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Submitted by MattS 956d ago | preview

Soul Sacrifice really is the best thing to happen to the Vita | Digitally Downloaded

Digitally Downloaded writes: "The online works nicely too, and this is perhaps the first Vita game that will end up with a community large enough to sustain it. Atmosphere, challenge, layered combat and a mission structure perfectly suited for the portable form factor... as far as I'm concerned this is the Monster Hunter killer." (PS Vita, Soul Sacrifice)

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   956d ago
It's also one of the few things to happen to the Vita at all. LOL

Sorry I'll stop trashing the vita, I just really wish it got more support, can't justify buying one for one or two games.
Muffins1223   956d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
phantomexe  +   956d ago
It's why he has one bubble. He worships sony ever night in his underwear. I see it now O MIGHTY SONY GOD come and....... Jokeing aside i like to see more games on the vita and wiiu. There really great systems and worth developers attention.
Veneno  +   956d ago
Wtf? How does muffins get censored but the troll vashlion doesn't?
Mounce  +   955d ago
Your comment being an exaggeration durp-comment for negativity is predicted....

but combined with the face in your avatar, it makes probably most things seem funny. That guy can make the funniest god damn faces...
Salooh  +   956d ago
1180 MB / 1229 MB :D`

I choosed to download a demo over virtue last reward full game. I hope it's worth it xD
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Salooh  +   956d ago
8/10 to me as a vita game. The gameplay is good. The story telling is great but the way they talk is really weird and the story can be much much better if it's an open world and have complicated story and secret stuff in that open world. Here is hope for a sequel with that kind of features..

I will try to buy the game. I kind of liked it. But not really impressed. But i will play it for what it is :).

Note : I thought this game had multiplayer or something like that o.o .
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HammadTheBeast  +   956d ago
Yeah, multi player is the best part.
matrixman92  +   956d ago
not a fan of the book, kill enemies, read book, kill enemies, read get it. Seems really bland so far
Riderz1337  +   956d ago | Well said
I bet you like shooters...Shoot enemies, reload, shoot enemies, reload, shoot enemies, reload. Seems bland doesn't it.
syphon32  +   956d ago
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   956d ago
I think you argued why he probably doesn't like shooters either.
matrixman92  +   956d ago
so because I dont like generic stuff, means I like generic stuff. Love your stupid argument though


my psn is reconassassin92...look at my profile, even msg me if u want. While I wait, I will be playing an actual good game like persona 4 golden
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Riderz1337  +   956d ago
And I love your stupid description of the game. I bet you don't even have a Vita and are just making shit up.
matrixman92  +   956d ago
my psn is reconassassin92...look at my profile, even msg me if u want. While I wait, I will be playing an actual good game like persona 4 golden
G20WLY  +   955d ago
Hello genius! So Persona is great?

Read some dialogue, kill enemies, read some dialogue, kill enemies, read some dialogue, DATE!, read some dialogue, kill enemies, etc...

Anyone can trivialise a great game, see? GTA? Drive to mission, shoot some enemies, repeat - it must be rubbish, huh?! NOPE! Tetris? Rotate the block, push left or right, repeat - must be terrible, IT'LL NEVER SELL, I TELLS YA?! lol

I liked it a lot and will be part of the online community. Nobody's saying it's perfect, but it is very good indeed :)
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Mounce  +   955d ago
You also sound like you're a bandwagon-whore....

Do and get things only because others say so and you must do it or else you feel rejected.

Soul Sacrifice, generic? Lol.

Dragon's Dogma and Monster Hunter collectively aren't generic......yet.
DarkHeroZX  +   955d ago
I checked your pan and there is some generic stuff on there.
Omar91  +   956d ago
I've seen some gameplay, watched some trailers, and still cant get excited for this game. It doesnt look interesting for some reason imo. Downloading the demo to see for myself.

I really hope I like it though because my vita needs some love. Last game I bought was thieves in time.
Salooh  +   956d ago
Same thing happening to me >.< .
DivineAssault  +   956d ago
Im excited for it.. Looks really fun & gruesome.. I just hope its not a hollow experience & theres plenty to do besides questing
shammgod  +   956d ago
This demo is awesome!
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   955d ago
Having a blast on multiplayer, played it all day yesterday and it's only the demo!
dedicatedtogamers  +   956d ago
I get the sense that the game is only going to appeal to those willing to invest a bit of time. I'd say give the demo 1 hour minimum, and take a moment to read some pages out of the Lore section.

Personally, this sort of game is right up my alley. However, at the beginning the battles flew by way too quickly. My first three battles took - literally - no more than 2 minutes each to beat. The customization seemed lacking at first.

However, people should at least fight their way until they battle Harpy and/or until they unlock the online multiplayer (which isn't unlocked from the beginning).
KLegend_99  +   956d ago
this might be an unpopular opinion, but i was prepared to be blown away by this game, but i just wasn't. maybe i was expecting too much.
one2thr  +   956d ago
Downloading it now, and 443 people gave it 5 solid stars...

It is tyhme...

Now 465 at 4.94/5 stars
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WildArmed  +   956d ago
lol most people just vote as soon as their download starts. So those stars aren't really indicative of anything.

I'd be cool if they implemented a system to rate the demo after you complete it (like it asks you automatically, instead of going back to the PStore)
dafegamer  +   956d ago
why should they?
AusRogo  +   956d ago
Holy shit im in love with this game! I wasn't interested in it but after hearing all the praise I thought I may as well get the demo... going to get full game on day 1.
DivineAssault  +   956d ago
i forgot about the demo coming out.. Downloading it now.. Hope its as good, if not better than MH
Rezka  +   956d ago
I'm currently addicted to it
knifefight  +   956d ago
The piece say that it's based on the demo, and that the "online works well," but I got a note from Sony that said online servers are not up until April 30th.

So...which is it?
Twisted_H3art  +   956d ago
The servers are up you can play online the demo has 4 different online challenges up to 4 people played it loved it online work pretty good.
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knifefight  +   956d ago
Thanks for clarifying! :D
Eazy-Eman  +   956d ago
The demo took me a while to get used to, but overall I'm digging the gothic elements and that libro book is hilarious. If you poke him he gets up angrily and rants on about him not liking it lol.
Rhaigun  +   956d ago
The Vita needed more good games. I wound up selling mine after I played through Uncharted and Sound Shapes. Got tired of not having anything to play on it. Hopefully, more devs actually support it.
Veneno  +   956d ago
Its probably for the best. If you cant understand how to use the PSN Store tosee that there's hundreds of games to play for Vita, then you should probably not own one anymore. At least now someome can pick one up on the cheap.
Rhaigun  +   954d ago
Uh. Hardly. Where do you think I got Sound Shapes? PSN. Hundreds of games is overstating it. Unless you're counting old PSP and PSone games, which would be silly. I'm talking about Vita games. You know, the reason you buy one in the first place.

I'm not an Xbot. I'm still the proud owner of a PS3, and a supporter of PS+. PSN is EtherCore if you need proof. I'm just not a blind supporter of a handheld that is seriously lacking in the games department. Its no secret. Try again, Troll.
HexxedAvenger  +   956d ago
I'm downloading it now. GAWD! I hope it's as good as I been hoping for.

For those that played it, how does it compare to MH?
Blastoise  +   956d ago
A lot more faster paced. Elements make a difference (the same as MH, use an Ice weapon on a fire enemy). No exploration, no collecting bugs & no taverns ect. Deeper storyline, more varied enemies(so far atleast). Easier chat. Music is much more standout (except for maybe MH's Jhen Mohran).
Sacrificing enemies is the equivalent of using a whetstone. Saving enemies is the equivalent of using potion but healing magic is available. You can attack and break certain points of the monsters which gives you new magic. You can upgrade you're character with equip-able items but I think they take up a magic slot. You can chain attacks too which is cool.
Character customisation is more or less the same, but you can change your name, hair, gender ect at any point which is a welcome addition
There is a good and evil side which I don't understand too much as of yet, but so far it seems you need to reach certain good/evil level to equip certain ability boosts (E.G longer shield duration, less fire damage ect)

Matches take a lot less than Monster Hunter but I'd say they were equally as difficult.

Overall I'd say Soul Sacrifice is the more...streamlined experience as there's no messing around waiting for people in taverns or trekking across multiple levels...But on saying that it's also a downside as there is less exploration and some of the most fun you can have in MH is the feeling of an actual hunt.

Really though the concepts are very similar and if you enjoy Monster Hunter (Like I do) you'll enjoy Soul Sacrifice too. There is enough similarities to keep a MH fan happy but there's enough new stuff that makes SS stand out in itself

Sorry for the rant lol, this is based off of around 5-6 hours of the SS demo too by the way
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HexxedAvenger  +   956d ago
I'm a huge fan of MH. I would say it is honestly my #1 favorite game. But It feels enjoyable. Sucks my friends won't pick it up. But that's what online is for. Can't wait to play the real game. Back to the demo. That rant was on point.
godofboobees  +   956d ago
First thing thay sold me on this game. Yasunori mitsuda!! Enough said
Williamson  +   956d ago
From the demo the gameplay was really fun and just fast paced. The different attacks that I used so far were really unique.
gano  +   956d ago
Day 1.
That is all.
L.E gamecard, no dl.
PersonaCat  +   956d ago
The lore, the music. I read through all of the back stories for the monsters in the game and boy have they done a good job. The Cerberus and the fat woman(forgot her name) were really well done. I'll try out online tomorrow, but either way this game is getting purchased day 1.
WalterWJR  +   956d ago
This demo is keeping me off ni no kuni, how can they pack so much into a demo?
a_bro  +   956d ago
The demo made me feel like a scumbag, and that's a good thing, cause I felt bad for sacrificing others for my own agenda lmaoooo, this game is awesome!
Hanso  +   954d ago
i sacrificed 3 people on the cerberus mission yesterday and he still was alive but i managed to kill him then on my own XD
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tubers  +   955d ago
It's pretty good once you get past the horrible script/dubbing in the intro movie.
sherimae2413  +   955d ago
good to know you guys liked the demo!
have fun while waiting for the full game... just only 2 more weeks! ^_^
Hanso  +   954d ago
time to farm spells in the meantime so we can directly upgrade our spells to M Level in the full game!
I also killed cerberus yesterday i feel like a boss but i sacrificed my whole team lmao XD
sherimae2413  +   954d ago
that beast is so hard to beat in solo, the ai partners are dumb lol
well congrats to you and sacrificial partners lol
o-Sunny-o  +   955d ago
Soul Sacrifice nice new IP thanks Sony I'm addicted.
SirBradders  +   955d ago
I saved the girl thinking i was gonna get some loving but she just gets back up and you gottta kill her again and sacrifice her.
PersonaCat  +   955d ago
Haha thanks for mentioning that. I outright sacrificed her and was wondering if anything different would happen if I saved her.
lovegames718  +   955d ago
At first demo didnt catch my attention but as i got into the second chapter and got the hang of things ive been hooked on it! Def. a purchase for me in two weeks.
g-nome  +   955d ago
Was hoping for something like dark souls actually...
LoneWolf019  +   955d ago
Personally I think Phantasy Star Online 2 will be the best thing to happen to the vita.
profgerbik  +   955d ago
Would be great if it was ever announced to even leave Japan.. At this point I almost want to say Sega said this to moving it over seas on the Vita...

"Fuck it.."

I mean it is kind of ridiculous how little we have heard about the Vita version coming over seas. Especially knowing the Japanese version has been out for a good while now and they have talked about the PC version, which even that is taking way longer than it should to be localized..
#28.1 (Edited 955d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
SirBradders  +   955d ago
Its a fucking joke western developers should do the same until we the gamers are all treated equal. Power to the pe... gamer lol
Ravi2012PSN  +   955d ago
add Ravi2012 for some party chat soul sacrifice :D
AndreausAhazard  +   955d ago
The demo was awesome waw i can't wait for the game. And the voice acting wasn't that bad anyway back to the game.
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