Crispy Gamer: The Sims 2: Free Time Review

Crispy Gamer writes: "By any normal measure, we'd be done with The Sims by now.

Whatever dollhouse lightning Will Wright managed to bottle in this soap opera simulator has kept the franchise active long after the original hit the stands in 2000, so it is with some trepidation that we turn to the seventh, the latest and, possibly, the final expansion pack in the endless line of The Sims 2 add-ons. The Sims 2: Free Time hopes to entice you back to the game with the promise of new and improved hobbies. Yes, we've waited four years since The Sims 2 first came to life in 2004 so our little simulated families could get serious about collecting bugs and working on hot rods."

What's Hot: All the same Sims 2 fun, with new Sims 2 stuff

What's Not: All the same Sims 2 fun packed with a little bit of new Sims 2 stuff

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