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Wii U update(s). Five things that need to fixed, or improved, but not yet mentioned by Nintendo.

Coffee With Games writes, "Nintendo is set to release the first big Wii U system update next week, with a second big system update planned for the summer.

What will this first Wii U system update fix? Well, Nintendo released a video in March showing the update should improve loading times when exiting from Wii U games to the system's main menu." (Nintendo, Wii U)

MNGamer-N  +   686d ago
Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes. This is what I was thinking while watching this morning's Direct as well. The freezing issue being the most important, I certainly hope they address this with the coming update. I can see why they wouldn't mention it though, not exactly something they want to admit or call attention to.
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R00bot  +   685d ago
They had the freezing issue fixed at one point, then a miiverse update brought it back.
7uff1  +   686d ago
I see no big deal, I have my Wii U since december and it only froze twice, they'll fix it along the console's life, or it is an error, like the Blue Screen of Death on the DS, It happens for an uncommon reason. Everything would be good, specially de disc thing and the gifting, but like I said, no big deal.
gamer42  +   686d ago
well you see it is a big deal since, a system shouldn't freeze at random at any time. I don't want to play a game and have it freeze on me.
7uff1  +   685d ago
But dude, it's an error, errors are normal, if it were an error with a stupid thing like when you touch the screen while pressing A, then it would be a pretty big issue, but it almost never happened to me, only hapened on the first week, I updated my Wii U a month after that and it never happened again, I thought it was already fixed. I don't really know if the issue is in a large scale, I guess I'm just lucky then. But they should try to fix it anyway, if they're not trying, they're stupid. The rest still no big deal.
inStereo  +   686d ago
My WiiU has frozen a handful of times, but each time it's been while playing a third-party game... in my case, I can't be positive it's Ninty's fault.
R00bot  +   685d ago
It sadly is Nintendo's fault, it's a glitch in the (MATRIX) miiverse that makes the system crash, they have fixed it before, but it was brought back in an update to miiverse.
WilliamH  +   686d ago
Freezing is a common and widespread issue. I hate having to unplug the console from the mains when it happens.
PopRocks359  +   686d ago
It may differ from console to console. My Wii U has not frozen since the first post launch update, but a good friend of mine who games for much longer period of time has experienced some freezes while playing for ten or more hours without shutting off the console.
RFornillos4  +   685d ago
freezing can occur on consoles (and PCs), especially if it hasn't been turned off for a long time (left on standby mode or sleep mode), because the unit doesn't usually free up it's memory cache and other temporary memory storage properly. in the end, for PC's for example, you get the blue screen (in my experience, Windows-based PC's), or memory dump screens. XBox has been popular with the RROD, because of heating issues -- this is of course the worst thing that could happen to your console.
R00bot  +   685d ago
I get freezes quite frequently (which is quite annoying for me, because the wii u is my favourite console ATM) much more often than only after 10 hours of gameplay.
xg  +   686d ago
Every console get goodies and defaults .
They just did fast by releasing it .
bobacdigital  +   686d ago
-Friends list needs to be more robust and not an after thought.
-Video chat performance must be improved to a usable level.. as it is right now it takes way way to long to work.
-Colors and brushes added to miiverse for drawing
-More Mii features
-Better notification system when people call and or get online.. It should do it similar to iphone/ android where something pops up on the screen.
sitharrefus  +   686d ago
How about when you get a message from a friend in miiverse it shows in the notifications option? or when you received a message or a friend is online there should be a small pop up on the screen to tell you who is online or message received etc...
AKR  +   686d ago
My Wishlist to Improve the Wii U's OS:

- New Video Chat Functions

(1.)Integrated into Games:
This would be heavenly to have. Imagine, you're gaming on say, Mario U or Need for Speed - whatever game - and you're able to keep your chat going.

(2.) Party Chat:
You can only chat with up to one person at a time. This sucks. They should improve the 'Wii U Chat' app, to allow you to at least have 4 people talking at the same time.

(3.) Getting into the Wii U Chat app faster:
It's really a pain when someone sends me a Video Chat request, and I go to answer it. But it takes eons to get into the chat app and start up the actual chat. By that time, the person most likely lost interest. Hopefully the new speed update will address this, but if it doesn't, this NEEDS to be improved.

- Better Notifications
Whenever you get a new notifications - Like if your friend comes online, or someone sent you a message on Miiverse, the blue light around the 'HOME BUTTON' illuminates. It's a great function, but I usually don't notice it. Something like rapid vibrations, or a SOUND EFFECT, even an on-screen message would be nice.

It's cool on a PS3, you're able to change the color (or even the entire theme) of your home screen. The Wii U should have a feature that enables you to change the color, and even a background image. The overall U.I isn't bad, but it feels - bland - when compared to the Media Bar in the PS3.

- Smaller OS Footprint:
The Wii U has 2GB of RAM. 1GB for games and 1GB for the OS. It would be nice to reduce that footprint, so devs can have more RAM to work with. At least 1.5GB should be reserved for games, with the other 500MB reserved for the OS.

- Voice Search:
After picking up the Nexus 7 tablet, I've been using the Voice Control option quite often. The Wii U Gamepad has a built-in (and currently under-used) microphone. An option to enable you to type things using your voice, as well as using the Internet Browser with voice control should be enabled.

- USB Keyboards?
The original Wii used USB keyboards - so the Wii U should to, right? Typing on the pad is better than typing with a Wii Remote (Sooooooo much better) ~ But it's still slower than typing with a keyboard. USB keyboards should be made compatible with the Wii U, so when I access sites (like N4G), I can type a bit faster, without the use of the Gamepad.

That's all my desires for the OS right now . . .
Dj7FairyTail  +   686d ago
Uh you get a notification when friends comes online. The Home Button turn blue.
AKR  +   686d ago
I said that - But I added that it needs to be IMPROVED. It's very un-noticable, since the Gamepad doesn't vibrate, neither does a loud sound effect blast or an on-screen message.
Munnkyman  +   686d ago
The hulu app is horrible. Its always freezing and saying i am not connected to the Internet. But overall myy wii u does freeze out of no where sometimes .
Ck1x  +   686d ago
Yeah I notice that as well, but that might have to do with Hulu updating the App and making it more stable. Netflix has no problems at all and neither does Amazon Instant Video. I want Nintendo to incorporate an override hard reset, either by just holding the power button on the console for 10seconds or by holding down the home and power button on the GamePad. Something has to be done differently though than unplugging it from the back...
Munnkyman  +   686d ago
Yes unplugging is such a pain. I def not blaming nintendo for the hulu thing i know thats on hulu
deafdani  +   686d ago
While I can agree to all of the suggestions on this article, there's a blatant oversight, the most important update that Nintendo SHOULD apply to the Wii U (and the 3DS too, at that):

Unlink the Nintendo Network ID from the console.

Seriously, it's stupid. The way things are now, if your Wii U breaks or gets stolen, or if you lose it somehow, you also lose your Nintendo Network ID, and subsequently, ALL the digital content you downloaded from the eShop.

If you buy a new Wii U, there's no way to reactivate your previous NNID in there. NO way to get back all your digital content.

Again: it's stupid. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. If you want to get the content back, you have to contact Nintendo's customer service, and beg them to give you eShop credit so you can re-buy all the content again on a new Wii U, and your previous NNID remains lost; Nintendo can't (or won't) recover it for you, so you have to make a new ID. Guess what that means? It means you also lose all the friends you had in your friend list, and you have to send requests to them again with a new ID, and probably explain the situation to them.

Did I already mention how stupid all of this is? Agh.

I LOVE Nintendo, and I LOVED my Wii U (it got stolen 2 weeks ago), and I'm sure I will re-love the Wii U again (got a new one, shipping from Amazon as I write this), but yeah... considering that Sony, Microsoft, Google and Apple, all of them allow you to reactivate your online account (and all the content associated to it) in other devices, and Nintendo doesn't...

...IT... IS... STUPID!!!!! ARGH!


Now, we know that the Miiverse is also coming to the 3DS, as well as PC and smartphones / tablets. I truly, truly, sincerely hope this means a unified account across all systems. Please, please, please, PLEASE, Nintendo: fix that.
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lazyboyblue  +   686d ago
That's all for now.
Chance of getting them. 0.
Nintendo are such snobs when it comes to things like that.

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