Ubisoft Clanger: Could the Latest Hacking Sound the Knell for PC Gaming?

Planet Ivy: The news that Russian hackers had fooled Ubisoft’s Uplay distribution platform into allowing unrestricted access to their games, even unreleased ones, was at first met with unbridled jubilation. Exciting, hilarious footage of upcoming Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon spread across YouTube and Liveleak as the publisher desperately tried to remove it, but unlike traditional clips from unscrupulous alpha testers, this was the full version being played by end users. The tide quickly turned as the repercussions for the industry as a whole were calculated.

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bytefeast2064d ago

..Ruining it for everyone!

moviewatcher2064d ago

yeah! but, um, seriously-this could be bad :(

Linsolv2063d ago

Maybe, and this is just a thought, this could only kill UPlay, which everyone hates already.