Why I’m Not Buying: BioShock Infinite

FrontBurnr: Bioshock Infinite is a game that was designed in a way that intrigues and entices me to jump in and try it but it built on the columns of game play that just do not appeal to me.

What I take away from a game like Bioshock Infinite is that it is a game built for gamers looking to experience a beautiful and elegant world first hand. Gamers who want to fight their way through a compelling story as it unfolds around them, with many unexpected twists and turns along the way.

It sounds perfect…for a game that isn’t for me.

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Whitefeather1920d ago

Why I don't care: I finished it already.

agentxk1920d ago

As did I, this site has been a hotbed of good stories though, including this one. I thought it was another rage piece but the writer actually has positive input.

thirtyandnerdy1919d ago

He doesn't discourage people from experiencing Infinite, because he "gets" it; he sort of just says he's too afraid to play it, and to each their own. lol.

ATi_Elite1919d ago

cause I got it free with a GPU purchase!


xBigxBossx1919d ago

Because your a hipster and its become cool to hate on Infinite now since the honeymoon is over.

Irishguy951920d ago

Wow...I don't even get it...Infinite certainly doesn't have the mood of the first one it's completely different. You must be limited from...hundreds...of great games

remanutd551920d ago

Because i dont feel like it? lots of my psn friends tell me how great this and mass effect franchises are but they dont appeal to me one bit, so to each their own.

Chuk51920d ago

Congrats game press, you took an awesome game and picked it apart incessantly to the point where it's becoming tedious to hear about my (current) favorite game of the year.

ApolloTheBoss1919d ago

Well that sounds like a personal problem.

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The story is too old to be commented.