Sony to kick off PlayStation 4 advertising during the Champions League final

The very first PlayStation 4 TV ad will air during the UEFA Champions League final on may 25, 2013.

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KosmoCrisis2040d ago

This might actually get me to care about sports again.

xHeavYx2040d ago

Great to see that the new advertising company are actually doing their job

GamersRulz2040d ago

True. Champion League is like 100 times bigger than Super bowl. go Sony

HammadTheBeast2040d ago

Aww man, if they get Fifa on board as a launch game and advertise that, it will explode.

evilunklebud2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

GamersRulz: that would work out to almost $400 million for a 30 second spot... ouch. Not to mention a viewership of 11,000,000,000!

Joking aside, I know the CL is huge, and Sony does a good job advertising with them.....

miyamoto2039d ago

So this is why Playstation is more popular in many other countries aside from the US.

gaffyh2039d ago

I'm just surprised at how early this advertisement is, it suggests that the console may be coming even earlier than we thought.

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sengoku2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

get ready to look at some strange launch adds.
all PlayStation generations had had some very odd ones
cant wait for ps4

Mr_cheese2040d ago

i''m hoping they will be completely gameplay orientated.

Skips2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

Hopefully we don't get TOO much of those weird Adverts though...

More like these would be MUCH better...

Like 90% of it focused on straight up games. And the other 10% on the other stuff. :D

@GalacticEmpire... LMFAO! That'd be funny as hell.

Conzul2040d ago

40 minutes of Kaz gifs set to trololol
*I'd* buy it.

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NastyLeftHook02040d ago

like i said, sony isn't bullsh1tting around, there bringing there a game.

andibandit2040d ago

Sony has been advertising champions league games for quite a number of years take on it is that you think its something new, and threw in that "A game" sentence to sound convincing.

Biggest2040d ago

"like i said, sony isn't bullsh1tting around, there bringing there a game."

I read this as:

I'm saying something, something bringing. . . Look! There is a game walking past!

I get the point, but punctuation is a hell of a drug.

bryam19822040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

Nice move sony the champions league final is watch for maybe 3 times more than a boring superbowl final good move sony adv guys

3-4-52040d ago

Next Gen Sports games COULD be amazing. We say that every gen but I hope there is more competition within the sports market.

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ogwilson2040d ago

I'm guessing they'll have unveiled the final design by then. I can't see them kicking off a major ad campaign without it.

KosmoCrisis2040d ago

Highly suspect that they would ever show such a sheltered secret during an ad. I would think they want audience participation at E3 to see everyone's faces say either "Wooooooooow" or "WTF is that?". Then the media frenzy that follows...

UnholyLight2040d ago

It's hard to say, actually I think I agree because all things accounted for it sounds like Microsoft will unveil their console and the design of the console itself soon as well. I can guarantee that based on Major Nelson saying what he did about PS4 not being actually there. So I guess it would make sense for Sony to continue the hype train and show the console just before Microsoft's announcement to shut up the people that kept saying it has to be shown!

CC-Tron2040d ago

You think a corporation like Sony is concerned with petty things like shutting people up? That's fanboy talk.

UnholyLight2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )


Wuuuut? I am not even a Sony fan, nice try at starting a flame war?? I was just saying that for the naysayers - and all gamers alike - that they will unveil the design of the console itself soon. There was significant talk about the no show on news outlets so it's not just "fanboy talk" but whatever.

I've stated numerous times on N4G that I predominantly supported the Xbox 360 this gen.

EDIT: Not to mention it would look incredibly dumb if Sony hasn't shown the PS4 itself and Microsoft suddenly unveils the Xbox itself and details about it..

HappyGaming2039d ago

In February PS4 managed to get a lot of attention in news articles and magazines, free advertising. Now if the 720 is announced every article that informs people about it will have something along the lines of "720 is releasing later this year alongside PS4 which has been announced for a Holiday season release in 2013" So that will inform even more people. Finally Sony get to have a comeback because when they announce the design of the PS4 again the media will publish it because now they will have a picture to fill up their pages so again more free marketing.

Cryptcuzz2040d ago

I certainly hope they would reveal how the PS4 looks by then. I am excited for this now, normally I would not since I normally do not watch European shows, but now the Champions League is on my radar!

Gamer19822039d ago

Final design won't be until E3 I suspect so we won't see it. Saying that if they come out and say "hey the final designs gonna be in the advert" imagine how many people would tune into the game just for that advert?

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PirateThom2040d ago

Imagine if the final design was shown in this ad for the first time.

GalacticEmpire2040d ago

That would be mind blowing.

It kind of hints that we'll see the final design before May 25 because it's unlikely they'll start advertising without a box to show.

ps3vita4life2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

Sony did say that there would be various ps4 conferences throughout the year. Plus, there was a rumor that another conference would be held in late april/early may so it's likely that we will see the final design before May 25. These next few months will be so exciting !!!

KwietStorm2040d ago

I'd say a silhouette at best.

NBT912040d ago

EA just announced Fifa 14, it'll be cool if Sony show that and like how people can use the share function to show goals etc easily. I mean for football fans.

GribbleGrunger2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

So they're advertising it in May. Could we possibly be seeing something unprecedented here? A console that actually launches AT E3 ... Now wouldn't that be something.

Jek_Porkins2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

The Sega Saturn launched at E3, to the surprise of everyone.

I highly doubt Sony will launch a console like that though, they will want to build up hype and anticipation and give people time to get pre-orders in. Aside from all of that, they said Holiday 2013 at the unveiling.

@Why o why
I lived it, they announced that the Saturn was already available during their E3 show.

Even if Sony held an event or two before E3, I highly doubt they'd be ready for a launch right after E3, I realize that it's wishful thinking, but realistically they'll want that holiday hype and money. A launch in the Summer might not go as well.

GribbleGrunger2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

Yeah, I was just made aware of that over at another forum. It'd still be quite a nice 'shock' though :)

As for building hype: Sony are rumoured to be having another event BEFORE E3. You never know.

edit: It's not wishful thinking. It's just a thought. 'Wishful thinking' is something born out of desperation and I'm certainly not desperate for it to release then. I'm probably looking at next year before I buy the PS4 anyway. The PS3 has plenty more for me.

Why o why2040d ago

How the eff did you remember that. . Crazy.

Pintheshadows2040d ago

I still have my Saturn. Why you ask? Steep Slope Sliders I reply. The best snowboarding game ever made. Yeah that's right, I said it. I like it more than Cool Boarders and SSX.

famoussasjohn2040d ago

Doubt it will happen since they said it would be released holiday 2013 during their reveal.

GribbleGrunger2040d ago

Sony also said that they wouldn't reveal first. That's besides the point though. It's just a thought, nothing more, nothing less.

famoussasjohn2040d ago

GribbleGrunger - while that's true, I still don't see them having the console fully ready for launch until Holiday season.

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