Devil May Cry 4 = DMC 1 + DMC 3 write-"FINAL WORD:The entire game feels like playing a souped up version of the original Devil May Cry and its third iteration, which is not necessarily a bad thing but it isn't a good thing either.The series is bound to fall if proper steps are not taken to introduce a fresh batch of creativity to the series. This is the best action game that has been released during this year and should keep people trigger-happy for quite some time.

Better than: Devil May Cry 3

Worse than: God of War 2"

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sonarus3750d ago

wow looks like we are getting algebra lessons

MADGameR3750d ago

Don't compare that trashass GofW to DMC4.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3750d ago

WTF!! Thats utter bullcrap.

DMC4 is way worse then DMC3. It lacks wide variety of weapons, moves, enviorments, bosses, story and dante.

DMC4 is one of the worse dmc it gives dmc2 some food for thought (buts its not that sh!tty). Nero, 50%+ Recycled Enviroment, 100% Recycled bosses, Lacks of Moves and weapons, No variety in DT makes this game sh!t.

I regret buying collectors edition.

281219863750d ago

is the best in the entire series...You play as vergil as well remeber...

DiabloRising3750d ago

I agree. DMC3 was better. Why? More content. This DMC has easily the least secrets yet, and its disappointing. I'm not going to blame systems, but I definitely think multiplatform development hampered what this title could have been, not from a technical standpoint, but a CONTENT standpoint. I mean, no hidden costumes even? Rehashed bosses AND levels? It's not even like rematches, its just the same thing OVER again. Virgil 1, 2, 3 felt fresh. Phantom felt like a menace. But now its like "Didn't I JUST fight you?" syndrome.

I love DMC4. It looks amazing. But god if it doesn't smack of rush job in most areas. Which is disappointing. Yeah I'm all for great visuals, but I want the content to go with it. (Hence why I will be disappointed if the ONLY secrets in MGS4 are Tuxedo, Young Snake mask, and Optic Camoflauge like every other game.)

nix3750d ago

i didn't buy this game... though i did play and liked DMC3. q:

better luck next time, capcom.

muddygamesite3750d ago

Although i have just completed DMC3 and im now on DMC4, i have to say for a fact that DMC4 has really impressed me. Before buying the game three days ago, i looked at a couple of reviews that depicted the game as a disappointment. But to my greatest surprise, a hands-on test myself really made me think twice about what the reviewers had said.

First off, its obvious capcom know their graphics. This game looks amazing on my HD-TV and it impressed me as much as Uncharted: Drakes Fortune Did. The story-line is something i like as-well because they use each opportunity they can to shed light on what is happening. i Know alot of people dont like Nero as the main character, but i think its alright, and he gets the job done. He doest have a variety of weapons like our traditional dante, but he does have the ability to upgrade his skills and perform new moves.

I seriously prefer the control in dmc4 to dmc3 because they feel more fluid, responsive and accurate.

Capcom are very lucky they put effort into the PS3 version of the game because a bad port would have made alot of ps3 owners confirm thier worst fears, that capcom is being paid alot to show preference for the xbox360 side of the fence. but since they did a fantastic job, it shows there might still be hope...

All in all, im very very impressed with this game, and prefer it slightly to dmc3. im only on mission 9, so i havent gone very far. But so far DMC4 = very good.

FungLip3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

In terms of graphics, yeah it looks gd but aside from looking gd, I don't see anything that last gen couldn't do. Maybe the bosses are a little bigger but technically there aren't much improved from last gen.

This is a 2nd-gen PS3/3rd-gen 360 game, Capcom chould've done better.

If you're not moving forward, you're going backward.

FungLip3750d ago

I haven't even rent it yet. Maybe after I finish all others; but then GTA4 will be out...

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