This is Everything That 'Knife of Dunwall' Adds to Dishonored

Bethesda released the latest DLC add-on for Dishonored this morning, in the Knife of Dunwall expansion.

We know that the content tells the story of Daud and his band of assassins known as The Whalers. While Corvo Attano got the blame for the death of the Empress in Dishonored, Daud is the man truly responsible for the crime. Daud is no stranger to assassinations but for some reason, the death of the Empress weighed more heavily on him than previous murders.

The story is fascinating, but what about the new gadgets and weapons that Daud is promised to be able to wield?

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dedicatedtogamers2064d ago

My only wish is that there'd be a way to import these additions into the full game, especially the enhanced Blink and the smoke grenades.

Naate2064d ago

Yeah, I definitely agree. I would love to be able to purchase them in the main game.

ahamling272064d ago

I think I said this on the last Dishonored story here, I really need to play Dishonored. XD
I missed out on release but every time I see more of it, it really looks interesting. Might have to rectify that soon...

Naate2064d ago

Steam should put it on sale for their next big blowout. Would that be Summer? Definitely recommend it, one of - if not the - best game of 2012.

ddurand12064d ago

might as well wait till the goty eddition drops at this point.

been waiting for that myself. it can be had for pretty cheap in stores now though.

Naate2064d ago

Yeah, well said. GOTY edition will probably have all the DLC.

stuntman_mike2064d ago

it's an excellent game i recommend it.