Sony expecting ‘very positive’ response for PS4

PlayStation4 (PS4), the gaming console on which Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has pinned high hopes, is expected to evoke a ‘very positive’ response in Qatar, a senior official said in Doha yesterday.

“PS4 will be released in at least one region across the world during the Western holiday season this year,” Robert Fisser, general manager, SCE (Middle East, Africa, Turkey and India), stated. But he declined to confirm if PS4 will be available in Qatar in Q1 2014.

“We are ahead of all our competitors, in terms of PS3 sales, whether it is in the region or in Qatar,” Fisser claimed, though he did not reveal any statistics in support.

The SCE official explained that PS4 is ‘not a successor’ to PS3, which has sold 70mn units globally, including 30mn in the PAL region comprising Middle East and North Africa, and there is ‘still a long future for PS3.’

“PS4, an addition to the PS family, like PSP and PS Vita, will offer a completely new gaming experience,” Fisser said.


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abzdine2044d ago

and i'm expecting PS4 this year..

sinncross2044d ago

As long as they show off tons of software support at E3 and keep that up, then sure.

Maddens Raiders2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

time since Sony has shown this kind of swagger around a console or product, that I can remember. They must've really fortified their bridges with developers of all stripes behind the scenes. If you're a fan of their products this can't help but make you feel good about what's coming down the pike, as it nearly feels like the old days before Kutaragi-san departed. With all that said, PS4 day one.

Samsung Galaxy SIII

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MonkeyNinja2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

"'...innovative second-screen features.'"

Am I missing something?

Edit: Finished reading article, was talking about Vita/PS3 connectivity.

smashcrashbash2044d ago

I don't see it getting a positive response at all. Don't get me wrong.I am certain it will be an awesome console and I am excited for it and it's games but if all it takes is PSN being a little late to rile PlayStation owners up I am sure the PS4 will get just as many attacks against it as the PS3 did. Not because it necessarily deserves it but because of the number of people ready to see it fail.

LOGICWINS2044d ago

"Not because it necessarily deserves it but because of the number of people ready to see it fail"

Can't that be applied to any console? There is no console on the planet that doesn't have haters.

JetP06192043d ago

He says because of the number of people ready to see it fail. The way i see it from that comment, he's one of those people that want the ps4 fail while sugarcoating the first of his sentences to make it seem like he's actually neutral about the case lol.

Axe992044d ago

Disagree here - I think it will get a mixed reception, like most pieces of hardware. Gamers and Playstation fanboys will be all over it, PC, Nintendo and Xbox fanboys will be in hard denial. Same story as pretty much every console released to date, just swap the various fanboy groups around ;).

grayfoxx8812044d ago

Your comment makes no sense to me. Care to elaborate on it? It seems like developers think it's going to be easy to work with, some are thrilled with the specs of the console. Sony's catering to indie developers. How is this not positive?

You make it sound like PSN is frequently attacked. From my understanding it was hacked last year by a group that has also attacked government websites, and then Sony took PSN down for a month.

Who in their right mind would want to see any console fail?

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