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Why PC Gaming is Putting Consoles to Shame

Microsoft Creative Director Adam Orth was forced to resign last week after comments he made on his Twitter page. "Sorry, I don't get the drama of having an 'always on' console," Orth tweeted. "Every device now is 'always on'. That's the world we live in. #dealwithit."

Mr Orth's comments were made after rumours began circulating that the Xbox 360's successor, nicknamed the Xbox 720, would always require an internet connection in order to work, even to play games that have no online features. Of course, his comments shouldn't in any way be taken as confirmation that Microsoft have opted to go the always-on route with the Xbox 720, but they are yet more fuel added to a fire that Microsoft isn't in any way helping to extinguish.

The idea of always-online DRM is so anti-consumer and loathsome that, if the rumours aren't true, you'd have to believe Microsoft would have released a statement by now in order to stop all the bad press they're receiving. Creating a console that is only functional if it is hooked up to the internet presents a huge list of problems and absolutely no advantages for the consumer, and if this is to be the case, then it's just another example of the home console market's huge lack of respect for their audience. With this in mind, is it any wonder that PC gaming is experiencing a resurgence in popularity? (PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Majin-vegeta  +   710d ago
Yet many DEVS shun PC...
AnotherProGamer  +   710d ago
probably because the console market is bigger and piracy rates are larger on PC
steve30x  +   708d ago
Or maybe consider this. It might be a lot harder to do cross platform development with current consoles so they are focusing on the consoles because they have a bigger market and when the PS4 comes out there "MIGHT!!" be a surge in PC games with easier multi platform development made easier.
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kwyjibo  +   708d ago
Japan has never been a PC gaming market, so there's a bit of a cultural issue. With next-gen being PC architecture though, multiplatform porting costs will fall, so you'll see more of them.

Dark Souls 2 is going to give the PC version the same priority as the consoles versions for example.
FreakdoutKid  +   708d ago
no most dev shun cnsoles with those shitty textures and shit
MrDead  +   708d ago
....... Anyone seen any News 4 Gamers all I can find is this BS everywhere, anyone would think the approvers where trying to kill N4G.

Also I have a solution to the PC console issue. Own both.
Stefanrules7  +   708d ago
You hit the nail on the head

Buy both and you will be a very happy gamer with lots of choice and you will never run out of fun
MasterCornholio   708d ago | Offensive
kcuthbertson  +   708d ago
Lol at everyone saying that PC gamers call themselves the elite master race. That's a name that console owners have to the PC gamers who act like douches. I've never heard any PC gamer call themselves the Master race.
Oschino1907  +   708d ago
"I've never heard any PC gamer call themseleves the Master race."

You must be new around here....

The vocal minority makes all PC gamers look bad. Console fanboys tend to not know any better, PC fanboys seem to know better but still act like the most stuck up and out of touch gamers of them all. PC fanboys make me cringe with disgust, they are the 1%ers who just aren't in touch with the real world and lost in their own little one.
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TheKayle1  +   708d ago
well just coz pcs r better machines and everyone know it

years and years that console r putting down the real gaming experience that we all could have on our pcs....

and this is honestly sad...

but u know devs do money on games....and they sold more on console..so....
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Stefanrules7  +   708d ago
Got to agree and say consoles hold pc back and give you no freedom

Somebody name me a console game thats open source or allows you to mod or have anything for free

If you can name any game like that ill give you a bacon sandwich
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sourav93  +   708d ago
*Grabs popcorn*
Max-Zorin  +   708d ago
*Looks through comments* N4G is Young and the Restless: Gamers Edition.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   708d ago
Because the console technology is inferior and it holds back gaming.
Mr_Writer85  +   708d ago
Do you have facts to back this up? Nopes?

So your comment is invalid :)
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   708d ago
It's obvious at this point. No facts needed...

Would a 360/PS3/(PS4) outperform a i7 with a 680gtx?

lets knock it down a notch...

Would a 360/PS3/(PS4) outperform a i5 with a 660ti?

Lets go further...

Would a 360/PS3/(PS4) outperform a FX-8350 with a 7970?

Even Deeper...

Would a 360/PS3 outperform a Core 2 Quad with a 560ti?

Now mind you PC gaming would be a lot further along if the game engines being used on recent titles weren't scaled to run on 360/PS3 first. Universal coding is also the reason why the PS3 version of multiplat games end up being the one chugging behind the rest.

Here's some good reads.
(LOL some old 720 rumors in this) http://www.gatheryourparty....
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Redwave  +   708d ago
I love how PC gamers only talk about graphics (which is very small difference) and money. Well I play all consoles and when I am done with a $60 game i can sell it for $55. SO 50 games a year cost me only $250 compare to PC games now?
Oschino1907  +   708d ago
Lol when I bring up the fact that you own 2 copies of every game digitally downloaded on PSN/SEN apparently it doesn't count or so I have been told before on N4G.

So their Steam sales count but when I buy a game with co-op or multiplayer digitally and put it on both of my PS3s in the same room with a TV for each and play next to another person its irrelevent because they have no 1up on me.

So 1 game with 2 copies for each system or even local co-op/multi for that matter means nothing to PC fanboys but saving money on a single copy and playing solo at home wins somehow with no debate?

Logic only seems to matter when its backing up their specs/power and hardware. With everything else you could possibly debate over logic is thrown out the window and only brought back when it helps their side.
Cueil  +   708d ago
lolz... *goes back to gog.com and installs game on 10 computers*
ExCest  +   708d ago
Tell me where you can sell your games at only a loss of $5 dollars. And don't tell me some friend will buy it off of you.
Xristo  +   708d ago

Haha what a bunch of BS! $55 for a used game!! LOL ... you want to see some TRUTH? Go look at the prices on PC games on http://www.steamtrades.com/...

I bought FarCry3 for $7 last week. Guess what, I do not NEED to get rid of it to save money. I get to keep it while saving approx $43 (current Steam price of $49.99) towards something else. :P

You doubting me? Here's the proof! : http://www.steamtrades.com/...

Look for my name making the deal.

Where is your proof?!
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mrmancs  +   708d ago
i read to the part that said to shame on the heading title and laughed and left this comment. I am not even going to say anymore apart from i will be a very happy man when the ps4 arrives and pc gamers are playing another wow add on or a "exciting" tactical warfare point and click game. Oh the shame of it.
DomceM  +   708d ago
I wrote an article about this a long time ago on this subject. The truth is that pc gaming is actually much cheaper than console gaming. There are reasons why you may want top play PS or XBOX, but if price is your main argument then you should go back to math class.

Sit down with a pen and a piece of paper and do the math. Actual cost of a console, 10$ more expensive games, No sales of games like steam does for 5$, no humble bundle indie sales, 10$ online passes, and dont forget that console gamers STILL need to own a PC. Otherwise N4G crowd couldnt sit all day on N4G spouting uninformed comments.

(and a few people dont own work pcs/ macs at home. Thats fine. You are the minority).

The cost of separating 1 device that does it all (PC) into a pc just for work and a console just for gaming is something that people dont take into consideration. but it is the factor that makes console gaming much more expensive than pc.

Also, its not just about the graphics. Its about the overall experience. Take Battlefield 3 for example... PC gamers got better graphics, bigger maps, and more players. They also had "cross game chat" because you can use any program to do that for free on pc.

PC gamers also get mods and other things.
Pointless to argue though. Also, PS3 nazis are no different than PC nazis.
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Oschino1907  +   708d ago
Exactly the kind of comment that makes PC fanboys seem so out of touch and lost in their own little world.

I could rebute a majority of your nonsense but its pointless as you have clearly shown you are one of the vocal minority who brings down the whole image of a "PC Gamer".
DomceM  +   708d ago
i have a ps1, ps3, and ps vita in addition to a PC. Im also a PS+ subscriber. Im not a PC fanboy. Im just realistic.

Brief look through your comment history shows obvious anti-PC bias. Not only that but you open your argument by starting name calling. PC fanboy? You dont know me.

And if you could have rebuted anything I said you would have. Calm down and leave the internet to the grown ups.
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No_Pantaloons  +   708d ago
Forget price and graphics for a minute. That's been debated long enough, the greatest thing about pc gaming is FREEDOM.

Things like "no cd crack" for starcraft, back before blizz added such a feature. Unofficial patches, skyrim greatly benefited from such, and if you still needed a spot fix you had Console Commands. I can personally attest to how great it felt fixing my quest log that had a few completed ones still listed.
Then there's Mods like KOTOR2 where portions of content can be restored, but only on PC. Better than even that though are graphics Mods for older games, I just upgraded to a gtx670 and the first game I played was fallout 3 with all the highest texture and lighting mods I could find, it never looked that good on "high settings" with my old card, but it will always look the same on console.

Speaking of upgrades, that was again, MY CHOICE. My old card could still run any game at med-high, but I wanted ultra settings and better frame rates, found a deal I though was worth it and now I get what I wanted. I could have bought a weaker card for less or a titan for much more, but that's the point, you get to choose what gaming improvements are worth to you. Same with ssd's, cpu, keyboards, mice.

Consoles are easier, but you don't have options on a console, that's why its easier.
On both hardware and software they're restrictive, and if the "always online" does happen, then that's the nail in the coffin for Freedom.
Hydralysk  +   708d ago

Which platform you prefer is going to depend on a multitude of factors unique to you. Which games genres you like, what controls you like, how tech savvy you are, whether mod support is important, your budget, what platform your friends play on, ALL of these and more combines into what the best platform for you and you alone is.

This constant pissing match between console and PC owners is just embarrassing for everyone involved.
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avengers1978  +   708d ago
Show me a 6 year old PC even capable of playing some of these newer games (crisis 3, bf3, etc)
I am not going to shell out more money on a regular basis to upgrade my PC to play the newest games at only slightly better graphics, not a better story, not a better online experience, just slightly better graphics and frame rate. And the newest PC equipment is really expensive 1000$ graphics card... OUCH
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isarai  +   708d ago
People who cling onto this are pathetic IMO. Yeah PC gaming has its pros above consoles, but consoles have benefits above PC aswell but i'm not even going into that shark tank. I am a gamer, not a console gamer, not a PC gamer, just a gamer, and i play on whatever has a game i'm interested in, and so can most other people so i don't get why you have to chose a side(even if it's not a gaming PC there's still tons of amazing games and indie games that'll play on any modern PC) just play your games and stop trying to justify you purchase to everyone else, the only persons approval you should need is your own, and if that's determined by everything but games and their gameplay then you're doing it horribly wrong.
TardcoreGamer  +   708d ago
As a PC owner/builder who knows, lemme give you guys some insight.
Personal Investment:
"I" had the desire for something more.
"I" did the research.
"I" took the risk.
"I" spent my time and hard earned money to build something that is truly my own unique gaming machine.

PC owners by their there very natural are more invested in their gaming machine thus have more of an emotional attachment and it gives them a sense of pride that console owners see as arrogance.
kingduqc  +   708d ago
Better framerate/textures/lightning/s cale/resolution. Cheaper at start on pc, price goes down way faster and also have way better deals all year long. More content with mods and a more mature community. Less latency, dedicated server (ban hackers/custom mode/more players), better communication. Freedom of picking the controller you want, on many screen setup you want.

Edit: Also, a way better sound experience.

Console exclusives: 8 hours long corridor shooter with cool moment that try too hard to be like a movie.

Pc Exclusives: Deep and immersible game with complex game mechanics that make you think to solves problem.

On top of that, you get the best multimedia system, a great pc for everyday use instead of the 8 year old crap you use to brows internet. Backward compatibility with every games, you can also emulate old console game if you feel retro (up to wii at this point)

I don't know for you, but to me it's clear the pc is the platform of choice. If you don't agree you lack of judgement. People always say pc are way too expensive, that was true 10-15 year ago. Nowadays with about 400$ more then you would use for the average pc you already have in your house you can build a beast, Plus you save a TON of money on games (anyone buying somewhat many games can make it up for the upfront cost+ the upgrade you might want.) On top of that you have an open platform where you can do what you want.
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thebudgetgamer  +   708d ago
For people that always feel superior they sure are insecure.
Ducky  +   708d ago
Why do you punish yourself by reading the comments here, budget?
#20.1 (Edited 708d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
thebudgetgamer  +   708d ago
Looking in vain for some common sense. There is some, thank God.
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kingduqc  +   708d ago
Care to tell me where I'm wrong? It's all truth.
Cueil  +   708d ago
PC gamers are not elitist or arrogant they are just spreading the truth
ATi_Elite  +   708d ago
The Gorious PC Gaming Master Race!
I read this STUPID article and was waiting for the editor to spell out and detail exactly how "PC Gaming was putting consoles to shame"

But it never happened! Only the same regurgitated crap you always get in PC vs. Console articles! Seriously the same exact crap as if the editor just COPIED n PASTED this article from one of the million other PC vs. console articles.

Story Quality = WTF!
Like Website = NO!

Now when you get it through your skull that people buy PC's NOT just to play games on them but to do a whole host of other things then this whole repugnant "OMG a gaming PC cost so much over a console" can stop being OVER USED!

PC's do more than JUST PLAY GAMES therefore the cost justifies the means.

P.S. "then the only home console that will really offer PC gamers something that they aren't already experiencing is the Wii U."

2 words: WiiU Emulator

Therefore NO console offers PC Gamers anything that they haven't already experienced.

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