Xbox Live Arcade Sales - 3/15/08 (Brain Challenge ~9.6k, Bliss ~1.1k)

VGChartz writes: "Yet again, N+ continues it's dominance of the charts, with another solid week. Although it finally had a large drop, it was 1 week after typical drops. Brain Challenge also did a bit better than I expected, quite a bit better in fact. Some notes:

N+ records 4 weeks at #1, a record for our charts. With 1 week left, it looks like N+ will end with around 77,500 units first month, making it the 2nd fastest-selling first month since we started the charts, and well above current #2 Metal Slug 3.

Brain Challenge sold very well for the week - entering the charts at #4 for 'Best first weekend of 2008' - behind Rez, N+ and Poker Smash. It also had debut sales above the DS release in the US, according to VGC.
Triggerheart Excelica, as expected, had a massive 70% drop versus last week. With Japan leading the way in sales, the limited Japanese userbase of X360 owners has made this game have poor legs. It's going to most likely DOA in a few weeks. "

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iAmPS33657d ago

Well, this is all Nazisoft has left, they better do great on XKids Live because great games are coming sparsely.