10 of The Best Uses of Water in Video Games

Upon the revealing of The Sims 3: Island Paradise, Den of Geek's Daniel Hill realized that there are other games that get it right as well, but for different reasons. Not all games go the Bethesda route and make the wonderful aquatic world into a boring, bleak expanse of brown with a few insulting plants thrown in here and there to make it look like they give a damn. Some developers out there take water and run…errr…swim with it. Here are 10 games that do a great job using water.

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knifefight2070d ago

Man those water levels of Donkey Kong Country were awesome. Well, whole game was awesome, but those levels included. :)

snipes1012070d ago

Well, this isn't news, so I'm not sure how that would count. Any day is a good day for a list :)

e-p-ayeaH2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

As big PS1 fan here it goes:

Spyro 3 (swimming in this game is fun imo), Crash Bandicoot Warped(yeah you remember those if played it), Duke Nukem:LotB (underwater city in ruins pretty cool),Soul Reaver(swimming here is also pretty fun), Dino Crisis 2 (underwater facility)

That´s all i can remember right now for ps1 games that is.

And here´s some recent games: Uncharted 3 (the whole pirates thing),Bioshock 1 (obvious) and Hidrophobia (sweet water puzzles )

snipes1012070d ago

I got Bioshock on there. Thanks for the other suggestions!