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Submitted by MollyPopGirl 953d ago | article

Why The Humble Bundle Is Important

Erika of GV: "The Humble Indie Bundle began as a pay-what-you-can model of bringing independent games to new audiences for dirt cheap. Each collection or ‘bundle’ featured a few little-known games from small-time developers. You paid what you wanted for the set and got to play some very interesting games like Osmos, Braid, and Trine and they came only a couple of times a year." (Humble Bundle, Industry)

nikrel  +   953d ago
I have been buying every week great games.
fermcr  +   953d ago
I've bought a few bundles. PC games only. Got a lot of good deals.
MoveTheGlow  +   953d ago
Really, someone likes the new weekly thing instead of the bundles? I should re-check this out:

"We're taking a break from Weekly Sales.

But don't worry, we've got some really amazing things coming up that we're excited to share with you soon!"

Huh. Alrighty then.

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