Five Metal Gear Defining Moments

Planet Ivy: Metal Gear has become an unstoppable beast that refuses to die or fall into line. It is a black hole that demands everything from its creators, a drug-habit they just can’t seem to kick. As recent announcements continue this beast’s momentum, let’s take a look at the moments that have defined the franchise thus far. Suffice to say, spoilers abound.

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bytefeast1740d ago

One of the best franchises ever :)

moviewatcher1740d ago

The controller 2 hack in the 1st game was too heavy!

J0Scorpionake1740d ago

My favorite videogame saga, but when I played the first MGS my english was worst and I stuck in Mantis fight. Needed to ask an friend how to beat him after already told my parents 'I think the tv is broken' XD

NastyLeftHook01740d ago

when you die

ssssssssnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaakkk k