Playstation Legion - HAZE Hands on impressions

At LIVE 2 demos of the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive HAZE were in playable form and i spent a while trying out this new FPS for the PS3.

I will Start by saying that the clerk at the event i was speaking to stated that these are playable builds from a few months ago, he also went on to state that Friday 23rd May is the target release date for HAZE in the UK and also that Rumble will be used in HAZE, however i'm unable to comment on that, since the stands used Sixaxis controllers.

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For those still having problems with the website you can also access this preview here -

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resistance1003659d ago

Any questions feel free to reply to this post on the site

skynidas3659d ago

Just wanted to say that you did a great work at writing the preview, CHEERS!

games4fun3659d ago

here i was thinking how great haze could possibly be and it hit me, its selling point of two completly fighting classes is also a possible deterent.

What if you have a group of friends and they suck at being one side while i am good at being the other we cant all be on the same team, also its a nightmare situation for clans, they will have to maybe become specefic for one type of player character my only question is how does the MP mode address this problem

also if it switches it then my team that was winning as soldiers will get beaten easily as we are rebels now.

also this isn't the same as Resistance because the differences were not so great that they had such dramatic changes which are being implemented in Haze

sonarus3659d ago

great preview. Time will tell how great this will be but with ps3 receiving 4 great games 3 in a 2 month period all ps3 owners should be happy. GT5P, HAZE, GTA4 and MGS4. 4 great games (also 4 characters each lol). I hope they release a coop demo like they said they would on psn so i can try before i buy

The Closing3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Did you ask if mods will be available? Like 3rd person view perhaps?

resistance1003659d ago

I am going back tomorow as well so will be able to finsih a full preview on the second demo as well. Also any questions people may want me to ask lets here them and i will try to get back to you.

@games4fun and The Closing

You both make great points/questions i will see what i can do tomorow.

And for those still having problems with the site, i have also posted it on my blog which can be accessed here - http://resistance100.wordpr...

gameraxis3659d ago

i found something i never saw before i dunno if any of youw guys have.

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SeanScythe3659d ago

can't view site not loading.....

resistance1003659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

the site has a bit of slow down at present, for unknown reasons, keep trying and it will work.

Edit - the site is only loading about half the time for me at present, if you keep trying it will work, will let you know when problems have been fixed

Spydr073659d ago

Not loading for me either.

Baliw3659d ago effect.
Must be a helluva of visitors at the moment.

poos33658d ago

hahahahaha sony people are stating up website and submitting their reviews on n4g which they live on and they think real ppl care haha p.s i p0layed this game also and its terrible .

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iAmPS33659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

This game is going to be great:

1 - Brings a interesting gameplay;
2 - Awesome graphics;
3 - Great production value;
4 - Promising Multiplayer;
5 - Will keep us "happy/high" until KZ2;

Sony has so much to offer this year, congrats Sony, you are one impressive company. I think Nazisoft has a lot to learn from you.

rushbd3659d ago

why am i here mods ? what specific comment did this to me ? I dont belong here. I would love some explanation

also to resistance100: do you really mean that Haze looks as good as those screens?

iAmPS33659d ago

Don't feel bad, Open Zone is more fun and instructive.
Here you hear the truth, nothing more than the truth.

Welcome =D

rushbd3659d ago

looks more like a mad house.

resistance1003659d ago

'also to resistance100: do you really mean that Haze looks as good as those screens?'

The build i played, no they don't currently however this build is a couple of months old, so theres no reason why the final product will look as good as those screens

SabreMan3659d ago

good mini preview, i still can't help but feel Haze may get overlooked infavour of Cod4,R6V2 but more than any other game the new Battlefield due out around the same time, this more than any other looks the most promising for me.
Lets also not forget MGS4 is also out around the same time so Haze has to be something special but going purely on the developers pedigree it may well be

sonarus3659d ago

it might get over looked because of R6V2 but gamers are always looking for the next new game. If HAZE comes and it delivers, gamers will move onto that