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Former Battlefield producer hopes DICE has “got the balls” to leave the modern war setting

Former Battlefield producer hopes DICE has “got the balls” to leave the modern war setting (EA, Industry, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

venom06  +   739d ago
They already did.. It's called BF2142 and BF1943 and BF Vietnam. Next story, nothing to see here, but I bet this is going to make its way that CoD focused site IGN just because its trying to be critical of DICE and the BF franchise.
Muffins1223  +   739d ago
Thats cool and stuff but he is talking about now not what was made almost 10 years ago
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   739d ago
I think Dice has the "Balls" to leave the modern war setting. This generation of consoles alone we visted Vietnam and World War 2 with both Bad Company 2 Vietnam, and Battlefield 1943.

Putting that aside, in the article they speak mostly about Battlefield 2142 and how it would be with the current Tech basically. It really depends how much creative freedom EA Gives Dice.

Battlefield Set in the future yet again I think would be amazing. Not comparing these two games in any way but Black Ops 2 also pushed into the future and I think that could really give Ea / Dice a push to make a more futuristic game, though riding around in a mech would be more interesting then a silly killstreak ;)
landog  +   739d ago
2142 came out in 2006, its infinately better than bad company 1 and 2 and much better than bf3 on console with on 11 players with you on your team....thats not battlefield

thousands still play 2142 everyday
Pandamobile  +   739d ago
Reading the article once in a while usually helps you avoid stupid comments like these.
oof46  +   739d ago
I guess you didn't read the article. It was the producer for 2142 who was interviewed. He was saying that with the upgrade in the engine and technology overall, a sequel to 2142 would be outstanding.
Lisica  +   738d ago
Why would Gordon talk about projects he was working on?
rCrysis  +   739d ago
Don't know if EA would let them.
ZodTheRipper  +   739d ago
I guess not since they are still trying to take over the huge COD audience.
LAWSON72  +   739d ago
Which will ruin the game just like it has numorous other shooters like bf and halo
mcstorm  +   739d ago
@LAWSON72 I don't think Halo has been ruined at all. IMO Halo 4 MP is the best halo MP so far. followed by 2 then 3 and then reach.
343i kept Halo core but added a few extra bits in which makes the game better imo. Being able to join a match part way through makes it quicker to find matches. I also think the Power up option in Halo 4 is better than having guns lying around on the game as it makes a more level playing field rather than everyone dashing to a cetin point in a map to get the most powerful weapons.

But its each to there own when it comes to there game types.
_FantasmA_  +   739d ago
I hope they have the balls to make a good game. I though MW3 and Black Ops 2 were terrible, though Spec Ops survival would easily be worth the money alone if it had 4 player with drop in-drop out and leaderboards like Zombies has. I though BF3 would really be the CoD killer, but after playing BF3, CoD feels like the best game in the world compared to that crap.
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stu888  +   739d ago
Don't say that around here. This is Battlefield country. Must say I agree to an extent - on console at least (I haven't played it on PC).

Campaign was absolutely rubbish, graphics - average at best and the multi-player... took 20 mins to find anyone. But I can't say each COD is much better either.
aiBreeze  +   739d ago
I think it depends more on how tight EA's leash is around DICE as opposed to how big DICE's balls are. As EA will see it, it makes absolutely no sense profit wise to allow DICE to leave the modern setting.
fsfsxii  +   739d ago
I think its up to EA.
CaptainFaisal  +   739d ago
They could if they want too, And i bet they always wanted to leave the modern era and go to the future so that they can be more creative! Maybe even a sequel to Battlefield 2142?! But as you all probably know EA are Douches and dont want to risk their money on something new!
franko  +   739d ago
And go where?
Indo  +   739d ago
I don't know.....
specialguest  +   738d ago
to the island of misfit toys...
urwifeminder  +   739d ago
2143 please with lasers.
Hufandpuf  +   739d ago
2143 should stick with the near future guns. Battlefield has never had lasers in their games before and I think it would be too cartoony to take seriously.
cyborg47  +   739d ago
please do, 2143 on frostbite would be epic!
If they had the balls then they wouldn't have made Battlefield 3.5
Supermax  +   739d ago
Make the next one on the Korean Dmz with china Japan and the us getting brought into it.
SlapHappyJesus  +   739d ago
I'll continue to say it . . .

Modern Military is a sub-genre, and a popular one. That doesn't make it a crutch for developers, nor does it mean that's all they are going to be working on for the foreseeable future. At the end of the day, since 1942, Battlefield 2 was where they really regained their stride and the modern setting has proved a successful one for them. More so with every release, really. It's really just them giving fans what they want, and it's only a select group of vocal gamers on the internet complaining about the games or claiming Modern Military needs to die, at least for a while, as a whole.
I would like to see a remake of 2142(2143) and I believe I will sometime in the not-so-distant future. But, at the end of the day, there's not really much ground left for them to tread. Just slight variations on stuff they've already worked on. So, should the question be "Do they have the balls to work on that which they already have?". If so, why? Considering, again, it just seems to be them giving their fans more of what they want at the moment in terms of setting.
I'm all for variation, but I see no need at this point. Battlefield is as big as it ever was.
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sovietsoldier  +   739d ago
i hated 2142 id rather play cod then 2142. dice just make another bf2 or 1942.
Npugz7  +   739d ago
I like modern setting!!
ichdich  +   739d ago
bf2142 was the best BF...
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   738d ago
No destruction
Monkeysmarts  +   739d ago
Forget COD, that ship will sink itself before long if they keep vomiting the same game out every year. Battlefield should be Battlefield and I don't really care what the setting is, just make the game play and look awesome. Past, present, or future. Hell give me a musket, you make that ish fun to play I'm all for it.

I keep forgetting EA is running this show though.
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Vladplaya  +   738d ago
Well I was pretty dissapointed with BF3, so far it seems like I will be skipping BF4 (aka BF3.5), because I am just sick and tired of this recycled modern warfare garbage...

BF2143 though, would be day 1 buy for me, if not preorder, and I never preorder....
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Obamanationn  +   738d ago
medal of honor used to be my go to game for games outside of the modern era stuff , but i personally like to see them do Vietnam on this engine of battlefield
aviator189  +   738d ago
I just want to see another bad company game.
cyclindk  +   738d ago
So do I

On another note, attachment ideas you heard here first:

Headgear attachments:

Tiny sideview mirror on "helmet" allows view of whats directly begind you at all times or put away at the press of a button as it would purposely obscure some of your screen

Single eye overlay flip down lense thing with perhaps additional data and visual anhance,nets, ala the solid eye from mgs4

The "echo" unit, when deployed on helmet allows you to aim your gun at enemies and either button press to toggle or just automatic hear what other players at range are saying via their headsets on either team.

The guns which can swivel to fire around corners with a camera

What else...

Removable attachments in the field i think should be doable again, silencers all that good stuff.

Id love to see some really advanced and different air combat vehicles. Bombers, stealth transports. Maybe some drones to control like bad company 2. Um, flares? How to signal need assistance without a headset, different colors for different info to be communicated. Rally points, enemy types identified, need help ammo etcetera. And itd be fun to shoot someone in the face with one.
Ability to set "timers" on waypoints as when to attack collectively or in waves. Up to 1:00 minute but also intervals down to 10 seconds

Tons more!!!

Dont let me down next gen!

Hell, in game cell phone so you can call up any player on your team if they are "out of range" or sorta "text" them quick info, your location, enemy positions, your intentions, loadout all that. Helpful when people dont speak the same language the flare system and texting which auto translates to each players own native language.
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Drainage  +   738d ago
i dont play modern war shooters . But I play scifi FPS shooters
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DrJones  +   738d ago
Make a full BF1942 remake with the latest engine. I would love that.

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