Super Street Fighter II HD videos and interviews from GameTrailers

Five Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix gameplay videos and two interviews from Capcom Digital Day by GameTrailers:

- Japan Gameplay: "The redrawn Ken and Ryu retrace their steps amongst the world warriors, as punches are traded in Japan."

- Danger Zone Gameplay: "The fight continues to Guile's stomping ground."

- Rivals Gameplay: "Who will win? Watch the life bars shrink on both sides."

- Tie-Breaker Gameplay: "Watch the new HD Ken and Ryu duke it out in at a local hot spot."

- Ultimate Feature Gameplay: "Ryu on Ryu action! Same character versus same character returns!"

- Overview and Balancing Interview: "Former Street Fighter champ turned game designer dishes the dirt on what the HD remix holds and the joys of balancing."

- Detailed Breakdown Interview: "Get the scoop on new moves, new character choices, and new things to be excited about."

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