It's about time Sony revived SOCOM

Digitally Downloaded writes:

"It seems like only yesterday that we were plugging an Ethernet attachment onto the backside of our PS2 consoles to head into the unique tactical online shooter warfare that is, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs.

The original trilogy is by far considered to be the pinnacle titles for the franchise, with the top game usually being a tossup between the second and third titles. Sadly, the series has fallen to the wayside with numerous under-achieving offshoot iterations on the PSP and two average attempts to bring the series into the HD era on the PS3 with SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation and the final numbered entry into the series, SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs. Given that it's been so long since this series has had the opportunity to shine, what better way to give the Vita a boost than remake the original trilogy in HD?"

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SynGamer2066d ago

There are 3 things Sony could do at this point:

1) SOCOM 1 & 2 HD Collection (or just 2) for PS3 & PS Vita
2) SOCOM HD Online for PS3 & PS Vita - essentially the best maps from 1, 2, and possibly 3 and 4. Key here is it's online-only (with offline bots). No campaign of any sort.
3) SOCOM 5 for PS4.

Personally I like option 2 the best, especially if there is cross-platform play between PS3 and PS Vita users. Another possible option is SOCOM HD Online for PS4 & PS Vita, but regardless, I would pay good money to play SOCOM 2 in HD on my PS3/4/Vita.

Slapshot822066d ago

I would as well SynGamer. I would thoroughly enjoy seeing Sony put a lot of money behind the series, developing a new SOCOM title for the PS4 that utilizes a high-end game engine and developed by one of Sony's top developers (e.g. Naughty Dog, Guerilla Games). I can only image what the Gaikai technology could do for clan wars... it seems that amazing things could indeed be possible for a future SOCOM title on the PS4 - if Sony takes the risk.

But like you, I think that the Vita a fantastic proving grounds to get this series back on track. I too would enjoy nothing more than to relive those amazing online battles of SOCOM 2 in HD.

zeee2066d ago

Guys, I never played a SOCOM game before. Was it any good? Better than or at least equal to the quality of Battlefield 3?

andibandit2066d ago


I wouldn't even compare the 2, they are so different. BF3 is alot more Run'n'gun + chaos, where as Socom has a slower pace, and very tactical.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, has some resemblance to it, altho i find Socom is the better of the two.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2066d ago

Socom 2 HD ... I will start prayer services at the Vatican for this game.

_FantasmA_2066d ago

Keep praying. It won't do anything. Praying, bad. Kickstarter, good.

sinncross2066d ago

I would say option 2, if you get it out on PS3/ PS4 and PSV cross play.

Give the PS4 the option for 4 player split-screen offline as an added incentive (since the extra power should make that easy).

If the PS3 can get split-screen then do that as well.

SoapShoes2066d ago

Socom 2 would need a lot of work to be remastered. Just a higher resolution wouldn't do as it would still look like crap. They need to update character models, improve geometry, redo textures, and anti-aliasing at the very least. They might as well redo it on the Socom 4 engine(if it's a PS3 game) with the same old gameplay.

But Socom fans will complain no matter what. It doesn't matter if it's a perfect remake of S2, they'll whine just like they always do. Socom never did great in reviews and they'll point it out with the remake as if Socom 2 got tons of 9s and 10s(which it didn't).

LackTrue4K2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

i dont see the issue/hate of the last Socom.
in my eyes, it was a good game.
the game it's self replace Ghost Recon on my list of games.
(in a good way)

Omegasyde2066d ago

Try Spec Ops, you might like it. Personally I though Ghost Recon has too many gadgets like the ability to cloak...

Knushwood Butt2066d ago

Yeah, I enjoyed Socom 4 a lot too. The single play was solid, and online co-op was a blast. Didn't play competitive much. Move implementation was good too.

Confrontation was way harder to get into, and a totally different kind of game to Socom 4, yet the same crowd seemed to complain about both. I never really understood why.

1OddWorld2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

My two cents

One of its biggest short comings and PS3 for that matter was lack of communication. By trying to force everyone to play together around the world and not servers for different regions you would be placed with people you couldn't communicate with making it extremely hard to find people with mics and who also spoke your language. Also Socom was about close quarter combat you could literally frag people from the start of the round "which was great for eliminating noobs". You would think this would be its downfall but it made for high intensity white knuckle action. If only they could have stuck with the Socom 2 setup people would be like WTF is C.O.D.

Crossroads - Desert Glory, Forever...

Omegasyde2066d ago

I thought a mix of small maps and big maps were key. 32 players was abit too much.

The Perfect Socom game would be
-Have Server lobbies ala PS2 Socoms, so people could text outside matches
-Old and news maps that were BALANCED
-Unlocked Attachments for guns, but be able to unlock new guns
-Ghuilie suit
-Demolition and Breach
-Weight System based on load out
-Pressure Sensitive movement. NO RUN Button
-Grenade-throwing arcs
-Dancing on Bodies and Voice Taunts
-8-player Party System
-Clan Pages
-PMN mines and claymores
-"Gun hot" when in close proximity to enemy
-Smoke and Flashbangs
-11 round matches
-Players can swim and dive
-International Spec Ops
-Online Leader Boards
-Ability to Host private games
-Focus more on 1-life per round

1OddWorld2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

I agree with everything except..

-No large maps. Medium and small only keep this a game about close combat.
-No need for a ghillie suit when the maps aren't big enough to camp.
-You need to be able to run.
-I don't see players needing to swim or dive in a close combat game.

Socom was originally a close combat game. With only one life you had to act quick to stay alive. Your accomplishment came in the lobby between rounds when you would receive praise and get the chance to here the screams from your victims.

I also agree with you that 32 players was way to much. (10 vs 10) or (12 vs 12)I think is more than enough to kill in a round. Reducing the head count helps in the way of allowing a team to be a team. The more people the more chaos.

{Off Topic}
I need more bubbles. So that I can respond when I agree with a post or even more so when I disagree so that the individual isn't wondering why.

Eyeco2066d ago

I lol'd when when I read "-dancing on bodies" because Socom is supposed to be a serious tactical shooter, the thought of someone doing the river dance, in the middle of a warzone is hilarious

JoySticksFTW2066d ago


"I need more bubbles. So that I can respond when I agree with a post or even more so when I disagree so that the individual isn't wondering why."

Done. I sent you a bubble for a good post

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DOMination-2066d ago

I am not convinced that enough people would buy an HD remaster for an online game to prosper, especially if it was vita only.

SynGamer2066d ago

No one ever said Vita-only I believe. The suggestions so far is the game would be on PS3/4 AND Vita.

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strigoi8142066d ago

For me i think this should rest..coz the last few just didnt made justice

cpayne932066d ago

Would love a socom hd collection, never got to play the games in their prime.

AkatsukiPain2066d ago

Wish sony would remake socom 2 or try an follow its footsteps with a new socom for the ps4. Would also love to see a new syphon filter & legend of dragoons game for the ps4. With easier developing tools and the talented 1st party studios sony has, this should be easy to do. I hope they can do this since it could save them time & money with having to always rely on new ip's.

I mean keep doing what sony has done best with new innovative & creative ip's but it would never hurt to bring back old franchise hits thats already proven & bring them to life with the ps4 hardware.

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