Nintendo: Our digital sales are soaring

Reggie Fils-Aime tells us that Fire Emblem alone sold around 80,000 units digitally; also, the pace of Wii U releases will increase "dramatically"

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KrisButtar1704d ago

Does he really use the word "dramatically" everytime he is in the spotlight?

those are some positive numbers for the 3DS

R00bot1703d ago

The 3DS has been doing dramatically well after it's bumpy start.

deafdani1703d ago

I find your comment to be dramatically accurate.

R00bot1702d ago

Thanks, I thought it was dramatically accurate too, you might say that I thought it was dramatically dramatically accurate.

sitharrefus1704d ago

Nice numbers, i still prefer the retail game over digital, i like having physical copies of games.

darthv721704d ago

if there is a retail version of a digital game available. Not all digital games that nintendo is praising are retail releases. There are some really good dsiware and wiiware titles you wont find in stores.

Personally, i like physical copies as well. But for a game like Nano Assault Neo (wii-u) and EX (3ds) arent available in retail like the original nano assault was.

Relientk771704d ago

Agree physical copies are better and actually have value. Also if a system breaks you still have the games

rainslacker1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Numbers were probably helped since they short-supplied the retail chains. Manager at GameStop said they were only allowed to sell the DD version, and the price new on amazon was through third party sellers at around $60. I managed to find a lone copy at a Best Buy about 40 minutes away.

It is pretty easy to find at retail now though. I also wonder if those numbers include the LE FE 3DS, which included a digital copy. Would of brought that myself had it been an XL.

AngelicIceDiamond1704d ago

Not trolling or anything but digital content is the only thing Nintendo fans can buy at the moment.

1704d ago
Chrono1704d ago

More people would buy from there if they make an account system.

Main_Street_Saint1704d ago

I was one of the ones who bought Fire Emblem on the eShop but yeah I would probably buy more often on the eShop if they did that.

TacoTaru1704d ago

I more than agree with this. I'd like to swap my 3DSs when the battery winds down but they make it impossible with the digital versions locked to single console.

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The story is too old to be commented.