Deadpool Pre-Order Bonus lineup revealed

onPause writes:

So I, the great and magMANimous Deadpool, cordially intimidated invited Activision Publishing, Inc. and High Moon Studios to make a video game starring Marvel’s most Marvel-ous character, me. And you being a gamer of unquestionable good taste wish to pre-order that game. Well I say bravo – you deserve some awesome rewards for putting your trust in Deadpool.

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mcroddi2069d ago

I am always down for Deadpool

Moncole2069d ago

Except when its written by Daniel Way.

mcroddi2069d ago

Good point, will you play it anyway?

Moncole2069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

I am a Deadpool fan but I will wait for the reviews to see if its good or not. But I will play it no matter the score.

just-joe2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

Some of the best writers for Deadpool were Joe Kelly, Gail Simone and Fabian Nicieza who I credit more for creating Deadpool than Liefeld. Sadly, none of these 3 are involved with the game.

slapsta722068d ago

still no gameplay footage? that's a worry