Nintendo Looking to Offer More of the Same – But That’s OK

"Today’s Nintendo Direct event showcased some cool new stuff happening in the world of Nintendo, stuff that hardcore Nintendo fans will rejoice about while everyone else is left scratching their collective heads and wondering why." |

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Donnieboi2063d ago

Is it? Is it really okay? Or rather, I should ask: Is it enough?

I am of the opinion that Nintendo should also develop a lot of new IP's. I mean, why not?

animegamingnerd2063d ago

they sort of do like when it comes to the 3DS eshop they made a lot of new IP's there and a lot of people might not know this but nintendo owns the rights to the wonderful 101 they just hired platinum to make it and all 3 of the operation rainfall game are all owned by nintendo and if X isn't xenoblade 2 then yeah that is a new IP

Donnieboi2063d ago

DS and 3ds gets a lot of innovative titles, but they need to do that for their console too.