Diehard GameFAN: Dead or Alive 5 Plus Review

DHGF: Dead or Alive 5 Plus, on its own merits, is a strong port of the game that is functionally, technically and mechanically sound, but doesn’t make a strong argument to add it to your library if you have the console game unless you’re heavily into having it on the go. DOA 5 Plus brings the console experience to the Vita mostly intact, as the play modes are mostly identical, the plot is identical, the visuals hold up very well, the audio is spot on, and the gameplay holds up very well in handheld form. The game retains the majority of what made its predecessors interesting while adding some minor mechanical changes, and the Vita version is generally on par with its console counterparts, though it also adds in some new training options and a touch screen combat mode while also interoperating with the PS3 for those who have it, giving it some definite value.

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