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If "graphics don't matter" why do they keep improving?

Kevin of Xboxer360 writes, "Last week, Cevat Yerli, head honcho over at Crytek, took a rather controversial position by saying that graphics are more important than gameplay, earning the ire and plaudits of many within the gaming community, stating that improved graphics equal more immersion and therefore a better gaming experience. While I'm sure the boys over at Telltale games would have a thing or two to say about that, it was a rather refreshing perspective on a topic that, while many may disagree with Yerli on paper, the results seem to suggest something else.

While most gamers will continue to state that gameplay is more important, we're still going to be shown footage at Playstation 4 events and game conferences which continue to show off the graphical fidelity of upcoming hardware. How much do graphics play in our enjoyment of a game?" (Cevat Yerli, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

hennessey86  +   868d ago | Well said
It isn't that graphics don't matter
It's that they are not all that matters, a beautiful game needs beautiful gameplay. Otherwise what's the point. I personally liked crysis one, I loved the freedom it gave you and of course it was stunning to look at. But if given the choice I would choose a great game over great graphics any day.
GribbleGrunger  +   868d ago
Well said. Have a bubble.
GamerElite  +   867d ago
I need a bubble. I'm still stuck with one
TXIDarkAvenger  +   867d ago

That's because N4G bubble system is terrible. It provokes real discussion. If you speak against the hivemind, you are guaranteed 1 bubble. And it's almost impossible to get your bubbles back even if you say well-said comments.
Army_of_Darkness  +   867d ago
"If "graphics don't matter" why do they keep improving?"
That's NOT true! Just look at the wiiU for crying out loud! LOL!

@GamerElite, why to use your one and only bubble bro;-)
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BlackWolf  +   868d ago
Well said, man. Bubble up.

That's the point of this situation. No matter if the game looks good, if it plays like...you know what I mean. Games have to both interesting/fun, and beautiful to the eye. It's a matter of balance.
raWfodog  +   867d ago
Words outta my mouth. Intelligent and well said.

Why do you only have one bubble? Have another...
Crazyglues  +   867d ago
Yes, yes... I would say something but hennessey86 has already said it better....

Bubbles indeed for you my friend...

Well said indeed.

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avengers1978  +   867d ago
No one needs to say anything else @hennessey said it best
Legion21  +   867d ago
I only disagree with what you had to say because you said a great game. What makes a game great? Gameplay, graphic, story, etc. A lot of things come into play, and graphics may be among them.
dennett316  +   867d ago
Graphics are a really nice bonus, but they don't make a crappy game good. For all the technical grunt on show in something like Crysis, the gameplay is as stock as any other FPS out there, and the art design is bland as hell.
I'd rather a game was fun than be technically brilliant, but a chore to play. It's great when you can have both, but too many companies focus on meaningless technical showing off rather than new or interesting design or gameplay ideas. That's why games are getting more expensive to make, a push to make everything shinier rather than developing new ideas.
The next gen is going to feature the same old games, but slightly nicer looking...we need them to innovate a little more.
webeblazing  +   867d ago
i realized on this site gfx matter when your talking about consoles. but if you say the obvious respond you would get stoned to death being on topic and yeah everything plays a part
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csreynolds  +   867d ago
Summed up my thoughts on the matter exactly. A bubble for you, good sir...
Xenial  +   868d ago
^ Well said.
3rdDimension  +   867d ago
I believe that one of the reasons devs focus some much more on visuals is because it's the most easiest thing to improve on.

For them to think of new ways of gameplay is the most obvious of challenges they face. Just look at how many games out there that are too similar.

Trying to break the mold consistently has proven to be a tough thing. Not only that, but gamers speak with their dollars and most want the samething. Just look at the type of games that currently flood the market.
FreshRevenge  +   867d ago
Graphics and gameplay go hand and hand. Being able to recognize your surrounding immerses you in the game. Since Crysis is a shooter, the gameplay mechanics aren't going to change drastically from another. Pretty much you point and shoot. Go through an area and shoot some more. I think with Crysis, I think puzzle elements should have been incorporated into gameplay. This way it makes you think. Some levels of the games, you don't even have to engage with the enemy. So you can just skip a lot of the fighting if you wanted to and get to the end and basically be done with it. So the only thing that Crysis has going is shooting and and pretty graphics.
MadMen  +   867d ago
First - Its not concrete that they do not matter

Second - They do matter

All things in games are FACTORS, but overall it has to have a little of everything

Graphics & Gameplay are perspectives, everyone's is different
NastyLeftHook0  +   867d ago

we love movies because there good,

would we want to be stuck with vhs?


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dennett316  +   867d ago
Not quite the same, you're talking about a storage medium and the info it's capable of holding, when you should really be comparing the special effects of today to movies in the 80's.
Unfortunately, many movies today have sparkly CGI effects that simply don't hold up the same as practical effects from the 80's. The proliferation of CGI (better graphics) hasn't necessarily resulted in better movies (compare John Carpenter's The Thing to the 2011 prequel movie).
Better graphics don't necessarily make for better games...they make for nicer looking ones, and even then, an interesting art style can look a lot better than sheer technical prowess (Rayman Origins looks a lot better than many 3D games).
TuxedoMoon  +   867d ago
^^^ Pretty much summed up what I wanted to say too. As hardware improves, graphics improve. It's a simple effect of upgrading. We play videogames for gameplay, not to watch a movie (though MGS3-4 were the best movies I ever played).
Walker  +   867d ago
graphics are matter, but not as matter as gameplay or story !
TheKayle1  +   867d ago
this is like the movie thing...

if the visual isnt important why they keep improving with resolution,3d etc etc they could stay in bland and white...

but in my world ( and im a 3d designer)...

graphics r the 60% of a game

as visuals and photography r 60% of a movie

u will find a lots ( most r for real) ...BULLSHITS story in movies being blockbuster (look at avatar) ..

a fiat 500 could run at 500 but if u can choose between a ferrari that run a 300 and a fiat that run a 500 ..im sure u would have a ferrari...
Qrphe  +   867d ago
They've always mattered. This has always been a selling point of new consoles to the masses and more power to play around for the developers.
Saryk  +   867d ago
In the next 10 years, at the most 20 years, graphics will peak and that is that. Then all there is left is the game play.

But right now, graphics matter or their wouldn't be a need for next gen consoles.
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KwietStorm  +   867d ago
Oh come on. I've been gaming for almost every generation, and I don't know When the whole graphics debate started, but its just a small vocal group on the net that has turned it into an issue. Obviously graphics matter. Controls matter too. Oh and there's story, sound, and other things. Its like a big pie, and I can guarantee you no developers (other than Crytek) are placing percentages on each portion like the comments on that other ridiculous article recently. Everything serves its purpose, and to say graphics don't matter, would mean Metal Gear Solid 4 could look like Pac-Man, and we would be OK with it. Obviously not the case. Alternatively, look at Ratchet & Clank. Doesn't look realistic at all, but has a great look that works within the confines of what Insomniac wanted to deliver. What kills me is when gamers say something stupid like "If they didn't focus so much on da graffixx maybe the game/story would have been better." Right, as if the graphic designers and artists are responsible for character development and scripts. As if a game can't look good and be fun all at once. As if it isn't 100% expected for graphics to improve with new hardware, whereas something like a good story is only going to improve or exist when the right minds are put to work. Hardware and gfx cards get upgraded. Better looking visuals are a direct result. We, as humans do not 'upgrade,' So if you feel the story in a game was lacking, are you going to blame the graphics first? This debate needs to die. With fire.
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spartanlemur  +   867d ago
They do matter.

Good gameplay can be bottlenecked by graphics.

The most important thing of all is creating something with good gameplay, and if this is achieved, then prettier graphics can only make the game better.
miyamoto  +   867d ago
Graphics and game play should always be an improving progressive balanced pair like a new pair of shoes. How can one say "I prefer the left shoe over the right?" It makes no sense. How can an airplane soar without equal and balanced pairs of wings?

Improvements in Form and Function should be well integrated with each other and of equal importance.

Perfect games like Soul Calibur on Dreamcast and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves are universally acclaimed as perfect games because of improvements in graphics and gameplay during their time.
-Gespenst-  +   867d ago
The real problem is that developers think games have to aspire more and more to absolute fidelity with reality. I don't understand that impulse. With the technology we've got we can make visually impressive and striking games, just look at Okami and El Shaddai. The graphics drive has the implicit goal of achieving realism, which is totally vacuous and pointless. We should be using the tech to create more intersting and creative things, and also not allowing that tech to become a juvenile, fetishised "mines bigger" syndrome that eclipses all the other qualities and important aspects of game design.
3rdDimension  +   867d ago
That impulse is the inner fans these developers have to be like a well produced movie.

Thats what they all seem to personally strive for if not top. The motion picture industry.
andjudunno  +   867d ago
Yea we would all prefer better gameplay, but how about I dont have to make that choice and just give me a perfect overall game experience, Thats what I'm hoping this next gen does, not have to make me choose between good graphics, or good gameplay
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masa2009  +   867d ago
They don't improve a whole lot in all games.
COD, Assassin's Creed, Bioshock Infinite, Skyrim... and tons of indies don't have best in class graphics and do very well.
Unity engine is also doing well.
Rage, Crysis 3 had the best graphics and didn't sell well (although I thought it was pretty good).
Yodagamer  +   867d ago
The reason is that they are marketable, but if the game doesn't have depth or some reason to play it. It's no better than a good looking car that won't run. I've played my share of ugly games just for the gameplay and to be honest i've rarely had an issue with it unless it's framerate is crap due to it giving me headaches.
mydyingparadiselost  +   867d ago
But as graphics improve the AAA graphics industry is facing more challenge from the indie and mobile sector of games.
metalgod88  +   867d ago
A game doesn't need to be beautiful to be fun. Some companies feel they need to push the boundaries of what we think is possible, which is pretty cool, but take the Crysis series for example. The games are very beautiful, but for me personally, the games seem hollow.

It's like opening the big present christmas morning, only to find a smaller box inside that holds an I.O.U inside that reads,"Sorry there's not much here, but there might be more next year!" It was fun opening up those boxes, but once you get to the note, you feel a little let down. That's how I felt about the gameplay for Crysis. The games got incrementally more fun, but didn't really suck me in gameplay wise like I had hoped.

Not the best analogy, but it works I suppose. My point is, that just because something is pretty doesn't mean its the greatest thing ever. I feel that while beautiful graphics certainly help the cause, the gameplay needs to be on par with the graphics. If it' not fun, then why are you wasting your time this game, when you could be playing something that is.
Theyellowflash30  +   867d ago
At this point with HD systems, gameplay needs to be the most important factor.
lifesanrpg  +   867d ago
Judging by the abundance of AAA crap that's been released, there's clearly a disconnect between gamers and devs/publishers. Are you honestly surprised that devs/publishers are doing one thing while the general gaming public wants another?
thebudgetgamer  +   867d ago
Well I been playing games since they were two lines and a small square and found it amazing.
Kratoscar2008  +   867d ago
To satisfy the graphics whores.
violents  +   867d ago
Graphics matter to a certain degree. Some games don't need the top of the line graphics because the game is all about the gameplay, but games like say Uncharted or God of War just wouldn't be as cool without the spectacular visuals that high graphic fidelity brings, no matter how good the gameplay was. If graphics didn't matter at all we wouldn't be where we are today.
Dj7FairyTail  +   867d ago
Uh cause technology improve DUH
ziggurcat  +   867d ago
... because the technology is getting better... ??
mayberry  +   867d ago
As an early, launch ps3 buyer, I think I remember when this subject really took off was when Killzone 2 came out after the infamous e3 anouncment that the Killzone trailer was in game or what-not.. Even though the only person that said it, was not with Guerilla Games and admitted that he had little knowledge of what was being shown, so because of the superior, never seen before, stunning graphics that was shown, Killzone was put through the internet "wringer". Then after Killzone was realeased and proved that it was indeed a beautiful game graphically, haters kept saying " gameplay over graphics " for so long It drove me crazy! From then on, In every gameplay over graphics article that came out, Killzone was mentioned! And the funny thing about the whole thing is Killzone has SUPERIOR gameply as well!
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ajax17  +   867d ago
It's not that they don't matter. Developers just shouldn't prioritize graphics over gameplay/story.
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pandehz  +   867d ago
Graphics matter to me very much. After all I am gonna be looking at the screen for hours on end.

This does not mean that gameplay does not matter. The right balance is important thats all.

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