Spawn In Injustice Gods Among Us?! Can The Gods Take On This Demon?

GamerFitnation's Antwand Pearman AKA BlackBible Interviewed Hector Sanchez on Injustice Gods Among us. He was asked if Spawn could be playable in the game? FINALLY Injustice has arrived and is available to all who will bow down before the New Gods of Earth. Still with a full roster of the most powerful heroes and villains in DC Comics is it possible for them to throw a legendary demon SPAWN in the mix?

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In my opinion Spawn would fit perfectly.Still I ask you the fans would you like to see SPAWN in INJUSTICE God Among Us? Further more do you feel he's a good fit for the game?

FamilyGuy1621d ago

Spawn was in a fighting game before, the xbox version of Soul Calibur 2

silenius1621d ago

Spawn became god too from issues 150-164.
so... yeah, he could fit :)

Testfire1621d ago

I say no, keep it a pure DC fighting roster. Image has enough characters for its own fighting game though.

ironfist921621d ago

Image isnt as well-known or mainstream as DC or Marvel

Let Spawn have his moment

syphon321621d ago


AngelicIceDiamond1621d ago

Honestly, I think Spawn should join the DC universe. His own comics, Movies, relations should exist in DC. He would be a great welcome.

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FunAndGun1621d ago

That would be so damn dope!

Spawn really needs his own game...but one that doesn't totally suck.

ironfist921621d ago

Developed by Platinum Games maybe

NYC_Gamer1621d ago

Spawn is part of Image Comics

KaBaW1621d ago

I love Spawn.. but, I had no idea. Or have I even heard of them! =/
Who are some other well known characters from Image Comics?

mrmancs1621d ago

wow spawn , i am old enough to remember the awesome movie. Still waiting for number 2!

MrChow6661621d ago

lol what, you've got to be kidding that movie is utter shit

jujubee881621d ago

but it's shit in a good way.

Probably one of the best B-list comic book movies ever!

InTheLab1621d ago

Having zero experience with the comic or HBO show, I thought it was a good look...well, not the awful CG mini spawns in hell. That s*** was corny, but the rest of the movie was awesome...

Kurt Russell1621d ago

I remember seeing it at the cinema haha... great times :)

MrChow6661619d ago

me too and I walked out of the theater before the credits, Its THAT BAD

Bowzabub1619d ago

You want to see the animated movie. Was broke into parts..much,much better.

admiralvic1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Adding Spawn is like adding Freddy Krueger to MK9... IE he would break the theme and look out of place.

pr0t0typeknuckles1621d ago

actually its more in place than freddy,sure spawn is a demon from a whole nother company but he is a demonic comic book character,unlike freddy which was a horror ovie icon,besides spawns costume at least blends in with the cast of injustice unlike freddies which looked so wrong and out of place it wasnt even funny.

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The story is too old to be commented.