Content Begins Appearing on the North American PS Store, Full Update Imminent

After being delayed from the original April 16th update, content has begun to appear in the PlayStation Store, meaning the full update is imminent.

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TrendyGamers2066d ago

Got the Soul Sacrifice demo!

Muffins12232066d ago

soul sacrifice....soul sacrifice...SOULLLLLLL SACRIFICE!!!!!!!!!

Wedge192066d ago

Woo! Looking forward to trying out Malicious on Plus now.

smashcrashbash2066d ago

All that stress for nothing. Some gamers really need to get some therapy or something.No one in any other media acts like this at the drop of a hat. not even obsessed movie buffs and crazy comic book fanboys reach this level of raging.

ziggurcat2066d ago

you should watch cinemania...

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