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Submitted by RankFTW 954d ago | news

Major Wii U System Update Coming Next Week

The Wii U System Update we heard about earlier this year will be released next week, it's been announced. (Wii U)

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skipper  +   954d ago
Great news. Those were some of my major complaints. WHEW Nintendo, about time! :)
darthv72  +   953d ago
great news indeed...
i found this part interesting though: "auto-receive updates without having to start up"

That implies that your system would need to be (wait for it)...always online.

I couldnt resist with all the "always online" rhetoric being thrown around. If your system is connected to the internet then your system is essentially always online. You may not be using it but it still means its connected and ready when you want to.

The freezing issue...yeah, had that happen to mine a couple of times. Hopefully its a fixable glitch and not something we continue to endure. IF MS has RROD then Nintendo has FSOD: Frozen system of doom.
bullymangLer  +   954d ago
ohhh hapeee daiyyy
enkeixpress  +   954d ago
I don't own a Wii U myself.. but these new options & tweaks in the new firmware are much needed features indeed.
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LostDjinn  +   954d ago
Sounds good. Any improvements to the OS are welcome and allowing background tasks should be handy.
MontyQ  +   954d ago
wish Nintendo would add better prizes to club Nintendo I have them all and like 5000 coins a I need a different game n watch go Nintendo go
Moncole  +   954d ago
You should be happy you can claim prizes with your points. They dont need to give you points to claim prizes.
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USMC_POLICE  +   954d ago
Now can we fix the random freezes this is my 2nd Wii u
GotHDGame  +   954d ago
Wow, that sucks. I have had it freeze twice. Both times BOPS2. I have heard some other people say they have had it freeze too.
USMC_POLICE  +   954d ago
Yea mine has froze on start up, Lego city, batman
gedden7  +   954d ago
Some pretty nifty updates and Wii U anit done yet!! Can't wait for all these release dates to "dramatically increase"!!
sway_z  +   954d ago


Hi Five!!!



...where are the frickin' games???
chase_mccain   954d ago | Spam
bobacdigital  +   953d ago
It specifically states " loading times when switching between applications or returning to the Wii U Menu." .. So I am assuming it is system wide improvement between apps and stuff also.

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