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Always-online Xbox 720 Could be a Good Thing

Given all the public outcry over a potentially always-on and always-online Xbox 720, I thought it would be fun to imagine the reasons this could be a good thing. (Xbox One)

Update Title changed to more accurately reflect content.

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Omar91   366d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(10)
Neonridr  +   366d ago
You thinking it would be fun to imagine the reasons an always Xbox 720 could be a good thing does not equal Xbox 720 is better than PS4 and Wii U. Change the title of this opinion piece.
just_jeff  +   366d ago
He titled the piece this way to get maximum click through. He never makes comparisons to the PS4 or Wii U. He's just listing possible 720 features.

The author knew exactly what he was doing when he titled this piece. Unfortunately these days it's all about the click through. #flamebait

bubble for you... btw since when did society&religion.com (never heard of them) start writing about videogames? so random.
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DragonKnight  +   366d ago
I say we vote them down.
just_jeff  +   366d ago
I would if I knew how... how do you do that?
G20WLY  +   366d ago
Jeff, just click the name of the website (underneath where it says 'Read Full Story'), then click on 'WTF' and 'No'.

kreate  +   365d ago
the title has been changed, but the damage have been done.
TAURUS-555  +   365d ago
kinect 2.0...lol
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   366d ago
Seems like a lot of wishful thinking to me..
NastyLeftHook0  +   366d ago
everyone has there opinion, but everyone i know would scoff at always online.
Neonridr  +   366d ago
Is your cell phone not always "online" in today's world? Apps send you push notifications, if you have GPS enabled, etc etc..
GamerToons  +   366d ago
Jeez. It's a stupid concept. Maybe someday, but always DRM... oops I mean... Online consoles are a horrible idea that will do nothing but screw over consumers in the end.

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dennett316  +   366d ago | Well said
A phone, and the games on it, would also work if the wi-fi or 3G crapped out. Hell, you could also play games and music if the cell service also died.
People are concerned with games requiring to be always online in order to work, not just because of their own internet connection, but the fact that publisher servers often get overloaded or crap out leaving people unable to play the game they paid $60 for.
That's the issue, nothing else. Always online would be a nice capability, but it should NEVER be a necessity to make games work....that's just common sense to anyone with a working brain cell in their head.
Stop parroting the defences of corporations for a capability that THEY want and no-one needs....it's anti-consumer and offers ZERO benefit, only benefiting publishers due to the DRM aspect.
SonyPS4  +   366d ago
Blu-Ray players don't force always on, CD players don't force always on, MP3 players don't force always on, your computer doesn't force always on, even your smartphone wouldn't become a total paperweight without service. Why should a video game console be always on? Cell phones are always on because phones are designed to communicate (but again smartphones don't become paperweights without service), while a video game console is designed to play games, and the majority of games are primarily single player, thus forcing always on is not necessary.
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Monkeysmarts  +   366d ago
Sooo just because my phone is always connected, my game console has to be??

Related image(s)
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   366d ago
Did you just compare a cell phone, an every day necessity that allows you do to banking, check your mail, contact people, among other important things, to a freakin' video game console...

What the hell...?

Also...you can turn off your cell phone, as well as disable it from 3G,4g, lte. You can easily prevent it from sending or receiving signals. That's the beauty of it, you got choices.
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tommygunzII  +   366d ago
If you had to be online to use your phone to make calls, it would be pretty much worthless.
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MysticStrummer  +   366d ago
My phone could always be online, and I have a plan with unlimited everything, but I only let it get online when I need to use certain functions. It's always better to have the option to turn things off.
Majin-vegeta  +   366d ago | Well said
Sounds like a little kid wrote this.
Neonridr  +   366d ago
Okay, I am done being optimistic for a few minutes. Can I go back to imagining that the Xbox 720 is going to suck?
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   366d ago | Well said
Yeah okay, I'm gonna go ahead and say no to this one. Your opinion, your money, mine will be spent elsewhere IF a console requires to be always online.
This has been my stance from the start.
DragonKnight   366d ago | Off topic | show
Why o why  +   366d ago
Lol dragon....jamal got accused of being a sony fanboy the other....nuff credit to him for that alone if people from his own team were getting annoyed.. I had to tell em to pull their heads out.....he reminds me of one of two guys from battle royale. The ones that had been there before....just cant tell what they're thinking or what they were going to do. Lol
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MikeMyers  +   366d ago
I think some may confuse an always-on to an always DRM system. They will have huge issues with an always DRM console. I know I wouldn't buy that but an always-online does have benefits just as long as the system functions without requiring a connection.
mdgalax  +   366d ago
But if always online meant the xbox doesnt need an internet provider (which youll probably have because you have a comp or console connected to the internet, but bear with me) that would make all the more sense to pay for xbl. i think itd be pretty cool.
maniacmayhem  +   366d ago
Read the article, really don't know why the title is titled the way it is since it doesn't compare anything to the WiiU or PS4.

Not cool.
hesido  +   366d ago
Also the features mentioned are supported by the PS4 (downloads / updates during standby, quick power on..)

Just wanting attention. It has Wii U, PS4 and Xbox720 in the title, seems to cover every ground. Yet the article doesn't even have PS4 or Wii U inside the article.

Not cool indeed.
MikeMyers  +   366d ago
No it's not and the media shouldn't be encouraging winners and losers so much. We get enough of that in the forums.
betan21  +   366d ago
BABYLEG  +   366d ago
The ps4 is so powerful we'll be able to actually be ourselves in playstation home due to the brain plugin input system..

wiiu will bring the vitality sensor back to life and use it for games that allows you to give blood by poking you finger

nxbox will kick ass.. Plain and simple
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sway_z  +   366d ago
Shuddup already about always online! This rumour's getting tired....

All will be revealed on the *21st of May 2013 @Xbox Event.

*Even this is a rumour lol ;)
xabmol  +   366d ago
We must go deeper!

This rumored rumor has been rumored to rumor rumored rumors.
DragonKnight  +   366d ago
It's also rumoured that these rumours come from rumoured sources that heard these rumours based on rumours rumoured to be overheard by a janitor at a rumoured internal Microsoft meeting.
Jek_Porkins  +   366d ago
Good thing we'll never get the chance to find out, all next gen consoles won't employ DRM.
andreasx  +   366d ago
How in the world is an always online console better than not always online?
Some people... -,-'
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andjudunno  +   366d ago
I mean, this is where they are trying to go with it, one day, and if you're up for that then by all means stick with Microsoft
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xabmol  +   366d ago
Go home article; you are drunk.
Besides, there is a rumor that the PS4 will come with a real unicorn and a bucket of gold!
DragonKnight   366d ago | Offensive
Godz Kastro  +   366d ago
Dag, can we keep flame bait articles to under a hundred per day. (grabs popcorn to watch & waits for someone to say something slick so he can jump in gunz blazing!!!) lol
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Godmars290  +   366d ago
No matter what butt-puckering policies the game industry comes up with someone will always turn right around and support it, wont they?

Either that or the some company will hire spin doctors and shills. Repeats the lies until they become truth.
#17 (Edited 366d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TronEOL  +   366d ago
Fake it 'til you make it, amirite?
Mariusmssj  +   366d ago
I wish people would stop making these articles. That's all i'm seeing on N4G no actual game news :(
Monkeysmarts  +   366d ago
Most game news doesn't get approved... or if it does, it gets no attention. Meanwhile 10 articles go up every single day about how this console no one has played is better than that console no one has played, while the one no one wants to play is winning the war.
ApolloTheBoss  +   366d ago
Won't fall for the flamebait.
_FantasmA_   366d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
xg  +   366d ago
ha excuse me ,, who wrote this title ?
no really the consoles aren't even released .
iNFAMOUZ1  +   366d ago
who approved this shi* delete it
SKUD  +   366d ago
feedluster (1) | 2h ago
Neonridr (1) | 53m ago
Good_Guy_Jamal (1) | 32m ago
CouldHaveYelledUiiW (1) | 2h ago
chrispseuphoria (1) | 2h ago
segmentnext (3) | 2h ago
iGAM3R-VIII (2) | 1h ago

Continuing N4G tradition.
stage88  +   365d ago
The Name and Shame of 2013
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hesido  +   366d ago
This is getting hotter and hotter (and we are probably helping it get hotter right now) but articles like this should not be tolerated. There's nothing wrong with the content but the title is specifically designed (although not cleverly) to get hits, while the content is not related with the title at all.
Crazay  +   366d ago
Oh fer fuc....really dude?

Give your head a shake. you know nothing. We as a collective whole, know NOTHING! You have no basis for this statement and I am sad for this "article's" existence.
M-M  +   366d ago
Lmfao, how did this article get approved with that title?
Minato-Namikaze  +   366d ago
There are no good reasons for a mandatory always online system.
shinobi602  +   366d ago
What a pointless article:

"Always-on does not refer to constant DRM checks while playing a game that will force you to stop playing if your connection goes out. I think we can all agree that this would be a dealbreaker."

That's....mostly what everyone is referring to.
AKR  +   366d ago
Flamebait title to the max. The article only goes on to clarify the always-online, and Kinect features of the 720. After reading it, it left me with quite a smirk. A good one, not a "Hah-hah, how pitiful" smirk. But if that "Kinect 2.0" is anything like the original (which might as well be dubbed: Kinect 'Beta Edition') - then you better believe I'm not paying for that.

Either way, if all those features/possibilities do hold any water to them, that could be pretty cool. As for that title - it's majorly misleading. Keep the fanboyism to the comments, not the article title.
SonyPS4  +   366d ago

I simply disagree!
ARESWARLORD  +   366d ago
Sounds great loose your internet and loose your games. Then in 10 years when the system is dumped it is a big paper weight. I still play my Genesis and Dreamcast why should I buy a system with a shelf life.
akaFullMetal  +   366d ago
ARESWARLORD  +   366d ago
Lose vs Loose

A lot of people are mixing up lose and loose. In particular, a lot of people are writing loose when they really mean lose. Here are the definitions of the two words from my Penguin dictionary:

loose [lOOs] adj not fastened or pre-packed; not tied up or confined; able to move freely; not tight, not firmly fixed; not close-fitting; careless, inaccurate, vague; dissolute, immoral; not closely woven; flabby; (of bowels) inclined to diarrhoea; l. box stable or van in which an animal can move about; at a l. end uncertain what to do next; unoccupied ~ loose adv in a loose way; play fast and l. behave rashly or unscupulously ~ loose n release; on the l. free from restraint; on a spree; ~ loose v/t untie, undo; release from confinement or constraint, set free; detatch; fire (gun); shoot (arrow); (eccles) absolve.

lose (p/t and p/part lost) [lOOz] v/t and i no longer have; be deprived of by accident or misfortune; mislay, fail to find; fail to get or win; be too late for; be bereaved of; waste; be defeated or beaten; suffer loss, become worse off; fail to hear, see or understand; cause or allow to perish; (of clock or watch) go too slowly; (refl) miss the right path; become absorbed in; l. one's head become flustered, panic; l. one's temper grow angry; l. one's way fail to find the right path; l. out (US) be defeated after a struggle.


This knot is too loose.
Please do not lose my book.
I had better not lose that file.

One way to remember the difference between the two words is to think that "lose has lost an 'o'".

Ross Williams (ross@ross.net)
24 January 2002
BuffMordecai  +   366d ago
I'd buy the Ouya over this crap.
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