Crispy Gamer; The Club Review

Crispy Gamer writes: "Picture yourself as a well-to-do type with Scrooge McDuck-style wealth and more power than most world leaders. What do you do with such immense and inscrutable status? Donate to charity? Solve social and economic problems? Rope a bunch of murderers and lowlifes into a series of modern-day gladiatorial events for your own personal amusement? Bingo.

Such is the premise of Sega and developer Bizarre Creations' The Club, an arcade-style action title that's got more in common with a shooting gallery than most modern shooters. Scads of gun-toting scumbags pop up out of every nook and cranny of various exotic and elaborate locales, and you aim, shoot, and make with the death. That's about it. Certainly more than the lion's share of the world's shooters have gotten by with roughly the same idea, but most of them have managed to do so with a great deal more flair and style than this relatively mundane effort provides. The Club isn't entirely without merit, as its multiplayer component has a scant few moments of proper amusement, but the vast bulk of the experience boils down to the equivalent of whack-a-mole with guns, which, as you might imagine, doesn't provide much staying power."

What's Hot: Lots of multiplayer modes; Dull as the gameplay is, there is an inexplicably addicting quality to the scoring system

What's Not: Addicting as the scoring system is, the gameplay is still depressingly dull; Action is completely devoid of style; Lack of cover mechanics are a real bummer; Premise is paper-thin, even for an arcade shooter

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