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Nintendo: "3DS has a quality that's hard to challenge"

Nintendo comments on numbers based around its year-to-date software sales for the Nintendo 3DS during its Nintendo Direct press conference. (3DS, Nintendo)

sway_z  +   745d ago
Nintendo are gaining 'Cult' status.
dboyc310  +   745d ago
When it comes to handheld Nintendo can't be matched because they are THE handheld company. Everything changes when the conversation changes to consoles though.
Root  +   745d ago
The only thing Nintendo is gaining is a bigger head
3-4-5  +   745d ago
Maybe if they were new or something.
Jek_Porkins  +   745d ago
I was super surprised by all the new 3DS games announced, I kind of thought we'd see Majora's Mask 3D, which would have been easier for them to make then the new game they are putting out, but it looks pretty darn epic.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   745d ago
I personally would much rather have a new Zelda than a remake.
SactoGamer  +   745d ago
You're getting a new Zelda game.
josephayal  +   745d ago
nothing can stop the 3DS
ShabbaRanks  +   745d ago
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iNFAMOUZ1  +   745d ago
i actually hated the 3ds cause i never tried it, until the other day i went into gamestop and was playing the new 3ds luigis mansion with the 3d effect on full, it was pretty fun actually, it wasn't 3d more like in box 3d, but it felt like a new dimension inside a small screen, pretty cool, but what sucked so much, *this being my first time using a 3ds* is that you have to be looking at the screen right in the middle directly in order to get the effect, if you move slightly any other direction is doesn't work, which sucks, but neat idea.
rainslacker  +   745d ago
3DS is a really solid system. I picked one up last month after I got my tax return for it's JRPG and exclusive offerings.

The 3D though is worthless IMO. It's a cool gimmick, but I find it distracting as it's not well done enough to be seamless. Good 3D is the 3D that you don't notice because it's just natural. The movie Avatar had many examples of amazing 3D, because it was never really in your face or obvious.
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ziggurcat  +   745d ago
vita says, "hi!"
Kalowest  +   745d ago
No, I have both and the 3DS is still ahead.
Moncole  +   745d ago
It says hi from a phone because its so far behind the 3DS.
Heisenburger  +   745d ago
Should have said pager.....

mamotte  +   745d ago
I dont know what to think about the 3DS. First of all, I have one, and enjoy it pretty much. But, somehow, I feel it isn't as strong and funny as the original DS, let me explain myself: Is about that 3D screen. It's just not functional. Now, we all know that (The only exception being Mario 3D Land), but when you compare it to the original DS, isn't near as versatile. Gone are the games focused on the touch screen (Like elite Beat Agents), just because the focus is on the 3D screen. Gone is using the DS vertically like a book, gone is using the two screens as one (Like big bang mini) because they're so different you cant get they togheter.

Versatility was the name of the DS, and I feel like it's all gone with the 3DS "wonderful" screen. From my point of view, all the DS needed was better screens, maybe put'em closer to get better ef effects between, make both touch screens, maybe multitouch, and problem solved.

Still, it's a great system and I'm having fun with it. Just feel like it's a waste of potential.
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Root  +   745d ago
Well hopefully they'll address these issues with the 3DS redesign.

The redesign is what I've been holding off for, I'm sure it will be announced this year.
exfatal  +   745d ago
did u not see mario party 3ds? that game had you using the 3ds in plenty of fun ways.
Kalowest  +   745d ago
What? Most of the games I've played have taken advantage of most of the 3DS's features. I find the 3DS very versatile.
Yodagamer  +   745d ago
I've never found the 3ds screen "not functional", most of the games i've played always seemed to have something added with 3d be it gameplay or just immersion. We have touch screen music game like final fantasy theatrhythm, Book styled games in bomb monkey, and dual screens games like fractured souls. At the end of the day touch screen games were done to to death. The only thing that nintendo missed imo is dual sticks.
Rask  +   745d ago
PS3 and 3DS are the best game platforms nowadays, while Wii U and PS Vita are the worst.
miyamoto  +   745d ago
I hope chidren's full eyesight development are not sacrificed for the sake ofbrand loyalty.
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Yodagamer  +   745d ago
It's not eye doctor's have actually said the opposite as it can show if there are issues with the eyes.
generalthadeape  +   745d ago
It's up to the parents to make sure they lock the 3D down for kids.

I always make sure it's turned off before I let any little ones watch what is happening on the screen.
generalthadeape  +   745d ago
I just bought my shiny new blue 3ds XL-- I was holding out for an all black one here in the US-- but broke down 2 weeks ago once I played it at Best Buy.

I have several games for it and really do like the 3D effect while playing games.

If anyone is on the fence about buying the 3ds XL-- I say "buy it"-- I hardly ever turn on my Xbox 360 anymore.

It's really a great gaming system-- and yes, I've owned the WiiU & the Vita and got bored with them really fast.

This (surprisingly) doesn't seem the case with my 3ds XL, though.

So far, I'm loving the darn thing!

**I'd like to see an integrated media player on the 3ds-- that way I could stream movies from my PC to the 3ds anytime I wanted. Then, I'd never have to turn on my Xbox 360 again-- just kidding!
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