Kevin Smith talks Injustice: Gods Among Us and Retro Gaming

In part one of this exclusive interview series, Filmmaker/Director/Writer/Comi c Book Man Kevin Smith talks about DC's newest game title, Injustice: Gods Among us and the evolution of video games.

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ohcatrina1705d ago

Seriously the best thing to happen in my career thus far. Kevin Smith talking about comics -- every geek journalists' dream!

gamerlive1705d ago

I love Kevin Smith and he looks a bit slimmer.

NewJersian1705d ago

This looks like it was fun to be apart of and pick the mind of Kevin Smith. Like the fact that he looks genuinely happy talking about the game and for the TV Spots could just be a regular afternoon for him. And he's a big NJ Devils fan so he's ok in my book

creHEARTive1705d ago

Great video. Love Kevin Smith. I wish he would get into writing for video games.