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After watching Satoru Iwata describe and detail the upcoming 3DS lineup, it has become apparent Nintendo has an identity crisis; games that should be released for Nintendo’s slumping home console are being released for the handheld.

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DivineAssault 2064d ago

i see.. I wish em the best but im not interested in wii u.. 3DS is better imo

MasterCornholio2064d ago

Of course the 3DS is better because it has an incredible library of games and a ton of support from 3rd party developers. Unfortunately this is something that the Wii U doesnt have but it could improve in the future if Nintendo start to focus on the Wii U instead of the 3DS.

Jadedz2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

While the Wii U needs more software, they're making sure that the 3DS is the handheld of choice, since that's their main source of profits.

dark-hollow2064d ago

The wii u just came out from 6 months ago while the 3ds is about two years old!! development and especially for console games takes a long time and nintendo arent known to announce games when they are not ready yet for release for at least 2 years.

LOL_WUT2064d ago


That doesn't mean anything... The thing is that the Wii U could've been performing a whole lot better than it currently is.

If the software not yet ready for at least a couple years then why not release the console closer to that timeframe? :)

profgerbik2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

Finally someone wrote an article about this.. I don't get how more Nintendo supporters don't give a crap about that..

Even people who still use and like a Wii, all they have got is Xenoblade and Pandora's Tower as of late.. Nearly half those games, they announced for the 3DS.. could have at least also been on the Wii U or Wii with their own versions..

Was also funny cause Iwata specifically just said Wii, when he moved onto the Wii U part of the direct. Isn't that bad when your own president is still calling the Wii U, the Wii?

I mean don't get me wrong this happens, it definitely happens with Playstation also with the PS3 and Vita.. Just seems to happen more with Nintendo, they put so much focus on the 3DS at times it just seems bad.

It very well may keep 3DS sales going along but for the long run is that really going to help Nintendo as a whole? Dropping everything even your consoles for a handheld? Especially when some of these games would seriously just be better on console and honestly I feel like many of the 3DS games released, Nintendo fans should at least have the option to play a version on console instead if they wanted to..

What annoys me the most is when they take old Wii games, put them on the 3DS, making them look worse and revamp em instead.. Things like that I just still can't understand why they wouldn't make a Wii U or Wii version.. It isn't going to stop people from getting whatever it is on 3DS also..

In a way I feel like them never taking big chances will back fire on them eventually, I know no one will see that now or many won't ever simply because Nintendo has always done so well but I hope they change this aspect over time and put more attention into all their systems that are still available, not just the ones making the most money.

Yes that sounds stupid from a business perspective but at the same time they have to step outside the 3DS box, the 3DS isn't going to last them forever.

AdvanceWarsSgt2064d ago

Why not put more focus on the sector that has essentially carried the company since the original Gameboy days?

truechainz2064d ago

Nintendo is making an important step in that direction by merging their departments. Clearly the handheld department is doing something very right, so by fusing the console and handheld departments they can learn to focus on both. I have a feeling whatever they release next generation will be either the most connected console/handheld combo ever, or even better a system that can truly serve the needs of a home and handheld console all in one(though to be honest I don't know what that would even look like right now). As for the focus now, I think the reason they are showing more 3ds over wii u isn't even that it makes more money, but the fact that they don't have anything ready to show for the wii u, I think they are saving it all for e3

Adolph Fitler2064d ago

I agree with this story, as it is highly frustrating to see some truly great Nintendo inhouse, or 3rd party exclusives that should be coming to Wii-U, instead make there way to the 3DS. I mean, have the original dev. teams make them for Wii-U, & have another developer port them to 3DS, instead of the other way around.

Also, these crappy handmedowns that Wii-U is getting, like AC3, Ninja Gaiden, etc, etc, should be knocked on the head, & awesome NEW IP's should be made to take advantage of ALL the machines strengths.

Not to mention, taking Monster Hunter 3 as an example, it is just a redo of MH: Tri for 3DS, which to me, sucks, plainly put.

Realplaya2064d ago

They have games coming out for the Wii U. Now with the 3ds those games have been in development far longer so it's time for them to show up. But here is the interesting part Reggie said games will pick up soon after E3 I think people will see them getting there game library beefed up for the holidays.

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