter about that three generations later?
danny818  +   868d ago
Truuuuuue ! *2 chainz voice
krontaar  +   868d ago
Someone needs to learn to not capitalize every word in a sentence.
stragomccloud  +   868d ago
I think if when the big games come out and Nintendo still isn't selling consoles we have something to worry about out.
OwlEyes  +   868d ago
This article seems to have been written in a strange alternate reality where the 3DS flopped.

In this reality, however, the 3DS has sold 30 million units in just 2 years - and with games like Pokemon on the way, the success is set to continue.

The idea that Mario will ever appear on the iPhone is just wishful thinking.
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kagamer79  +   868d ago
Nintendo has had a lot of ups and downs in their 30 yrs of business. They've seen alota systems come and go like turbo graphix 16, neo geo, 3DO, segas systems, atari jaguar etc. Some of those systems were really nice but just didn't gain enough popularity to stay afloat. Times have changed because I remember when nintendo ruled the roost of gaming but it seems like they lost the magic somewhere along the way. I agree nintendo needs fresh new ips and not just rehashes of their old favorites. Mario was a good game but its been basically the same formula for 30 yrs which is save princess peach and defeat bowser and his minions. They need to reinvent there premium titles like mario,zelda,metroid etc and bring new life and story line to these games. I don't think they are doomed at all because they have a billion dollar business and a strong hold on the hand held market. If the wii u is their last console it won't
be because of money, rather it will be that after 30 yrs their tired of the hassle and bs. They don't have to go software only there handhelds could keep them comfortable financially. Honestly no one knows the future for nintendo but almost all would agree somethings got to give. I think the wii u is very capable of producing great looking games. Not ps4 looking games but good none the less. GAMES will decide wii u fate. If they can keep a steady flow of quality games coming they will get by fine. But if the games dnt come and 3rd party abandons wii u then you better start worrying.
TheBoulder  +   868d ago
The Boulder wishes Nintendo a speedy recovery from hard times, The Boulder demands competition.

The Boulder is unsatisfied with Nintendos performance.
wheresmymonkey   868d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(1)
CaptainCamper  +   868d ago
The Wii sold more units than both the Xbox 360 and PS3.

People that claim the Wii U is doomed or useless are doing it based solely on opinion, which is fine obviously.

But don't be fooled. Nintendo have more experience than Sony/MS combined in the gaming space, hence their consoles making a profit straight out of the box.
Kran  +   868d ago
Sorry, but why would Nintendo like it? :/
MultiConsoleGamer  +   868d ago
Same sh*t, different day.

Take your doom and gloom back to NeoGAF.

We heard all the same nonsense when the 3DS launched and now its doing better than the original DS during the same time frame.
Moncole  +   868d ago
Just like how they were in trouble with all their other systems.
skyrimer  +   868d ago
Gamecube and Virtual Boy say hi.
millzy102  +   868d ago
GameCube technically wasn't a flop, nintendo made a shit load of profit off it even though it only sold 21m units, more money than microsoft did with there 25m Xbox sales. and at the of the day its profits that count. virtual boy however has been Nintendo's only commercial flop but I think they never really had high hopes for it. its also funny how Nintendo is only Wii u forgetting the fact 3ds, ds and Wii are still selling and they make shit loads of money off them products.
Jadedz  +   868d ago
Nintendo's always in trouble... -_-
Read this; http://ca.ign.com/articles/...

The glass is always half empty at N4G regarding Nintendo news.
josephayal  +   868d ago
This is terrible for nintendo

Related image(s)
skyrimer  +   868d ago
Great article.

For me, the problem with Nintendo is that they are in the middle of nowhere.

Casuals are not attracted by the tablet controller, it's too big with many buttons and sticks, far from Wii simplicity.

Family and kids are not attracted by the console since its pricey for Nintendo standards.

Hardcore gamers are mostly waiting for PS4/Nextbox, and Nintendo using current gen hardware together with failing to release AAA first party titles have made hardcore gamers to pass on WiiU. Besides many big developers are ignoring the console completely (like no Battlefield 4, lack of UE4 support), which creates doubts about it's long term appeal. Even worse, yesterday's NDirect shows WiiU... Luigi DLC? Nintendo, really? That's it? Good luck Ninty, you're gonna need it.
Plagasx  +   868d ago
The problem with Nintendo's Wii U right now is that nobody really knows about it. All of my family members think either it's still an add on to the Wii or don't know about it.

Start marketing your console better Nintendo..
#21 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
MAULxx  +   868d ago
Wii U just doesnt make sense. You gotta look at your tv and down at the tablet. Not a good requirement on any console.
Erdrick  +   868d ago
article compares consoles to indie pc and smartphone games - not really fair. and i'm ok if the wii u is a sleeper hit like the gamecube, it had some of the greatest games of all time.
kagamer79  +   868d ago
I try to give my opinion and not be biased. I enjoy all consoles because i own all of them. When i own a wii u myself i can better describe my feelings toward it because like ppl say dnt knock it till you tried it. I try to say what i think nintendo should do to win over the so called hard core fans of sony and microsoft if thats even possible to begin with. After many many years of gaming i do know this much, never ever under estimate nintendo. Their the longest running console makers in the business so dnt be surprised when there still here in the 9th gen of gaming.

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