300+ Screenshots Spanning 20+ Games from this morning’s Nintendo Direct

This morning’s Nintendo Direct was full of gaming goodness! View over 300 screenshots from the stream as either a slideshow or enlarge-able thumbnails.

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Donnieboi1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Hot damn, the hits for this article (300 screenshot?!) are gonna go through the roof!

thirtyandnerdy1705d ago

Haha, it took me hours and hours to edit all the photos this morning, I hope y'all like them!

Donnieboi1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Good job dude, the only thing is that the site is loading kinda slow (for me at least). Maybe your just doing some maintenance I guess.

thirtyandnerdy1705d ago

Thanks, yeah sometime our admin-y stuff slows things down. =( We'll try and get it running smooth here in a minute. Thanks for the feedback! =)

MasterCornholio1704d ago

300 screenshots =/= 300 games

Deal with it.

LOL kidding but its great to see some screenshots of upcoming Wii U games.

PS4isKing_821704d ago

Damn I was really hoping for a Mario party for wiiu this holiday :(