Nvidia To Create High-Performance Visuals With Unreal Engine 4

DSOGaming writes: "Epic Games announced that NVIDIA is now exclusively using its Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) game engine to create product presentations."

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john22071d ago

Curious to see whether Nvidia will develop any new techniques for Epic Games (like AMD's TressFX tech) or not.

Cobain192071d ago

God, let it not be another 'PhysX' exclusive to Nvidia

john22071d ago

doubt it will be something like PhysX

Eldyraen2070d ago

Only way I would want anything physx related would be if more optimized version. The tech is cool but there are also other companies with comparable or better ways to do the same thing.

When it worked right it was a nice touch but at times performance loss was huge for no apparent reason. Next gen with new hardware hopefully most games (multiplatform was most common) can have the physics built in and not tacked on for PC and unoptimized.

Braid2071d ago

Product presentations?

Unless Nvidia assign a game development unit and start making video games which use the engine to utilize the full potential of their GPU units, I wouldn't possibly care LESS about how gorgeous their presentations look. They could draw the most detailed character ever with UE4 for all I care, and as long as we don't see it in ACTUAL video games, it's as good as nothing.

Next story.

Pandamobile2070d ago

Nvidia is a tech company, not a game developer. What the hell are you expecting.

MidnytRain2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

The point BEING that tech demos like these rarely represent any real games, so there's not much to get excited for over these things.

Pandamobile2070d ago

No, tech demos are designed to show off what's POSSIBLE with current technology. They're not supposed to be 100% representative of how games will be in practice.

MidnytRain2069d ago

I just don't see the point in saying, "Here's what we can do! Too bad you'll never see it!"