New documentary aims to expose sexual harassment in game industry

Shannon Sun-Higginson is a young filmmaker based in New York. As primarily a casual player, Sun-Higginson, until a year ago, was unaware of the extent to which women face abuse on a daily basis as players and as industry professionals.

"I immediately began researching and filming this documentary," she explains. "Of course not all gamers are trolls or abusers - many are kind, supportive, and equally disgusted by this type of behavior. But the fact remains that this is a real problem, and it's time that the non-gaming public know about it."

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ijust2good2040d ago

i was on xbox Live yesterday and this guy was saying to a female in the lobby that he want to smell her pu*** and then...well u can guess what he said next.

Its astonishing how much sexism and perversity exist when playing via network gaming.

spaceg0st2040d ago

i fail to understand how this is amusing.... this is the normal shit that happens on xbox as soon as a female speaks up. Everyone becomes rude and obnoxious, hitting on her and/or degrading her if she's any good. This guy sounds like the typical deusche you would expect to hear, nothing more.

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AnotherProGamer2040d ago

the reason some guys are sexist in games is because they don't have to see it to their faces

Everyone on the internet says stuff that they would never tell to a person's face

fOrlOnhOpe572040d ago

Does she think the non-gaming public would even be interested?


It is a way to get them to cry out about the DANGERS of gamng again, how horrible we are and yaddayaddayadda. How about making a doc about all the good things about gaming if you are trying to get it to be a: "better place"

cleft52040d ago

Of course the non-gaming public will be interested. If you haven't noticed the media is constantly trying to demonize people who play games.

2pacalypsenow2040d ago

so people think this only happens in video games ? lol

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The story is too old to be commented.